Dept of Health quietly shuts down registration system

Dept of Health registration

The link Len provided to the Dept of Health classification and registration system now ends by simply informing you of what phase you fall in. You can no longer sign up to be notified of when you can make an appointment.

What that means I do not know, perhaps they have finally realized their plan was totally unworkable and they are about to switch to a North Carolina type plan of mass clinics based on age.

Or they have another stupid plan to replace it. We will see.

As of now, Virginia has received almost 1.2 million doses and administered about 400,000. That will result in reductions in future allotments.

3 thoughts on “Dept of Health quietly shuts down registration system

  1. There was an article in the Pilot the other day that had a link to a vaccination registration site that opens on Monday 1/25. You can’t open it until then to register but it was my understanding it is a city run vaccination campaign now. Va beach and I think hampton open registration that day.
    Don’t know abt chesapeake.

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