Way to go, Ralph

Virginia 48th in nation in vaccine roll out

Gee, aren’t we lucky to have a doctor for our governor.

I have seen no solid explanation for the miserable performance of our Dept of Health, but I have been hearing that many people are being told to expect vaccination through clinics set up by their employers. I suspect the delay is that while giving lip service to including those over 65, the vaccines are simply not being sent to clinics where they can apply for them and instead are being funneled still to the non health care ‘essential workers’ through an incredibly complex distribution plan that leaves vaccine sitting in freezers waiting for these employer based clinics to materialize.

If anyone else has better info I would like to hear it. There is no good reason for more than 2/3rds of the vaccine delivered to Virginia to sit in freezers while people die.

15 thoughts on “Way to go, Ralph

  1. You’re right!

    Ralph is a Democrat.

    That he believed and relied on the Trump HHS Operation Warp Speed actually having a distribution plan — after 6 monthly press releases saying that they were making deals with CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s and all major pharmacies — only proves he is a stupid, gullible Democrat.

    But, the good news is that Trump put his medical plan in place to pay for the pandemic… well, he MIGHT sign his EO before tomorrow.

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    1. The Federal government is paying for the pharmacies to go to the nursing homes and has delivered the vaccine to the State to sit in freezers.

      47 States are handling it better than VA, do you think that Trump somehow treated them differently?

      This a State failure.


  2. And lest we forget, future vaccine allotments will be adjusted based on how efficiently existing supplies are used, so by failing to put the doses we already have in arms, we will have a smaller allotment down the road.

    8 months to prepare and either there is no plan or there is a corrupt plan that is working.


    1. “corrupt plan that is working”

      Conspiracy much? Oh yeah, never mind…

      The buck stops at the top, except when it’s your top. Hate is an exhausting emotion, letting it go is a way to live longer, vaccine or not.

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      1. Ok, who, in Virginia, is getting vaccinated?

        What percentage of those outside of Phase 1a are in public employee unions? 98% or only 90%

        Is it a coincidence or is it political payoff?


        1. If there is ANY truth to there being a corrupt plan to favor one group over another it won’t be difficult to determine. In fact it would be trump-level stupid to even attempt such a thing.

          I’ll wait to see what the data says before spreading wild eyed theories.

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          1. Not hard to do.

            Google “Virginia vaccine teachers” and you will get scores of articles from around the state for teachers being vaccinated in counties and cities still in Phase 1a

            As I wrote, Chesapeake included.


          2. I have been reading and did not reach the same conclusion as to “why” things are progressing as they are or even see the same level of favoritism you imply. I’ll wait to hear explanations instead of deciding wether there is some type of corruption before the fact.

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          3. Well, when you get an “explanation” for why Phase 1b teachers and public employees are getting vaccinated in cities and counties all over the State that are still being held in Phase 1a, by all means please pass it along.


          4. Still waiting for that innocent explanation for public employee union members designated as Phase 1b being vaccinated as a group in cities and counties still held as Phase 1a so that you and I cannot get into the queue,


      2. Oh, and note that all across the State, cities and counties are being held in Phase 1a, which means hospitals and pharmacies cannot administer vaccine to the elderly on request. but in those counties, teachers and school employees are being vaccinated outside of Phase 1a.

        And that includes Chesapeake.

        Very clearly, the vaccine is being used to pay political debts, and Northam would rather let it sit on the shelf than let those outside his preferred groups get it. 70% of the doses received from the Feds is being held while people die.


        1. “Very clearly, the vaccine is being used to pay political debts”….

          You are entitled to your opinion. But as of right now it is pure speculation and you know that. YOU are speculating based on what you see whiteout taking off your anti-Ralph glasses.

          You constantly ignore what has gone on in D,C. (or make lame excuses for it) but jump on the Democrats at every opportunity.

          You may be right, but until you have the facts, to call Northam’s plan political payback is disingenuous.

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          1. Well, when you find the innocent explanation for why tens of thousands of Phase 1b public employee union members are getting vaccinated in cities and counties that are being held in Phase 1a with no public vaccination allowed, please do pass it along.


          2. Avula has a tough job. He was only appointed 2 weeks ago, I don’t know who was in charge the 8 months that should have been used getting ready.

            It may be that the number of doses not used might be smaller, but that does not change the fact that connected Phase 1b groups are getting vaccinated all over the State in cities and counties that are still Phase 1a. That is a published fact.

            And that is positively preferred treatment for politically connected supporters.


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