Norfolk FBI warned HQ of the looming Capitol attack the day before it happened.

If this is paywalled, the gist is that the Norfolk office of the FBI received information about the planned attack on the Capitol and shared it with the FBI headquarters the day before it happened. One of their social media intercepts included in their report is both chilling and informative . . .

“As of 5 January 2021, FBI Norfolk received information indicating calls for violence in response to ‘unlawful lockdowns’ to begin on 6 January 2021 in Washington. D.C.,” the document says. “An online thread discussed specific calls for violence to include stating ‘Be ready to fight. Congress needs to hear glass breaking, doors being kicked in, and blood from their BLM and Pantifa slave soldiers being spilled. Get violent. Stop calling this a march, or rally, or a protest. Go there ready for war. We get our President or we die. NOTHING else will achieve this goal.”

32 thoughts on “Norfolk FBI warned HQ of the looming Capitol attack the day before it happened.

      1. Is that not what the excerpt from the article says? That the violence was planned before Trump’s speech and this could not have been spurred by it?

        Are you just NOT seeing what you don’t want to see?


    1. None of that follows. Obviously.

      1. Military operations are carefully planned before the go or no go decision is made. Instead of sending the mob to the Capitol, Trump could have sent them home and made crystal clear that violence was off the table. He did the opposite.
      2. Some of the violence being pre-planned does not mean ALL the violence was pre-planned.

      3. The incitement was not just that one speech. It simply reinforced lies Trump had been spreading for weeks.

      Beyond inciting the riot Trump, took NO ACTION to stop it once it had begun. It was Mike Pence – fearing for his life – that finally shook free the National Guard.

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        1. The facts around this disaster are plain. Donald Trump has treated his followers to a constant stream of inflammatory LIES starting even before he lost the election. These LIES are believed and have the force of fighting words for certain kinds of low intelligence people. Thousands of such people, believing these inflammatory LIES, gathered in Washington on the day that Trump told them to gather to “Stop the Steal.” After an hour of even more inflammatory LIES and exhortations for them to be “strong” and to be ready to die and to engage in “trial by combat” or they would lose their country, he sent them to the Capitol to reverse the election. There they ran amok with violence, vandalism, theft and murder. (What you want to call “trespassing”)

          Based on these undisputed facts, Mr. Trump will likely be impeached again and leading members of his own party and cabinet are publicly declaring that he must be removed from office.

          And now you want to dismiss all this because some of these people came fully prepared for violence. And it is ME who is grasping at thin straws?

          I suppose making a fool of yourself like this is easier for you than admitting that your uncritical support of this seditious bastard has been beyond misguided. Pot committed I guess. Sad.

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          1. Yeah, how ridiculous. Trump worked for months/years to encourage them to do what they planned and did, but now it’s ONLY about that morning somehow.

            Talk about thin “straws”….

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    2. Do you honestly think those insurrectionists would have even bothered to show up if Trump didn’t command them to come and be “wild”. Then after listening to all the speeches about “combat”, “we are coming for you”, “strength”, “fight”, “shed blood like patriots” and the final invite to follow Trump to the Capitol to…do what?

      And even after the insurrection was put down, Giuliani contacts Hawley to keep stalling the count.

      Of course this is after 2 months of lies about fraud.

      Sorry, your hero is a traitor and his “army” is too.

      You want to take over the government by force, there is no doubt in my mind. It failed the first time, but you and your buddies will try again. They are cowards, of course. Beating up cops, killing at least one.

      And you and your buddies are trying to spin this as “what did you expect?”.

      Well, what we expect is to follow the law. The election was contested, legally. And there should be a way to do this. But after a few lower courts, appeals courts, federal courts, federal appeals court and SCOTUS-about 90 judges I believe-and they all said there was no credible evidence of fraud and that challenges to the regulations were not with standing. Which means the challenges can be brought again and see whether or not rules were not followed properly with some absentee ballots.

      Accepting those rulings is part of being a citizen of the US. If you are not satisfied, then lobby to change laws, appoint new judges when permissible, vote in legislators that agree with you.

      Bring scaffolds, zipties, helmets, climbing gear, etc. is what happens when we allow vermin to infiltrate our country. You and recalcitrant Republicans are effectively aiding and abetting violence.

      This was planned by Trump, Giuliani, Meadows, Jordan, Hawley and the rest of the right wing scum.

      If you are not outraged by this attempted overthrow of a duly elected administration you are part of the problem.

      It is that simple.

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      1. The Democrats are proceeding toward impeachment based on the speech given the day of the riot. The people who did the break in had prepared for it prior to the speech,

        Cause must precede effect.

        Has Trump been a whiney sore loser? Yep, and that is a disappointment, but it is not a crime.


    3. Naaa. Not buying that for a minute.

      Trump knew what was coming and had his speech ready to go as he sent his gang of marauders their job. He had the perfect send-off speech ready for them.

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          1. Laughable.

            So, he didn’t actually say, “Go beat and murder the police” so, gee, how is that incitement?

            He fed them an hour of egregious lies that would make ANY patriotic person’s blood boil with righteous anger if they really believed what they heard. Then he sent them to the Capitol to “Stop the Steal” in a “trial by combat” where they had been told they must be prepared to die if they wanted to “Save the Country.”

            Sadly, and now tragically, the intellectual deficits of Trump supporters are such that the thousands gathered on the day he appointed to “Save the Country” DID believe him. And acted accordingly.

            Don’t want to accept the truth from me? Try Lynn Cheney – number three Republican in the House. Of course, she represents the rabidly leftist state of Wyoming so why listen to her?

            “The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President. The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution”


            Nothing like a mob out for your blood to focus the mind.

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  1. I had my TV on in the kitchen and was watching CNN I think when the FBI’s agents were speaking. The memo one of them read from Norfolk’s agentsu was detailed and something that made my stomach flip.
    I stopped chopping parsley and just stared at the TV as I heard this from the end:

    “Go there ready for war. We get our President or we die. NOTHING else will achieve this goal.”

    This is not America.

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      1. You are right. That was just a warm-up act. That murderous jackass should also be expunged from the body politic and spend the next few years in jail to think about his crimes. By the way, did Trump do anything to dial back such rhetoric or the claim that it was time for “trial by combat?”

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      2. Soooo, you’re suggesting that all those red-maga-hats and Trump-faced-American-flags and Trump-related clothing, etc. was strictly coincidental?

        Twist yourself in all the knots you need to defend the sorry-assed DJT as much as you need to, but it does no good. He pushed for violence all along the way. We all saw it and heard it.

        He’s going down as the only president in our history to leave office in pure, unadulterated shame and dishonor. Not to mention the only president with 2 (TWO) ‘Impeachment Emmys’ on his mantle.

        Good flipping riddance.

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          1. Yep. All of the GOP members of Congress who mollycoddled, supported or backed T***** for the past 4 years are guilty because of that association. As are the members of the right wing media machine, and a couple of members of this forum.

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          2. That because a small minority of those who went to DC went with the premeditated intent to do violence, that does not make any of the others there, including Trump, culpable for their crimes.


          3. It took him until the next day and the COS holding a gun to his teleprompter reading skull before he said anything against the violence. And then had the temerity to say yesterday that many people saw his words as perfectly appropriate. Not s many as he thinks. Maybe Jared or Meadows. But not too many more – IMO


          4. Well, thanks for explaining what you meant. But that “pre-meditated intent to do violence” is the work of none other than Donald Trump. If you falsely repeat over and over again to low intellect people that their country is being stolen by evil forces they come to believe it and decide on violence as their only way to “Save the Country.”

            Your attempt to narrow down “incitement” to specific instructions in that specific speech is a dog that will not hunt. Politically or under the law. Read about the legal concept of “incitement to Imminent Lawless Action” here . . .


            You will find that “incitement” is a lot more complex than merely direct instructions to do illegal things.

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          5. “That because a small minority of those who went to DC went with the premeditated intent to do violence, that does not make any of the others there, including Trump, culpable for their crimes.”

            Maybe in your world, but I don’t see it that way.

            If they entered the areas where the protective border fencing was torn down – they broke the law.

            If they kept going and ended up breaking into or going through windows, doors and scaling walls to get into the building, they need to hear “LOCK THEM UP!”, since they broke the law.

            There was no need to go into the building once they saw what was going on – mainly people breaking into doors and windows that DID NOT have signs on them that said . . . ‘Welcome everyone. FIGHT YOU WAY IN and break into offices that you aren’t invited to be in.”

            If I had found myself in that position there is no way in the world I’d have crossed over that initial fence they tore down and entered the area around the building. I’m never the smartest person in the room, but trust me – there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell I’d have thought a gigantic bunch of people breaking into the building was an INVITE for me to . . .


            Sorry, but, these people deserve whatever punishment they get.

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          6. Those who broke in should be prosecuted, but that was a few hundred out of 100K or so who were there.

            And Trump wasn’t among them.

            That’s the thing. if people break the law, and claim they did it in Trump’s name even though he didn’t ask them to, that does not make him guilty.


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