Hang On

MN National Guard activated for March 8 trial

Derek Chauvin will be tried starting March 8 for the George Floyd death.

The medical examiners report will show that Floyd’s death was not due to a knee on his neck but by his own exertions and underlying cardiac condition. No honest jury will be able to convict and it may not even go to the jury. Chauvin will be acquitted.

And that will not go over well.

22 thoughts on “Hang On

  1. Uh, how do you know what the autopsy will show?

    But even if your inside knowledge is accurate, I do not see that a weak heart or exertions against a crushing weight on the victim’s neck exonerates the person whose actions lead directly to the death. I have seen the video. There is disproportionate force and some degree of culpability for its results. IMHO. As a reminder Floyd was pinned under the officer’s knee for eight minutes and his “crime” was an allegation of having passed a counterfeit $20 bill in a convenience store. Police would not draw down on YOU nor pin YOU to the ground until you died because a clerk thought you had passed a bad bill. And YOU go around with a gun and Floyd was not armed.


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    1. Interesting medical conclusion. I guess my question would be, “did the knee on the neck for 8 minutes lead to the “”exertion””?

      Why wouldn’t cuffed and in the back of the vehicle be the SOP in that situation? There were 4 cops standing around.

      I believe it will be a bit more complicated than “no honest jury will be able to convict”..

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      1. Hmm. Police violence in this case is so justified that no honest jury could convict but the mob of insurrectionists and white supremacists who killed people in the Capitol were “trespassers?” A very odd concept of “Liberty.” If you are white, you are at liberty to attack the government. If you are black you must kowtow to the police in every situation. IMHO.

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          1. Desperate? Uh, how so?

            If you are unaware of how inconsistently you view and comment on conflicts between citizens and authorities, you should be.
            Black people – Never in the right. White people – Never in the wrong.

            While opining that each and every one of a long string of black victims brought violence on themselves you make excuses for the Capitol mob, the Bundys, David Koresh, Ruby Ridge etc.

            Them’s the facts.

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        1. So the officers failed to keep him in the vehicle and their solution was a knee to the neck?

          SMH: put his ass back in the vehicle roll the window down and do their fucking job may have been a more humane and professional approach.

          ZERO law enforcement experts have “blessed” the actions of these inept and racist idiots. Please find me some videos of white people being subjected in the middle of a city street to similar brutality.

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          1. Did I say that Chauvin treated Floyd with deference?


            I said he was not criminally responsible for his death.

            Chauvin could see that Floyd was big and muscular and determined to resist.

            Chauvin could not see that Floyd had just recovered from COVID, or had and enlarged heart or that he had 70, 70 and 90% blockage in his coronary arteries.

            So, knowing what he did know, was the force used excessive. and sufficiently so to rise to the level of intentional murder?

            Keep in mind that the trachea showed no fractures in the cartilage, a requirement for strangulation.


    2. I posted the link to the medical examiner’s report here at the time.

      Whatever Floyd was arrested for, he resisted. He was saying “I can’t breath” from the first time he was placed in the patrol car, and then struggled out, to the end, so there was no reason for the police to believe it was anything but an excuse, even though it was probably true. He was in heart failure from his own exertions.

      He was employed as a bouncer and was big and muscular, there was no reason for the police to know he was so fragile.

      But his airway was uninjured and he was powerfully resisting, so how else was he to be restrained while waiting for transport?

      He died of his own exertions, and that will be made very clear at trial.


      1. And you have the nerve to refer to Governor Northam as a “monster!”

        By the way, YOU would not be held and gunpoint nor hauled away in a police car if some teenaged clerk reported your passing a counterfeit note. From the moment they pulled their guns, these officers went way too far.

        As far as the autopsy goes the following article is VERY relevant to your claims . . .


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        1. It’s not an article. It’s an editorial.

          What exactly is it you think the police should have done when Floyd refused to be arrested?

          And the link I previously posted was to the medical examiner’s report, not the autopsy summary issued by the elected coronor’s office.


          1. Issued him a summons and wish him a nice day.

            You can think about the points made in the “editorial” or not. That is up to you. But one point is undeniable – Floyd is dead and would not be except for the violent actions of the police.

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          2. For passing, allegedly, a counterfeit bill? If it had been you, you would have been issued a summons and ordered to appear. You would not have been cuffed. You would. not have had to “exert” yourself in any way shape or form, except maybe to explain to your family what happened.

            If you don’t know why, take a look in the mirror and compare yourself to Mr. Floyd.

            And Chauvin has a reputation for “aggressiveness” in arrests. That should be part of the prosecution. Happens all the time to NON-cops.

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          3. For passing a counterfeit bill? Of course not,
            But for fighting the police when they were attempting a lawful arrest, force is required.

            Do you think the police can operate if they just back down anytime someone decides to fight an arrest?


          4. No arrest warranted was my point. If you get pulled over for speeding, are you cuffed and forced into a police car?

            “Mr. Floyd, we are sighting you for passing a counterfeit bill. Here is your summons to appear on the date noted on the summons. Have a nice day.”

            Done and no one dies.

            You also failed to address Mr. Chauvin’s history. It may not rise to the level of first or second degree murder. However manslaughter and will indifference, should absolutely be on the table.

            Chauvin contributed to the death of Floyd. He should not get off scot free nor ever be allowed to wear a badge again.

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          5. Had Floyd not argued with and refused lawful orders from the police from the beginning he might very well have gotten off with a summons, But once the police ask you to get out of the car and you refuse, you’re going to get arrested, no matter what race you are.

            Chauvin isn’t charged with manslaughter, he’s charged with murder, and lesser offenses are not automatically included in MN.

            Manslaughter requires that the death be either the result of an unlawful act or reckless disregard for the life of the victim. Considering Floyd’s muscular build and angry resistance, and the impossibility for Chauvin to know of his cardiac fragility, which is it you think applies?


          6. …”reckless disregard for the life of the victim”

            That is what I saw. No one should have their neck kneeled on for any length of time, let alone 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

            If Floyd were white, it never would have happened. There. You made me say it.

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  2. Floyd’s death was his own fault. He was resisting arrest while making kooky claims of claustriphobia, not being able to breathe, etc long before being detained on the ground. The knee on his neck was not sufficient enough pressure to cause his death and is standard procedure used ten of thousands of times. Released body cam video is more than enough for acquittal.


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