“I’m going to shut down the virus” Well, maybe not…

Biden drops the promise that elected him

Now he says there’s nothing to be done to change the trajectory of the virus.

That was true before the vaccines were ready, it is not now. He can change the trajectory, but will he?I’ll even give him instructions

  1. Get the AstraZenica and Johnson&Johnson vaccines into use. We know enough about them to do it immediately. That will almost double the rate of delivery.
  2. Require all states to vaccinate 65 and up first to get their full ration of vaccines. That will change things very quickly.

The crisis right now is overwhelming the hospitals. They are not full of people under 40.

We have very effective therapeutics now but they aren’t being used because the hospitals are overwhelmed with patients already seriously ill. The problem is that they must be given very early and by infusion which requires resources the hospitals do not have now.

Stop the elders from filling the hospitals by vaccination and not only are they saved, but the resources needed to save the younger high risk patients are freed up.

Biden can stop the dying by the end of February, but will he do it?

50 thoughts on ““I’m going to shut down the virus” Well, maybe not…

  1. The headline from the article is a bit misleading. The body of the report explains the problem.

    And remember, Biden’s transition team was not afforded access to much of anything while Trump was jousting at windmills until inauguration. Whether the realities of supplies was available to the incoming administration is probably a hindrance.

    Interestingly enough, Biden did indicate that he will work the new stimulus bill until he gets 10 Republicans onboard. Ironically, this could hold up monies for state assistance in getting the vaccine into arms.

    We’ll see. Today, at noon, was 72 hours into a bit of chaos.

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    1. “a bit misleading“ Ya think…

      Actions being undertaking will moderate the clusterf*%# that the prior Admin caused.

      Are these look, look, look posts going to get sillier?

      Asking for a friend….

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      1. Really?

        What exactly could have been done prior to the vaccines that would have made a significant difference.

        Before answering, consider the trajectory of the disease in this country compared to Europe and consider the effect of stricter mandates and such between the states (hint: nothing made a significant difference.)


        1. Europe. . .

          We have been down this road before when you falsely claimed that Trump was doing better than Europe in managing the pandemic. The fact is this country on a per capita basis has done a LOT worse than Europe. But more to the point, we have done a lot worse than we could have done without the incompetence, negligence, indifference and dishonesty at the top.

          Why you still feel compelled to defend Trump’s abysmal and deadly performance is a mystery? Too hard to admit how wrong you have been in supporting this seditious asshat for the last four years, I suppose.

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          1. Well then, it should be easy for you to tell me exactly what Trump could have done that would have made a significant difference.

            The states with the most draconian restrictions have done no better than the others over time. Some got worse more slowly, but then caught up later. But policy differences turned out to make relatively little difference in the long run.

            A virus will do what it does.


          2. “exactly what Trump could have done”

            With all due respect, I think senility must have a grip. I have answered the same question for you at least a half dozen times. The answer is easy to understand. He should have told the truth. He should have followed the science and he should have lead people to take mask wearing and social distancing with the seriousness which it deserved. He did not. Not only did he fail to lead us towards national mask wearing and social distancing measures, he mocked masks, he made his followers believe that the danger was overblown, he encouraged armed protests against measures states tried to take and he personally organized super spreader events.

            Extrapolating from the per capita deaths in all of Europe versus our rate, his failures have cost somewhere north of 100,000 lives. And you call Governor Northam a “corrupt monster” and defend this jackass. Sad.

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          3. “at least a half dozen times“

            May be an underestimation. Relentless searching for (SOME) rationale with a short memory is the only conclusion I can arrive at…

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  2. RE: “He can change the trajectory, but will he?”

    I don’t think so. The political incentives in preserving the crisis are too great. The news here is merely a narrative inflection.


    1. “The political incentives in preserving the crisis are too great.”

      A reminder: Trump is no longer president, so crisis are not created, but rather dealt with and solved.

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    2. I hope that is overly pessimistic, I really would like to see Biden succeed on this.

      He has the benefit of hindsight and multiple vaccines ready to deploy, the question is whether he will stand up to the over caution of the FDA and the complexity worship of the CDC.


        1. Not what I meant.

          We have learned a lot about the virus and what works and what doesn’t.

          Biden starts with that knowledge and it should give him a significant boost in dealing with it that Trump did not have..

          Hopefully, he will recognize the foolishness of the FDA’s over caution and the overly complex and unscientific initial allocation plan from the CDC.

          But he doesn’t have much time. Hospitals in many places are on the edge of collapse. We can’t use the life saving therapeutics because they don’t have the resources to deliver them because we have too many people in ICUs.

          Biden can be the hero, or he can be the Captain of the Titanic.


  3. Didn’t we already know that Biden was full of poop before the election? Well, at least the “unwoke” knew while the left now frantically fills the excuse jar.


    1. The “unwoke” still believe T**** won the election.

      The lack of veracity by the previous administration is part of the problem. The lack of cooperation during the transition was also a BIG problem, on the scale of 9/11.

      How about you stop casting stones in all directions and offer something meaningful instead of idiotic attacks? Or are you incapable of that.


      1. I did offer helpful advice at the very beginning of this thread. I hope Biden takes it. I want him to be a hero on this.

        Northam I want impeached for using the vaccine to reward political supporters at the cost of hundreds or thousands of lives.


        1. “Northam I want impeached for using the vaccine to reward political supporters at the cost of hundreds or thousands of lives.”

          Yeah! And Donald Trump won the election in a landslide. And Barack Obama founded Isis.

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          1. What is “typical” is your over-the-top slanders which you generally pull out of your ass. I just cited a couple of the bizarre ideas that you have promoted without reason or evidence to illustrate the point.

            If you had a valid point to make about mismanagement in Virginia, you blow any credibility it might have had with your opening salvo. Which, of course, is resonant with many earlier baseless slanders you have directed at Governor Northam.

            There is no way to dispute a point that you have just made up. You ascribe motives to Virginia’s Governor and vaccine response that are based on nothing but partisan slanders. That, too, is “typical.”

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          2. According to researchers at the Kaiser Family Foundation . . .

            “While children generally have mild cases or no symptoms at all, about 1 in 4 of their teachers, or nearly 1.5 million of them, have a condition that raises their risk of getting seriously ill from the coronavirus, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.”


            Further, according to CDC surveys approximately 15% of children tested aged 5-17 were infected.


            Your claim that there is no valid reason to consider teachers for priority vaccinations is a self-serving exaggeration. Is a teacher with underlying health conditions (1 in 4) more or less at risk than a 65 year-old self-isolating at home? Your claim is that the answer is clear – when it is not – is your basis for calling our Governor a “corrupt monster.”

            In addition, the context is part of the picture. There has been a lot of political pressure to resume in-person schooling which, obviously, requires that teachers expose themselves to a lot of random people.
            How many random people have you been exposed to each and every day? I can answer for myself – NONE.

            So, rather than some sort of imaginary political corruption, I offer that there are valid reasons for public health authorities to have considered teachers for early vaccinations and that is especially true since Donald Trump and other Republican politicians had been demanding that the schools be open for in-person learning.

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          3. The Kaiser paper you cite was from July and was speculative of what MIGHT occur. The link I provided is a retrospective study of what actually happens in the real world. Transfer from student to teacher did not occur.

            However clever the Kaiser people might be, if it disagrees with experience, it is wrong.


          4. I absolutely agree that experience trumps speculation. Just like evidence trumps uninformed and hyper partisan slanders and conspiracy theories. With that said, I note that the study you are citing was published a couple of days ago while the decisions that you take as evidence of a “corrupt monster” and political pandering were taken months ago. In addition, there are other studies that paint a somewhat different and less rosy picture for teachers and school staff such as this one published in the Lancet . . .


            Then there is this encouraging study from Iceland with the finding that, in fact, children are less likely than adults, to transmit the infection. But note, “less likely” does not mean “do not.” The estimate is “half as likely.”


            So again, the science is not so cut and dried that your claim that only a “corrupt monster” would vaccinate teachers before people like you and I is validated.

            People who can teach from home face zero risk of infection but we demand that they return to work in schools where the risk is somewhere north of zero. Maybe not as risky as a restaurant or bar, but risky. It is not “corrupt” to offer protection along with the demand.

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      2. I don’t mince words. A spade is a spade. Socialist Biden is full of poop and anyone with a lick of sense knows it is in fact a meaningful statement.


        1. Since we are not mincing words, anyone who tries to label President Biden as a “socialist” is dumber than a bag of rocks. And in case that metaphor is too hard for you, it means that they are really, really dumb.

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          1. ” President Biden as a “socialist” ”

            Paul, it is the go-to buzzword for anyone who is a Democrat. They can’t pin anything legit, so they use scary buzzwords to make themselves feel better.

            A socialist would not be conferring with a bipartisan group of Congress people to figure out the best way forward on COVID relief


        1. Actually, there is no truth to this claim. Biden spoke in public frequently as Vice President. But leave it to “conservatives” to make up such an “alternative fact” and cluelessly spread it. It is who they are.

          Maybe the rightwing Lying Liars and Donald Trump have been successful peddling the idea that Biden is dumb to the weak minded because sometimes President Biden struggles with certain words. He has a stutter which he has had since childhood. It is easy for such people to find video clips of Biden stuttering or misspeaking and to spread them to their dupes. It is what they do.



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          1. I’m not really worried when Biden stumbles on words. What worries me more is when he says really stupid things perfectly clearly, like this advice on home defense.

            Buy a shotgun

            In which he tells a woman to buy a double barrelled shotgun and on hearing something suspicious, to fire both barrels out into the dark, thus endangering her neighbors and leaving herself with an unloaded gun.


          2. Hmm. You think it was dumb because he offered it as an alternative to an AR-15 for home defense. I think it was a reasonable reply to those who think you need a military arsenal to defend your home. But, I am sure we can both agree – be sure of your target before shooting with either weapon. I am sure that President Biden would agree as well.

            So, I will grant that he was a little glib in responding to a serious subject. I would add, though, that it is not difficult to find questionable statements from any public figure especially someone with many decades in the public eye.

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          3. You have a daughter who is of slight build, so lets do a little experiment.

            Bring her out to the compound and we can let her fire 10 shots each at a target 30 feet away with a double barreled shotgun, a handgun, and an AR.

            Then you can tell me which is better protection for her.

            My prediction.

            Within 4 shots with the shotgun she will be flinching so bad she couldn’t hit a bus.

            With the handgun, if she has not practiced regularly, she won’t hit a man sized target more than 3 shots in 10.

            With my AR, she will hit center of mass every damned time


          4. I am sure that your thought experiment is pretty accurate. On the firing range. But is it even remotely realistic with regards to chasing off a burglar? In the overwhelming number of such very rare incidents I would suggest that the sight and/or the sound of someone with a shotgun would do the trick.

            Of course, it is possible to IMAGINE a firefight developing in which the AR-15 might be just the thing. But then, from a public policy point of view, you have to consider the balance between such rare occurrences and the danger that such weapons present generally.

            You will not admit it, but the now proven resurgence of dangerous White Supremacist militias willing to deploy violence to attack this country adds another dimension to the need to better control military grade weapons.


          5. For a long time, I opposed the AR as a home defense weapon, primarily due to overpenetration problems(killing someone in the next house after going through 2 or more walls) but with the advent of dedicated home defense rounds I have changed my mind. These rounds use frangible bullets that weigh a bit more but will break up going through walls.

            Tests with small frame women of limited experience shows that the AR just points more naturally and isn’t subject to the drift handguns have when fired by inexperienced shooters.

            The ideal home defense weapon for a woman who is not an expert is an AR carbine(short barrel and stock) with an optical sight.


      1. “While I do not disagree with your assessment of Biden’s competence”
        So you agree with “Socialist Biden is full of poop.” Never mind the stupidity of calling him a “socialist”, any evidence to support your assessment of his competence?

        Never mind that he won the Presidency in a tough fight – which is something you cited to prove that Trump is competent. Never mind that he is the most experienced and prepared person to ever become President. Never mind his long experience in the Congress and in the Executive Branch. Never mind that he was at the right hand of the President for eight years. Never mind that in spite of transition stonewalling by Trump, his administration has hit the ground running.

        Never mind all that, stable geniuses like Bobr and Tabor just know that he is not competent?

        If that was your attempt to inject something “adult” and “civil” into the marketplace of ideas, it was a poor effort.

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      2. …”maybe a little mincing of words would help elevate the discussion.”

        So you tell Bobrsmith to mince his words but you threaten Paul with random censure? C’mon, Don. A little bit of consistency please.


        1. If mister Smith ever approaches the level of hostility that Paul brings here regularly(though not yet today) then I will appropriately escalate the warnings.

          I am trying to be as neutral as possible, I just don’t want to cringe every time I open my laptop


          1. He does so on a regular basis, but because he tends to be on your side of the discussion, you do nothing to deter him.

            I’ve seen it, I’ve been the target of it. But it is your board, so you can run it however you wish. And I will point out disparities when I see them.


          2. Hostility?

            Toward people plotting to overthrow the government of the United States with violence or those supporting them or those justifying them with lies or those minimizing their treason with words like “trespassers?”

            I plead guilty.

            If you are worried about cringing, I suggest you try to develop a little empathy for those who are regularly subjected to personal invective – usually out of the blue – offered by Mr. Smith.

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  4. Tough to blunt the spear with your throat, but apparently North Dakota has, given its relative isolation, to deflect it a bit.
    Still, any schedule delays lie at the feet of a plan that was no plan at all.

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    1. Virginia has 800,000 doses of 1.2 million delivered still sitting on shelves. That’s enough to vaccinate everyone between 65 and 75 in Virginia.

      But it sits there, because no one other than government employees will be granted access.

      So, there is a plan, it’s just an evil one.


      1. The Peninsula health department has started scheduling inoculations but they are still adhering to the older phase 1b at the moment. I suppose they want to get a feel for demand before thawing too much to use.

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      2. Again, from today’s Pilot

        “As of Saturday, Virginia had distributed 1,010,500 vaccine doses to vaccination sites, according to the Virginia Department of Health. About 444,000 — or 44% of the supplies — has been put into people’s arms.”


  5. “Biden drops the promise that elected him.”

    I thought he got elected because he wasn’t T****? So which is it: He promised to change the trajectory of the virus or he wasn’t T****?


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