The ‘Good American’

Source: PJ Media.

Denis Prager is right. Democrats are exploiting the Capitol incursion as though it were the famous Reichstag fire, blaming it on their archenemy, Donald Trump, and using it to try to extinguish the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

“Though they do not risk being beaten up, are Americans in 2021 as afraid of the American left as Germans in 1933 were of the German fascists? We’re about to find out.”

31 thoughts on “The ‘Good American’

    1. I wondered what batshit crazy shit I’d see from conspiracy central and was still a little taken aback.

      Hyperbolic, inaccurate, and delusional.

      Nice trifecta of inflammatory bullshit.

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  1. I am amused, and occasionally disgusted, by the left but I am not afraid of them.

    Paradoxically, if I, and millions like me, were actually afraid of them, then they would have a real problem.

    But note that in this hour of apparent victory, it is the left who are frantically thrashing around chasing imaginary boogey men, and the right is enjoying the show.


    1. Again with the childish gun-toting bravado? Really? You had to get that in, right? You heading for Richmond with your guns on the 17th to show everybody what peace-loving people you are?

      Just as a matter of interest when did you ever here any of us “leftists” talk about our arsenals or that people need to be afraid of them or that we had a Second Amendment solution to ANYTHING? Rhetorical question. The answer is Never. We try to solve our issues with ballots, not bullets.

      “Imaginary boogeymen?” Who would that be? SOMEBODY caused a mob to run amok at the Capital and no, it was NOT Mark Zuckerberg.

      “The right is enjoying the show?”
      Actually the decent people on the right – many of whom have been supporting Trump with fervor – are not having any fun at all as the cold hard reality of what Trumpism boils down to – lies, bluster and violence – has forced its way into their awareness. You seem immune though.

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    2. RE: “I am amused, and occasionally disgusted, by the left but I am not afraid of them.”

      Right answer, but Prager is still correct.


      1. But again, what I wrote was that at present I see no need to take up arms. On the contrary, I am awaiting the greatest self destruction of the left in history, second only to the collapse of the Soviet Union.


    3. “…the right is enjoying the show.”

      Nice. I thought that was the case. Cheering on the killers wandering the halls of the Capitol with zipties looking for Congressmen and women to kill.

      I think I will puke now.

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        1. You haven’t a clue. do you?

          We may have the Senate, but there are a couple of red state Democrats that will certainly temper legislation. What we can do is get some judges appointed, maybe some roads built with jobs created, shore up the healthcare now that millions are in debt up to their asses, get the vaccine out faster now that Trump is gone, rejoin the alliances so we can challenge the Chinese, etc.

          Besides, Republicans have had their chances and screwed them up so badly, it will take years of Democratic run government to straighten out.

          And now this farce that proves the Republicans are nothing but a bunch of insurgents looking for a place to spin this attempt to overthrow the government. With some exceptions.

          I really have to laugh whenever I hear a Republican say now is the time for healing.

          Healing? Really?

          Repairing the damage will take time, but don’t give us this crap about pulling together now. You guys can go sit in the corner and pout, which is what conservatives do anyway, while we try to mend this mess you made.

          I guess we are going to be treated to insurrection attempts at 50 state capitals plus the inauguration.

          Thank you so much for your toadying to a dictator wannabe, by the way.

          Still puking.


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        2. First of all, Veritas is not.

          I will wait for the entire transcript, not the edited version.

          Also, the man was let go by PBS.

          If what he says is so, then he is a looney. Which both parties have. But only one supports violent overthrow of the government, Republican.

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          1. He was fired AFTER he was exposed. Hardly likely that was the first time he said that kind of stuff.
            they were fine with him until it went public.


  2. The so-called insurrection at the capitol was obviously an Antifa operation. You’ve got these raggedy thugs running around like they’re on meth, which they probably are. They clearly could not be Trump supporters because his people are polite, amiable, pleasant, law-abiding, etc.

    Here is a lot of good background on Antifa, especially about false flag operations.

    Their BS is so obvious, it wouldn’t survive except for one little problem. Our media is endlessly dishonest; lying is easy for them.


    1. “The so-called insurrection at the capitol was obviously an Antifa operation.”

      These Antifa operatives are very diligent. They have been posing as Trump loyalists on social media for years in preparation for this day. If nothing else, you have to admire how committed they are in their determination to steal your country from you. And they have their talons everywhere. How else to explain the FBI saying that Antifa had nothing to do with it. Then there is this traitor . . .

      By the way, in response to an article about education policy that was linked to the other day I warned readers that the author was a spreader of crackpot conspiracy theories. I did not expect to be vindicated quite so quickly and directly. Thanks Bruce. True colors, man, true colors.

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    2. Why would ANTIFA work to overturn an election their side won?

      The FBI and other DOJ assets have already ruled this “theory” to be the usual anti-Democrat BULLSHIT. Yet here you are fertilizing crops like a farmer in March or April.

      If you posted this on any real SM site, you’re ass would be banned for a time. And deservedly so.

      The only “provocateurs” were the right wing morons who infiltrated and caused a lot of the violence during the social justice protests this summer.

      All confirmed by DOJ reporting and PROPERLY reported by the media.

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  3. So thousands storm the Capitol Hundreds get in. They viciously beat policemen over and over, dragging them down the steps, killing one. Everyone of those insurrectionists were Trump followers.

    And it is the fault of the left.

    The spin machine is in full reverse to match the revisionist history.

    Not enough people killed for conservatives evidently.

    Republicans have been fighting the concept of elections for years now. Perhaps they should all just resign their US citizenship and try again. I’ll bet most, if not all those traitors could not pass a citizenship test. They were fortunate to be born here and now they want to tear it all down putting gangs in charge.

    And to top it all off, the wingnuts are still saying it is all a false flag operation.

    The right is still in a bubble and refuse to see anything but their side. Thank you Newt.

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    1. Re: “this attempt to overthrow the government.”

      When does a leader or king try to overthrow his own government? This makes no sense. The Dems needed this colorful weirdness to disrupt the counting of the fraud, the stolen votes.

      Then the mendacious media discuss this thing as if it’s reality. No amount of evidence will prove fraud in the voting booth. But a smidgen of proof will confirm their fantasy for them.

      I think Trump has to do a better job of writing short versions of why this nonsense has been introduced into our world. History will record that this whole thing was a con played by Democrats. But Republicans let them get away with it.


      1. “When does a leader or king try to overthrow his own government? This makes no sense. ”

        Stupid question. Obvious answer.
        When the voters have thrown him out and he will lose his throne in two weeks.

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      2. “ When does a leader or king try to overthrow his own government?”

        Trump was trying to overthrow the new administration. Except he demanded that Pence break the law. Those gallows were for him as well as the chants “Hang Pence”.

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      3. “The Dems needed this colorful weirdness to disrupt the counting of the fraud, the stolen votes.”

        There was no fraud to be counted. Ask Bill Barr. Ask the election officials in the various states.

        Ask yourself, “What kind of bullshit can I come up with next?”

        Perpetuating the myth of voter fraud to the extent claimed by T**** and his enablers in Congress, the right wing media and LOOPY-As-Hell folks like yourself, is not only dangerous, it should be criminal.

        Granted you are entitled to your opinions. But when your opinions are based on lies, falsehoods and, for lack of a better word, complete and total BULLSHIT, your opinion is wrong on EVERY level.


      4. “I think T**** has to do a better job of writing short versions of why this nonsense has been introduced into our world”

        He introduced it, so it would be an autobiography. But it would be the shortest in history. 240 characters. Oh wait. He got de-platformed (rightfully so for his calls for insurrection). Guess it will have to be on a bathroom wall at whichever state or federal prison he ends up in for a time.


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