Racist infants

Babies are racists at 3 months.

Sometimes I think I understand why Pol Pot decided Cambodia might be better off without academics.

Arizona educators now want parents to indoctrinate babies with “anti-racist” dogma before they can even speak, because if left to themselves they will naturally become racist.

Now, we are supposed to accept homosexuality because people are born that way, so would not the same logic require is to accept racism as natural and beyond criticism?

It is really past time to recognize critical race theory as the foolishness it is and remove anyone who espouses it from positions of authority.

15 thoughts on “Racist infants

  1. RE: “Sometimes I think I understand why Pol Pot decided Cambodia might be better off without academics.”

    I felt the same way when I read and pondered Mao’s Little Red Book back in the day. Mao seemed to me to be the greatest political philosopher since Plato, until it occurred to me I might have to turn against my own family if I wanted to remain true to Mao’s Truth.

    I had no delusions about my family’s perfections, but the choice seemed incongruous to me. Mao’s philosophy is unforgiving: a good son must be willing to kill his own parents. That is, to pull the trigger himself, with his own finger.

    It is the same here, with this story. It is actually impossible for an infant to be racist. But ideology requires that we believe this impossibility, and act accordingly. The question is, how many of us will shoot our own children with our own guns in our hands?


  2. Well I’m sure the next study will say that 3 month olds need to be questioned on what sex they want to be and told, god forbid, their real sex just has to be wrong.


  3. Why do 75% of Republicans think Hugo Chavez’s ghost rigged our election but squawk at some academic research that may shed some light on racial strife?

    PS: My phrase about Chavez was a metaphor for all the disproven elements of fraud in the election.

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    1. What Academic research? There is no peer reviewed study cited.

      It is just a “toolkit” put out by Arizona Dept of Education bureaucrats who are immersed in Critical Race Theory.

      It is past time to fire every government official that spouts that garbage.


      1. That may be. That is what elections and courts are for. Rule of Law.

        If courts rule against any policy implementation and appeals agree, it will be squashed.

        You see how this works without attacking the Arizona Capitol?

        A foreign notion to many, if not most, Republicans. The evidence is in the simple rejection by most of them of dozens of court rulings they don’t like.

        Lock and friggin’ load, amigo.

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        1. Where did I say attack the capitol?

          What I said was the proponents of Critical Race Theory should be fired. If that takes a change in Civil Serivce Laws, so be it.


          1. Two things:

            AZ is and has been a GOP controlled State for decades.

            This Toolkit garbage is not Critical Race Theory which has some excellent points to make about race relations. To conflate the two is extremely misleading..

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          2. You didn’t, I did. Just pointing out that if 75% of Republicans believe Hugo’s complicity, resulting in an insurrection attempt, then other “wrongs” might provide a similar solution.

            Aside from this, at some point racial relations will have to come to the forefront and debate over such policies might be a good starting point. Especially now since conservatives are doing all they can to make it more difficult to vote for urban dwellers, wink, wink.

            That is, don’t address our racial problems, just stop the voting.


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          3. 85% of statistics are just made up.

            Including this one.

            No, 75% of Republicans do not believe Hugo Chavez orchestrated a stolen election. They do believe the rules of the election were changed unlawfully, to their disadvantage, and they are right.


          4. Don, I explained my metaphor earlier. I didn’t think I had to repeat the obvious.

            But I do evidently. Hugo was just the tip of the iceberg on the lies. All of which have been rejected, debunked and proven wrong by Republican and Democratic judges, officials and governors.

            If all courts and all appeals reject the fraud or even the illegitimacy of elections and procedures, the rule of law says we accept the results and not try to overturn the results by intimidation, extortion, threats and a violent insurrection.

            That so many reject that argument based on one man’s lies says a lot about the Republicans.

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          5. …”75% of Republicans do not believe Hugo Chavez orchestrated a stolen election.”

            No, but they believe most of the lies, including the Chavez story. To deny that is to deny the polls that have shown it.


  4. While 3 months is a little young, it is true that you “have to be taught to hate”. Hate is a learned trait. And the home is where traits such as hate or love of the “other” is taught.

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