The Bulwark: The Attack on Democracy Is Not Over. It’s Still Happening. Right Now.

Tim Miller takes the GOP to task, with several concerning bullet points, for continuing to feed the T**** base.

“Now consider how Republicans in government are continuing to try to derail the transfer of power:

1) The FBI, DOJ, and DHS have all been silent about the attack, avoiding any public briefing for fear of offending the president who perpetrated it. (Though it should be said that the FBI seems to be doing a fair job of tracking down and arresting suspects.)

2) Administration officials who are ostensibly in charge of homeland security are resigning rather than engaging in crisis management.

3) The Senate isn’t even in session. Mitch McConnell cited their vacation as an excuse for not holding a Trump impeachment trial. There have been no hearings about the sacking of the Capitol.

4) For the first time in the last ten transitions, the GOP Senate is not confirming Biden cabinet members prior to the inauguration. That’s right: There will be no Homeland Security secretary, attorney general, secretary of State, or secretary of Health and Human Services when Joe Biden takes office in the wake of a domestic terror attack during a pandemic which has killed nearly 400,000 Americans.

5) Republican officials continue to call for investigations into imaginary fraud in order to appease the insurrectionists.

6) Several Republican officials have threatened the possibility of more violence if Trump is held to account for his actions.

Take all of these data points together and what you have is an active, ongoing threat to our democratic system from forces both inside and outside the government.”

I don’t give a rat’s backside what side of the political divide you are on. This really should make you think. HARD.

4 thoughts on “The Bulwark: The Attack on Democracy Is Not Over. It’s Still Happening. Right Now.

  1. And we still have GOP Senator/House Republicans saying “he’s learned his lesson”. Uh, No…

    The lunatics want to run the asylum. The question is, will those who believe in our Republic let them.

    News at 11……

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  2. There is a red tide. It stinks and kills.

    During the Cold War our arch enemy was the “Reds”.

    Nothing has changed.

    Both “reds” wanted to destroy us. And I think we have now beaten back the second set of long wave spectrum anomalies.

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    1. I love the fact that this post was completely ignored by the T**** cucktists.

      No answers or arguments against what was written. Must have struck pretty close to home in the old truth category. They really really hate that.


  3. I think some of them realized they were refering to Trump with analogies to a child, e.g., hot stove, petulant, etc.
    Mitch finally realized that the money he expect to raise off Trump isn’t worth dealing with a moron.

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