Cancel Culture is alive on well on the right

I posted something similar several months ago. Amazing how the right claims only the left is guilty.

Sing along with me: “H – Y – P (P cause we’re PO’ed) O -C – R- (real Republicans don’t stand up to T****) I – S- Y (Why? Because our spines were removed January 20th 2017)

And they never see it in themselves.

15 thoughts on “Cancel Culture is alive on well on the right

  1. We are watching the slow, but steady, disintegration of the GOP.

    As a Democrat, I should be happy. But I am cautiously optimistic.

    The political culture of our nation requires a loyal opposition. We have opposition, that is a given. But loyalty to the nation is suspect, and loyalty to Trump is a non-starter at this point.

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  2. Democratic Party Bylaws,as an example

    “Section 4.The Bylaws may provide for removal of members of the Democratic National Committee for cause by a two-thirds vote of the National Committee and may also require continued residence in the jurisdiction represented by the member and affirmative support for the Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees as a condition of continued membership thereon. ”

    All parties require support for the nominee of the party for continued membership, and prohibit endorsement of a candidate of a different party in any election in which the party fields a candidate.

    McCain and Flake knew that when they accepted assistance from the GOP when they needed it, Censure is getting off easy when the rules call for expulsion.


    1. Quoting Democratic Party Bylaws to justify GOP action? Desperation is dripping from your comment.

      It is folks like McCain and Flake that could help rescue the GOP from it’s T****ist recent history. Too bad they want to keep it.


      1. The GOP, and even the Libertarian Party have similar rules. When you join a party, and accept party funds for your own campaign, you have an obligation to at least remain silent if you cannot support the nominee of your party


  3. Cancelling is cancelling, regardless of which side does it. I am just pointing out that it only gets cried about when the big bad boogeymen on the left do it. Never see the same kind of outrage when the right does it.

    Liz Cheney is next in line with a large number of the caucus calling for her to resign from her leadership post. When it reality, it should be Gaetz who should be dropped for continuing to spread the lies of election fraud on the House floor. Along with the rest who continue to believe the BIG LIE,

    I may not agree with Cheney politically, but she did something that few in the GOP caucus has done over the past four years: Showed a spine.


  4. What exactly does this have to do with “cancelling culture” that you liberals are engaged in like prostution or erasure of history?


    1. Your statement indicates your ignorance of cancelling. It also proves my point that those on the right can do it with impunity and if done by those on the left you (see your own post), you start screaming inanities.


      1. Your reply is the epitome of stupid. Sorry I even asked you to clarify how a political censure for supporting the other side is cancelling culture. It isnt….


        1. It absolutely is. And thank you for confirming the complete and total hypocrisy displayed by the right and its cabal of jackasses.

          I’ll type slow so you can understand. Censure for supporting the other side and calling for the removal of a Congresswoman for doing the right thing is the epitome of cancelling. If you can’t see it, that is your problem not mine.


          1. How stupid but I would expect nothing less from Mr dog whistles. LMAO thanks the milk through the nose moment.


          2. Laughing at yourself could be cathartic. But in your case you just spit milk all over your lap and wonder how it got wet.

            And as far as your “stupid” comment, GFY. You continually show how idiotic and inane you can be. You even take pleasure in your idiocy.

            You throw fire extinguishers at cops too, doncha?


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