Senator Ben Sasse calls out Republicans about the Jan. 6 circus.

“Let’s be clear what is happening here: We have a bunch of ambitious politicians who think there’s a quick way to tap into the president’s populist base without doing any real, long-term damage,”

Pretty much on the money.

16 thoughts on “Senator Ben Sasse calls out Republicans about the Jan. 6 circus.

  1. It’s all about the Benjamins.

    Plus, the reporting that Ted Cruz, under the guise of raising money for the GA runoff GOP candidates, is actually pocketing the finds for his own campaign.

    Then there is the defend the election fundraising by The Great Orange One where over 75% of the funds are going to his “leadership” PAC. Funny how a guy who has shown NO leadership in his four years has formed a post-administration PAC concerning leadership.

    The GRIFTERS just keep coming out of the closets.

    And the base is like a little old lady who just knows that Jimmy Swaggert and the like are going to save the world if they send their SS checks straight to hem…so they can fly in private jets and throw lavish parties … or have a drink on a private yacht with his pants undone. standing next to someone NOT his wife. (I wonder how Mike Pence felt about that one?): The cash just keeps flowing. And they don’t even see it coming.


  2. I hear there may be as many as 100 Republicans planning to object to Biden electoral slates on the 6th. The process allows them to do it, and they have a right to do it. I don’t see a problem.


        1. Playing with words again?

          We know we are not a democracy. We are a republic with democratically elected representation in Congress and the Executive head of state. Which is what Trump is trying to sidestep by stealing the election.

          (If someone doesn’t like that, wink,wink, then perhaps we should install a king. Trump lovers want that, so maybe we should go that route. But with a real man, not a petulant punk.)

          But most discussions about politics would call the Western industrial nations democracies because it is a convention in speech.

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          1. “You cannot love both America and democracy.”
            Complete nonsense. The Founders were indeed oligarchs but over the last two centuries we have come much closer to the democratic ideals that those founders betrayed. It is a simple fact that we are BOTH a republic AND a representative democracy.

            If the people do not have the last word on our political future, who does? You?

            My guess is that it is not democracy you hate. It is being a loser. And doubly so when the winners include so many of those “urban” people who no longer have to accept the unchallenged hegemony of old white men.

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      1. Right, You see no problem with politicians challenging the will of voters they disagree with. If the tables were turned your rhetoric would be the reverse of what you are saying here. You hate the idea of PEOPLE and CITIZENS exercising their right to vote…unless they vote for your candidate of choice.

        They may have a “right” to challenge the results. But it does not make it right to do so.

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  3. Interesting. I see an observation, two questions, and an opinion. Perhaps you may want to review the meaning of your Latin phrase prior to commenting.

    FWIW: there was nothing in your comment that was “debatable”. You stated facts and are entitled to see, or not, a problem with anything you wish…

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    1. RE: “I see an observation, two questions, and an opinion.”

      I see an observation that is personal in nature, two questions conveying personal insults, and an opinion that agrees with the insults. Perhaps YOU should study the Latin term you claim to know. Wikipedia has a good article on it.

      My comment is debatable on several grounds, if anyone here is smart enough to try. For example, I assert that it is fair game for the Congressmen to object to the electoral slates as they see fit. You, or anyone else, could try to make the case that it isn’t.

      But you don’t. You take the lowbrow approach of attacking another commenter.


      1. Sasse had it right. Hawley in particular is just prepping for a presidential run in 2024. The other GOP sycophants are scared of the president. And all of them are using a very dangerous precedent setting move to raise money and stop shivering.

        My comment was just trying to save words since you could not care less about the damage Trump is doing. So, of course, you cheer them on.

        The latest frivolous suits may make it to SCOTUS again. And they might put them on the regular schedule if at all. We have all had enough of this ego game. The president is AWOL in a deadly pandemic, a financial crisis, a domestic car bombing, a vaccine roll out, a massive and potentially crippling cyber attack on his administration. And all we hear is lawsuits, threats, insults about the election and complaints about magazine covers. Oh, and calls for violence on January 6. Unless “wild” means cocaine and naked folks.

        So there you go. The above is “of course you do” with water added and some assembly.

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      2. “I assert that it is fair game for the Congressmen to object to the electoral slates as they see fit.”

        Yes you did, and it is a fact, and ergo, as I stated, not debatable.

        What in the hell are you going on about? You were not attacked, just corrected,

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        1. His feelings got hurt just like Trump’s once all the votes were counted. Now he lashes out because of it, instead of accepting the fact he is wrongheaded in his thoughts. Not to mention one of the biggest hypocrites here.

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