Marjorie Greene supported execution of Democrats.

OK, when are Americans going to wake up and realize who the real “enemies of the people are”? In my opinion, these extreme right views and their enablers are creating a major issue for our nation. Guantanamo might not be just for Islamic terrorists. Greene should be expelled from Congress if there is any spine among the GOP.

15 thoughts on “Marjorie Greene supported execution of Democrats.

    1. …”not by other legislators”…

      Other legislators have a front row seat to the goings on. Removal by the body in question is appropriate and then the people of that district can choose another representative that doesn’t propose or support the execution of those on the opposite side of the aisle.

      And she is much worse than Maxine Waters in that her stances are all based on conspiratorial bullshit.

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    2. Maxine Waters tells truths that you do not want to hear and advocates policies you do not like. So your sliming her by this ridiculous comparison is not a surprise. It is what one does if one is a Trump “conservative” – baseless slanders and lame whataboutism.

      There appear to be several members of Congress who aided and abetted the recent attempt to overthrow the government. The Constitution is clear. They cannot be in Congress and should be expelled.

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      1. Maxine Waters told followers to harass Trump administration members, and their families, at restaurants, grocery stores, their homes and even gas pumps. To ‘get in their face’ and tell them they were not welcome anywhere.

        That is provocation to violence.


        1. As opposed to actual violence?

          Was it bad form? Yes, absolutely. Cringe-worthy to me. I refer back to Bill Maher’s imploring people not to hate on T**** supporters, but to try and understand them. The issue with that is T**** supporters don’t understand they have been buying snake oil and they refuse to accept truth based in fact.

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          1. Just to be clear, Waters was not referring to Trump supporters. She was referring to the Trump cabinet officers responsible for stealing children from their parents. Context matters and just leave it to some to ignore it. It may indeed have been too harsh but to compare her to the Qanon lunatics is – well – lunacy.

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          2. Tens of thousands of registered Republicans are leaving the party. Now not all states require party declaration, but some key states do, like PA.

            The key is where this is taking place, and it seems to be in the suburbs where Trump lost his appeal and the election in November. There is no way to calculate the shift in the non-declaration states.

            Still a small number, but could be significant as a trend.


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        2. “That is a provocation to violence?” Bullshit.

          These were her words . . .
          “If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

          She said NOTHING about their families. You just made that up.
          She said NOTHING about their homes. You just made that up.

          Hearing what the public thinks of you goes with being a public official. Sure, it is not polite to refuse service at a restaurant or to confront someone about their behavior. But it is not polite to steal kids from their mothers either. Nor is it polite to spread lies from the White House.

          Waters called for political protest over things that SHOULD be protested. So put away your whiny victim card. And stop your silly comparisons with the Qanon lunatics that are so much at home in the Trump GOP.

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  1. She needs to go. We sure don’t need whack-jobs like that running around the Capitol unleashed. For all we know she’s packing at all times.

    I read some her antics and thoughts, such as those on pizza-gate. We had enough of her kind in the Oval Office the last 4 years.

    Is THAT mindset what those in the Republican Party has lowered themselves to?

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    1. Right wing nuts have happily taken the ignorance of political violence to a level of tacit acceptability from the recent ex-president. Paraphrasing Lewis, fascism will indeed come to America wrapped in a flag, wearing a cross…a perhaps a headdress with horns.

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    2. “Say “Hello” to Amanda Chase, Republican candidate for Virginia Governor”

      Because the VA GOP fears their electorate to choose someone of SEN Chase’s “ilk”, they are again doing their nominations via convention. By that means, I do not expect her to be anything but a State Senator, with Kirk Cox as the GOP nominee.

      Of course, stranger things HAVE happened.


  2. Who’s calling who a coward?

    If she’s so dammed brave, why didn’t she greet the “trespassers” at the Capitol with open arms?

    Another sign of her “bravery”:

    “”Over the years, I’ve had teams of people manage my pages. Many posts have been liked. Many posts have been shared. Some did not represent my views,” Greene said in a statement. ”

    Brave people take ownership of what they have done, said or what is done or said in their name. Responsibility is a non-existent aspect in the entire GOP. This is the epitome of that.

    This woman is pathetic and the voters of her district should really take a deep dive into who it is they elected to represent them. But then again, if this is a Q-anon county/district, I am sure they are head over heels about her.

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