Trump administration sees the light on vaccination

Azar seeks faster vaccination including 65 and older

Hopefully, there will be continuity with the Biden administration.

Azar called for release of withheld second doses and widening target group to include 65 and up. Offers Federal support for mass vaccination sites.

Now, to see if Northam follows suit or insists of going down with his wokeful ship.

9 thoughts on “Trump administration sees the light on vaccination

  1. Funny, wasn’t this what Biden was saying just a few days or a week ago. That we should release all the vaccines to get as many into people as quickly as we can.

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    1. Pretty much, though he didn’t say anything about 65 up. But I am hopeful there will be continuity and compliance by the states.

      This has been Azar’s position all along, I think he just needed Cuomo’s debacle with wasted vaccine to overrule the CDC.


      1. There is more information now

        Note that future allocations will not be based solely on population. States that fail to make effective use of the doses provided will get fewer doses in later allocations.

        Clinging to the incredibly complex and unworkable Phase 1b plan will result in Virginia being cut back.


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