And so it begins…

Magic Mitch is already starting his amnesia tour. For four years he sat there while lies, misinformation and deceit flowed from the Oval Office. NOW he blames the instigator-in-chief for January 6th. And overlooks that some of the “others” he is referring to are sitting on his side of the aisle in the Senate Chamber.

Anyone surprised by that; stand on your head. (Compliments of COL Henry Blake, CO, MASH 4077)

Mitch, you got your judges. But that cold have happened with ANY Republican president.

3 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Mitch McConnell is akin to the German citizens who lived near the death camps but “didn’t know”.

    The more we learn about this whole regime, the more we are realizing how close we came to losing our nation.

    And judging by the character and willful ignorance of his fans, we will still be in the crosshairs of wannabe despots.

    “We have no choice” as fat, violent gangs with no grievances other than what Trump told them they should have try to kill Congressmen and the VP.

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