Loss of a Legend


I know it is a bit of a diversion from our usual back and forth. But I consider myself well rounded in my past times. Sports, politics, the arts are all important parts of who I am. If anyone thinks this post is irrelevant to the board, I really don’t care.

But Hank Aaron was a sports legend who was more than just a talented athlete. He used his status as a Hall of Famer to do good work in the business community and philanthropically. His receiving the COVID vaccine and feeling great about it is a good message for those in the Black and Brown communities to trust it and not be trepidatious about it.

I recall when he broke Babe Ruth’s HR record. I was 9 and playing little league myself. It was very exciting to watch. I only hit two dingers in my career (3 years).

Farewell, Hammerin’ Hank. And thanks for the memories.

6 thoughts on “Loss of a Legend

  1. What is somewhat disconcerting at my age is the number of people passing who are my age, give or take. Aaron’s age was 86, but still.


    1. Take a deep breath, Len. All is well.

      It is when there is a proliferation of people MY age (55-60) shows up on the obit page that I get nervous.

      And the Mrs. just informed me that Larry King has passed. A different kind of legend, but still a sad day.


  2. I am not a baseball fan so the histories and intricacies of that game are lost on me except if there is a World Series that seems exciting.

    I ave read a couple of long articles about Hank Aaron. I think he retired in 1977 or so, a few years after his record surpassed Ruth. But the racist attacks against him for the years up to and after the historic home run was very telling. How dare he usurp the crown of the greatest white player in the history of the game.

    Those same racist fans most certainly passed on those fine principles to their offspring. And if they were children at the time, they would grow up and pass that to their progeny. Perhaps with a bit of dilution over time.

    All this was less than 50 years ago and 13 years or so after Civil Rights laws came into being.

    I am optimistic for the racial relationships in the future. But until a few generations have passed, racism will linger because it is such a deeply embedded cultural institution for gradually diminishing segments of our nation.

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