Russia to the rescue!

Seditious shitheads need a safe space to spread their nonsense and hatch their plots. After Amazon and Apple decided that “Enough is enough” sedition and lies on Parler and pulled the plug, Russia steps up to ensure that these shitheads will not be silenced. I guess Putin is dedicated to protecting the “Marketplace of ideas.”

24 thoughts on “Russia to the rescue!

    1. Don, while his language is uncivil, he is not attacking anyone here. Nor those he disagrees with. He is referring to the seditious mob that attacked the Capitol.

      And I am curious; what exactly would a civil, non-juvenile pejorative look like? 😇

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      1. Anything that calls out the assholes for their assholeness is apparently taken as a personal attack on the “moderator” and will be punished (in)appropriately…

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      2. You could call them protestors, if that’s what they are doing, or extremists if they are expressing views you see as out of the mainstream, or rioters if they are breaking the law.

        But calling people shitheads doesn’t tell you anything.

        And I come here because I want an adult discussion of the issues. If it is unpleasant every time I open the forum then why have it?


        1. A fairly large group made its way into the Capitol, and you continued to call them “protesters”. And if Mike Pence had been hung, what would you have called them “misunderstood extremists”?

          HE DID call them “seditious shitheads” which adds some clarity.

          And again, you only see the unpleasantness through jaded eyes. Mr. Smith has done nothing but offer insults and name calling and not once have I seen you threaten him with censure of any type. If you’re going to threaten Paul, you need to remind Bob, too.

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          1. The crowd would have contained Trump supporters there just to show that support, protestors upset about how the election was conducted, and yes, some rioters.

            I doubt that Pence or anyone else was in danger, as the cooler heads certainly outweighed any criminals there.

            But it is certainly improper to call all of those different people shitheads.

            I don’t recall Mr Smith becoming that coarse though I have more than once called for greater civility on his part.

            But no one, not even Al, has ever been so consistently abusive as Paul.

            If he wants to passionately argue his position that is fine, but the nastiness is going to go, one way or the other.


          2. “I don’t recall Mr Smith becoming that coarse though I have more than once called for greater civility on his part.”

            As you are not the target of his bile, you don’t see it. Understandable, I suppose. But not once have you threatened him with censure when he continues his abusive attacks on members of this board. The one-way street you are walking is obvious. -IMO


          3. “I doubt that Pence or anyone else was in danger”…

            Wow. You really aren’t paying attention then.

            As far as cooler heads prevailing, I am sure the Capitol police who were overrun by the “trespassers” would tell you otherwise.

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        2. “calling people shitheads doesn’t tell you anything” Au Contraire”.

          It is much more descriptive of the position of the person/group being referenced.

          Second point: you now decide what adjectives are acceptable in your fiefdom?

          How Libertarian of you…

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          1. Do you not see the irony in your repeatedly stated positions on individual “freedom”?

            Who are you to arbitrarily determine what is “civil”, other than another upset “Karen”?

            You should, perhaps, get out more often or recognize it is not 1955…

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        3. It may be that vulgarity is misused.

          The most obscene comments, however, that I have seen are the ones that say the gangs trying to overthrow the government to keep Trump in power had “no choice”. Or that Pence was in little danger. Or a post the other day that said the same thing about “what choices did they have”.

          That is so egregious it curdles the imagination. And it tells me that the posting of such ignorant statements indicates that the posters are so entrenched in the bubble that they have not bothered to read or see the videos in any one of a slew of even conservative media.

          The fact that the insurrectionists were screaming for Pence and Pelosi were the same ones who beat police so badly that 15 are still in the hospital and one, at least, is dead. And we read a post that Pence was in little danger.

          Shameful, truly shameful.

          As far as choice, that posting is nothing but amazing and truly clueless. Trump had been nurturing this mob since 2016. But his rabid fans overlooked that. Trump is a racist, bigoted, amoral, psychopathic demagogue who was truly trying to overthrow our president elect. So I guess, in effect, there was no choice. Support of Trump for the thousands who rushed the Capitol was their only choice as vile scum. But certainly not as American citizens.

          We came too close to losing this nation to a con man and his flock. Patience and understanding for the grievance politics of conservatives is no longer an option unless they accept their responsibilities as citizens.

          So call that pond scum that tried to overthrow MY government whatever you wish, but don’t give them credibility.

          To be clear, those insurrectionists, whom you called patriots for Western Chauvanism or capitalism are traitors and seditionists. Terrorists, really. Time to ship them to Gitmo to join their brethren.


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          1. Exactly.

            The people who take umbrage at a crude but accurate word for murderous traitors are the same people who think that a “civil” and “adult” conversation consists in spreading “alternative facts”, slandering the decent man who preceded Trump and making sorry excuses for racism, corruption, violence and sedition.

            They also think that calling out “alternative facts”, slanders and sorry excuses for what they are is the height of “nastiness.” So watch out. Your post is “nasty” and may get you threatened with banishment.

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    2. “But calling people shitheads doesn’t tell you anything.”

      Actually, it does. “Shithead” is a word in common usage. It has a well-defined meaning.

      Dictionary. com = “a stupid, inept, unlikable, or contemptible person.”
      Merriam-Webster = “a contemptible person”
      Oxford = “A contemptible person.” “A despicable person.”

      In other words, it is a very suitable word to refer to the ignorant, violent, racist and vile conspirators whose ignorant, violent, racist and vile conspiratorial use of social media got them banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

      It is a pithy combination of “stupid” and “contemptible.” Vulgar? Sure. But sometimes there is not a polite word that fits. If you have one that captures the essence of these vile and disgusting people, let us know. But I will say in advance that “trespasser” does not work.

      BTW, I did not use that word to refer to anyone posting here. If you feel offended by some personal affinity with the ignorant, violent, racist conspirators that it referred to then what can I say?

      I hope the hypocrisy of you trying to impose censorship after castigating social media companies for banning these “stupid”, “despicable” and contemptible” people is not lost on you.

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  1. While I have been guilty of referring to some as morons a few times, you and Adam have hit the stratosphere in blatant vulgarity in language and insults. Geesh, I fear this is a clear sign of what to expect with the left running the show for a short while.

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    1. Sorry your feelings were hurt. So who is the snowflake now?

      Mr. Smith, your constant barrage of insults without bringing anything meaningful to the conversation, has been going since I joined this board. And not ONCE have you been threatened with censure of any type. The hypocrisy of the moderators continues to flourish, and not just in the political beliefs. Prove me wrong, if you can. But I seriously doubt it.

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      1. Actually, I respond to your, Jimmies and especially Pauls comments appropriately. Too outlandish and far left wing to even consider having an intelligent or reasonable conversation about. Not an insult, just refer to extremist babble for what it is. And when I ask a serious question on how one can compare apples and oranges, I don’t need to be called ignorant of what “cancelling” means (rolling eyes) and then to…well you know the rest.


        1. The only extremists are those that stormed the Capitol. Your continued attack on anything Liberal as “radical” is the reason you cannot have a civil conversation. You refer to the ideas that are counter to yours as “babble”. You hear it as babble because you just don’t WANT to listen.

          Your denial of right wing cancelling is another blindspot in your reasoning … or lack there of. It is also a sign of the usual right wings hypocrisy that pervades your thinking.

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    2. I recall you telling me to get a haircut as you accused me of illicit drug use, but I guess selective memory is an attribute of those in the cult (hard to understand how t wouldn’t be).

      That aside: if “bad language” is your only defense against your delusional crazy beliefs, I wish you luck…

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