Halloween in January…Richmond lobby day and gangs.


Thank you Trump and your fans for turning DC into and armed camp. Some of those same jokers dressed up in full military gear smeared with gang colors to parade around the Richmond Capitol. These are terrorist organizations as listed by the FBI. ISIS wannabes without the courage.

One of the Boogaloo boys was daring cops to arrest him because he was breaking the law according to him. He bellowed in a bullhorn about his rights being violated (how…?). Then ripped off city signs and tossed them over the fence. Lobby day in the mind of a gang member. 

5 thoughts on “Halloween in January…Richmond lobby day and gangs.

  1. A bit melodramatic as usual. This event has been a peaceful protest for a very long time. No statues coming down, no businesses torched, no police stations overrun and torched, no rioting and looting, no assault….only..well…a peaceful protest hyped up by Democrats as a scaaaarey event before hand only for them to go home cursing it wasn’t. I would question the constitutionality of designating any events with a permit, those that would need a permit and “surrounding areas” as gun free. Sounds like a cheap way to stomp on the 2nd.


    1. Most of the regular Lobby Day attendees followed the laws and rules for the protest. Last year’s protest remained peaceful because the agitators were kept out. Sounds like a few got through this week

      The Lobby Day protest was generally peaceful per usual. There is nothing wrong with that. It is when idiots infiltrate peaceful protests, regardless of what the protest is about, that things go in the crapper.


      1. The wearing of gang “colors” was the surprise to me. Most of those gangs are on terror lists, yet the Aryan equivalent of the Crips and Bloods were in full regalia.

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