New Twitter Function: Birdwatching.

Not sure if this can go well. While the premise is good, all it takes is one idiot who thinks his tweet is legit and it gets “watched” to go in search of the particular birdwatcher. I can see Carlson, Hannity et al, having a filed day with this.

One thought on “New Twitter Function: Birdwatching.

  1. Perhaps there is merit to scrubbing or rewriting the internet immunity for platforms. Then let the social media sites censure as they see fit without all the grievance politics from the right wing nuts.

    Posters would then sign up through agreements that are the digital equivalent of “no shirt, no shoes, no service”. That is, behave (according to the sites rules) or be gone.

    Obviously the problem is money. Free media is dependent upon data harvesting and marketing. Volume is the key.

    Yet, if there were a nightclub that has shootouts and fights nightly, a city can shut it down as a public nuisance. Should “virtual cafes” online be any different?

    A big problem that has yet to be solved, or even addressed, is the anonymity and free audiences for radical posters. When there is no accountability or cost for a poster, we get social media as we know it.

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