Libertarian victory?

Marijuana will be legal in Virginia

I wish there were a way to short MS-13 stock.

So, we will have legal casino gambling and sports books. Now legal weed. Next comes legalizing prostitution and what will criminals do for a living?

28 thoughts on “Libertarian victory?

  1. Libertarian victory?

    Uh, I think it was the Democrats who enacted this legislation. With no help from any Republican. Not a Libertarian in sight. We “leftists” have also finally abolished the barbarity of capital punishment in this state. All in all a pretty good day.

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    1. We Libertarians have been making the case to the public for 30 years.

      Neither major party could make the change without the public being prepared.

      But what matters is that progress is being made against the false concept of victimless crime.

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      1. “concept of victimless crime.“

        Yes, some good news about something that’s been a burr under my ass for decades. One of the Libertarian perspectives that drew me to that tent initially.

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      2. Sure.

        But the public’s preparation for acceptance of this reform was not created by a handful of extremists mainly talking to each other. It was the mainstream progressive movement – mainly young people – that made this happen. IMHO.

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        1. I wonder if the children of Boomers just got into enough positions of power to change a system that had needlessly harmed so many of their parents and peers?

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          1. I can’t say for sure what changed it finally, but I will say that while Republicans and Democrats (including both Biden and Harris) alike prosecuted the war on drugs in their own ways, for their own reasons, only Libertarians have consistently said it was unethical, corrupting of both the government and the people, and doomed to failure.

            If other parties finally got on board, good for them, Now, we’d like to have a word with you about economics.


          2. Particularly early on the war on personal freedom (drugs) was a collaborative effort by both Parties. And while noting the President and Vice President is not helpful, it is indicative of the pace of change in societal norms.

            Libertarian economic perspectives, being too simplistic, rigid and unrealistic are one of the reasons I left the tent…..

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          3. That is the trouble with being an extremist party. A few good ideas wrapped up in a lot of bad ones get lost in the shuffle. You have got to appeal to the mainstream to make things happen. Someone like Bernie Sanders had a lot more to do with this reform than say a Jo Jorgensen. IMHO.


          4. Libert, and the personal responsibility that goes with it, are not as popular as the pandering of the Democrats or the social conservatism of Republicans.

            We are the Party of Principle, not the party of popularity. We know that.

            But someone has to act as the nation’s conscience.


          5. “conscience”

            Wish editing was available, kinda takes the fun out of being a smartass when the spell checker “helps”…


          6. Actually “conscious” might be the right choice of words. It is apparent that the current GOP is “unconscious”.

            As in absent from ethical concerns.

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          7. The nation’s conscience? While supporting Donald Trump? You are both flattering and deluding yourself.

            And, IMHO, you have no idea what real “Liberty” is all about in the 21st century. Here is a hint – it is not about the freedom to starve or live in box under a bridge because you do not bring enough value to the marketplace. Unfettered and unregulated free market capitalism is not essential for Liberty. In fact, it is detrimental to it.

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          8. So, in your world, Liberty is the ability to form a mob and take what you want from those who created it?

            You are why the nation needs a conscience.


          9. Your characterization of what I mean about real Liberty is a typically simpleminded extremism.

            Your view of human nature is depressingly grim. No wonder you live in a compound and never leave it unarmed. And, I would add – unrealistic.

            But, your grim view highlights a core difference between conservatives and liberals. You see human beings as essentially bad, irresponsible and needing to be restrained. We see human beings as essentially good, responsible and needing to be freed to reach their full potential. Our country fails badly in this last respect. Because our economic system is broken.

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          10. You are projecting your view of humanity on me.

            People, individually, are good, brave and generous. They form mobs, often called governments, to commit sociopathic acts on their behalf that they would never do in person.

            I don’t distrust my fellow citizens, I distrust the mobs they create.

            For example, yesterday we discussed firefighters getting vaccinated ahead of elders.

            If you stood a firefighter next to an elder who is at high risk of death if infected with COVID, and told the firefighter that he could get vaccinated that day, or defer his shot for 1 month if he let the elder get vaccinated that day, I have faith that not 1 in 100 of them would not defer their own dose, but they will let their union leave the elders to die.


          11. The statistics are clear that crimes against persons are less common in states with permissive concealed carry than in restricted issue states and that the declines occurred after the ‘shall issue laws came in effect.


          12. Statistics ARE very clear. The fewer the guns per capita in a town, city, state or country the fewer people who are killed or maimed. A lot more clear than the nebulous ones that you now cite.

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  2. Somehow I cannot wrap my arms around the logic of this. Medical purposes, ok, but recreational use only opens the door to stoners driving, well, STONED. I am not cool with that. What I find funny is supposedly some profits will go to fight drug addiction. Well weed IS a drug. Do beer taxes go to fight beer addiction? Fat chance it will anyway. We all know how government works with the purse and tax money has a habit of being redirected elsewhere.


    1. I guess that’s the difference between being conservative and being libertarian.

      I have never used marijuana, and legal or not, I have no intention of doing so, I have used alcohol, in fact, I’ll probably have some bourbon tonight, But I have never been drunk. I like a clear mind.

      But that is a personal choice and I see no warrant in our theory of government for me to force my choice on others. I have no more right to prohibit someone from using marijuana than I would to compel them to drink bourbon.

      Impaired driving is already unlawful, and rightly so, but the same is true of alcohol.

      Driving while impaired is unlawful because we place others in danger when we do so. But using alcohol responsibly and using marijuana responsibly places no one at risk but the user.

      We tried prohibition of alcohol and that didn’t work. I wrote an Op-ed on victimless crime for the Pilot a while back

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      1. Well, I know first hand the affects of marijuana from long ago and to be honest it is far more intoxicating in small quantities than alcohol. In other words you can’t socialize with it like having a few drinks at a bar and then drive home safely. It is also a gateway drug. I understand your point but I don’t think driving after a hit of heroin is a smart idea either though I have never experienced that.


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