Joe Biden’s Trump-Like Fabrication on Covid

Source: The Wall Street Journal (behind paywall).

Propaganda is so pervasive now that it is newsworthy to observe the beginnings of a new disinformation campaign.

The Biden team is concocting a fiction, elaborately developed and assiduously repeated. It is designed to cement the new president’s legacy, ensure the political success of his party and ineradicably defame their opponents.

It is that before Jan. 20, the Covid-19 pandemic was out of control, threatening an even larger catastrophe than the one that had already claimed more than 400,000 lives and destroyed so much productive economic capacity. It had been allowed to do so, the narrative asserts, by Mr. Biden’s callously indifferent predecessor, who ignored the virus, disparaged science and did nothing to protect Americans. Only the heroic efforts of the Biden team, with deference to science and carefully targeted economic relief, averted catastrophe.

In the near future Democrats and their supporters will be repeating this particular lie as truth using the very phrases and fallacious reasoning their favorite newscasters mouth. If you are familiar with the evolution of the “very fine people” lie, then you know what’s coming. To be fair, Republicans and their supporters can be pretty good propagandists, too.

There’s no telling what sort of synthesis the emerging dialectic will produce, but “Joe Biden Superstar” doesn’t seem likely.

14 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Trump-Like Fabrication on Covid

  1. “In the near future Democrats and their supporters will be repeating this particular lie as truth using the very phrases and fallacious reasoning their favorite newscasters mouth.”

    I hate having to do the “whataboutism” thing, but the same kind of rhetoric occurred in 2017 and the economy.

    You want it both way, but you never admit the truth.

    The “very fine people” lie was NOT. Anytime a leader endorses the actions of reprehensible people and murderers (One anyway), it is bad juju. Not once did he denounce the actions of those on the far right and those who committed heinous acts (Marching through the UVA campus with tiki torches chanting 1930’s German anti-Semitic battle cries). The closest he ever came was “stand down and stand by”) And we know how THAT played out.

    T**** had a bad habit of ignoring science and listening to the “yes men” he surrounded himself with.

    I find it almost laugh out loud hysterical that you are touting this “disinformation” when for over 4 years you ignored what was happening that was much more blatant and actually, IMO, dangerous to this country.

    The Pandemic was out of control in this country, 400,000 Americans were dead (even though you repeatedly tried to say those numbers were overblown and fabricated.) and a lot of the economy was struggling.

    Biden has taken real tangible action while T**** spent the last 2 and a half months in office focusing on the “big lie” and NOT leading this country in any tangible way.

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    1. In the near future Democrats and their supporters will be repeating this particular lie as truth using the very phrases and fallacious reasoning their favorite newscasters mouth.”

      I was wrong. I should have said it is already happening.


          1. Because there is nothing for you to address expect maybe to admit that nothing I said was wrong.

            Your silence tells me all I need to know.


    2. You clearly did not see or refuse to see Trump’ s entire response on Charlottesville. You, in fact, are callously repeating the big lie with your cherry picked nonsense. I would expect nothing more but to be honest, I would probably have a medical emergency if you told the truth for once.


      1. The truth is your orange G-d-King referred to all of the participants as very fine people )…”on both sides, on both sides. You saw the same….”). that includes the idiots and racists and anti-Semites.

        THAT, dear Robert is the truth that YOU refuse to see.

        Let me know when your head explodes, because what I just said IS the truth. Where in that presser did he denounce the words and actions of those who came with tiki-torches, or ran into protesters with their car? NOWHERE. And he NEVER did. Not even close.

        So you can have your alternative facts and I’ll stand by the truth.

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      2. …”callously repeating the big lie”…

        And you STILL have not answered my question from previously on your belief of the REAL “big lie” on the election.

        Yeah. I figured as much.

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  2. As always, “conservative” opinion rests on a falsehood. What they call an “alternative fact.” This one is a doozy. The “fact” that Trump had effectively managed the pandemic and did not leave behind a bloody mess. Another case of who you gonna believe – this writer or your lyin’ eyes?

    One thing that is noteworthy about this otherwise silly piece is how easily “Trump-like” is used to denote egregious lying and gaslighting. Maybe people like you should man up and acknowledge why that is? Or not.

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      1. “The “fact” you criticize isn’t mentioned ”

        If the following logic is too hard for you then I have to admit – I am not surprised.

        Here, try real hard . . .

        IF it is true that “Biden is concocting a fiction” that the pandemic was out of control etc. then it MUST be true that Trump had it under control. But he obviously did not. So, yes, the whole article rests on a falsehood.

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  3. “Credit the pharmaceutical companies (institutions Democrats love to despise) and the incentives provided by a capitalist market (a system Democrats love to despise).“

    I am a Democrat and I love capitalism and free markets. I pose some caveats regarding social safety nets so the entrepreneurs and innovators can have a stable, healthy and well educated labor force.

    Big a Pharma has no more issues than Big Agra or any other sectors of the economy. Capitulation to any one of them without regulatory accountability is needed. The opioid crisis is a decent example of what happens when we aren’t looking.

    Considering that the ex-president was AWOL from the summer forward and especially close to and after the election, I suggest that our preparedness was more or less like Biden said.

    OWS was smart. That is why most industrial countries did the same thing.

    I disagree with the opinion from WSJ, but certainly don’t expect anything different from NewsCorp.

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