The Q-Anon Caucus makes its first bid for relevance.

MTG (glad she spells her last name differently) plans to bring impeachment articles against Biden for things that have been proven to be untrue. Repeatedly.

This is the GOP’s idea of UNITY, Baby!

16 thoughts on “The Q-Anon Caucus makes its first bid for relevance.

  1. Ha, ha, ha.

    Ms. what’s-her-name is ready to make the GOP look even more nutty than they already are.

    Wonder what she plans to encite on the days running up to the Inauguration and afterwards.

    Time for her to get her MAGA hat washed and get the blood washed off her hands from 1/6/2021.

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  2. The nice thing about the Quacus is they are OOC. They will give us years of goofball news interviews, whackjob midnight floor speeches and off-topic dissents.

    C-SPAN buy!

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    1. Trump fans conveniently forget the daily, incessant barrage of policy, personal and racism from the most heavily watched and listened to media giants. Birtherism that Trump played to the hilt until he grudgingly admitted Obama may be a natural born citizen after all. Not forgetting all the extremists riding on the coattails of FOX and Limbaugh.

      The difference: Obama was man. A man who knew that a president is only going to please half the country and criticism comes with the job.

      I think Biden can take it, however.

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      1. Really?

        I guess the Republican party’s attempts to impeach former President Obama from the day after the election must have slipped my mind.

        I do remember opposition to his policies, but I just don’t recall any attempt to impeach him, not even when he clearly committed impeachable offenses connected with Fast and Furious and the overthrow of Gadahfi .


        1. …even when he clearly committed impeachable offenses”…

          If that were remotely true, you know the GOP would have gone for it. And don’t give me the fear of being called a racist for doing so schpeel. If that were truly the case, there would be a bunch of dead insurgents on the steps of the Capitol.


    2. If anyone in the Democrats leadership gave any respect to DJT when he was elected, I can’t imagine why.

      No need for me to once again list all the ways I knew this crass, rude empty-suit shouldn’t be president of our country. Say what you want about HRC, but she chose the most accurate statement to continuously make in her rallies regarding DJT. It was that wonderful quote from Maya Angelou . . .

      “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

      He got no respect from me, and I’m proud to say so.

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