I hate to say it…


…but Rudy, I told you so.

OK. I don’t hate to say it.

9 thoughts on “I hate to say it…

      1. It was Giuliani who promoted the most egregious lies for Trump that got him to energize the terrorists that make up an integral part of the Trump movement.

        He arranged for laptops to “travel” 3000 miles for a repair with a blind computer man.

        He and Powell tried to sell the Hugo Chavez story. The Dominion story. The postal worker story.

        In other words, he did everything he could with no evidence to conjure up “evidence”. But, as we know, Trump regularly stiffed vendors, and a lawyer would be just another vendor. This is why most attorney require hefty retainers in criminal cases.

        I think a lawsuit is in order with lots of calls for discovery. So Rudy will get his money if for no other reason than to keep quiet.

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          1. It ain’t over until the fat man sings.

            Right now, DC looks like Baghdad at the height of the invasion. The right wing chatter is for a lot of violence there (DC, not Iraq) and at state capitals around the country.

            Thank you Trump, Rudy, Miller, Jordan, Meadows, Greene, Hawley, Cruz, Powell, and all the other insurrection favoring pols.

            Seditionists to the core.

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          2. There are more troops on the ground in D.C. then in the three warzones in the Middle East COMBINED. And yet folks in this country are STILL OK with perpetuating the BIG LIE.


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