Another reason for that drone strike

Reason: Distillers hit with fees

Early in the pandemic, we were short on many supplies. One of those was hand sanitizer.

Small, craft distilleries stepped up because we asked them to, making sanitizer instead of booze. The FDA then required them to denature the alcohol so people couldn’t drink the sanitizer and avoid paying sin taxes on booze. That meant that their equipment would be contaminated, requiring the replacement of plastic and rubber parts and chemical cleaning of metal parts at great expense.

Now, the FDA has billed each of these craft distilleries for over $14,000 to register as drug manufacturers.

And thanks for answering the call when we needed you, now pay up.

11 thoughts on “Another reason for that drone strike

  1. According to WaPo, which had actually gotten in touch with some officials, the likelihood of anyone having to pay is minimal. FDA was constrained by law, particularly in the first CARES act for some reason.

    Congress is the relief, not an out of control bureaucracy.

    Yes, it was a screw up. But apparently so is the whole vaccine distribution and implementation program. At best the administration over promised and under delivered. At worst, it is business as usual for an unprepared administration.

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    1. To date, Virginia has received 284,000 doses of vaccine from the Federal Government, but has administered only 24,000.

      That doesn’t sound like a Federal screw up to me.


      1. The states may be a logjam for a variety of reasons. Funding, personnel, etc. The concern is we are again letting states sink or swim in a national crisis.

        We’ll see. If the rest of the first world is inoculated while we are still contesting an election next year, then perhaps we can learn something.

        It will be in Biden’s corner after inauguration when he can start the transition.

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        1. No, Virginia is in a logjam because Northam wants to have things both ways so he does nothing.

          Virginia has had 8 months to prepare yet the Dept of health still hasn’t publicly said who will be included in Phase 1b.

          So they can’t finish Phase 1a and admit they lack the courage to face whichever group will be slighted. Northam promised transparency, but he still won’t say who is next in line, seeking to pass the buck to nameless bureaucrats in the CDC. He’s the governor. Will be be DeSantis or Cuomo?


        2. The lack of support in personnel and other resources is one of the issues this administration failed to prepare for. Just like at the beginning, the administration left it to the states and offered ZERO support or guidance.

          Nurses, who provide the hands on care required of patients in hospitals that are at or near capacity cannot be pulled from that care to innoculate those in line for the vaccine. A little bit of NG or actually reasonable assistance from the national military structure would go a long way to get shots in arms.

          Leadership: Lacking from the government since January 2017. TO return in 19 days.

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          1. The States have been on notice that they would be distributing the vaccines when they became available for 8 months.

            That is as our Constitution provides.

            The Military has seen to it that the vaccines were delivered to the States, and some, like Oklahoma, have distributed over 90% of the vaccines they received. Virginia is under 10%

            Do you think Trump provided guidance to those states but not to Virginia?

            Or could be that Northam has too many constituencies elbowing their way to the front of the line and he is paralyzed in inaction?


          2. Your hatred for Dems blinds yo to the reality of most things. There has been ZERO leadership or responsiveness form this administration. But your hatred for any and all things Democratic drives you to blindness.

            Resources to assist in getting shots into arms is the issue. I suppose you would be ok if one of your loved ones was not given proper treatment because his/her nurse was pulled out to perform vaccinations.


          3. Why, with 8 months notice, wold the states need Mommy Washington to help them with a basic public health function. And, where would Washington magically get the extra nurses anyway? Force General Motors to manufacture them?

            Oklahoma and Connecticut seemed to manage just fine, administering over 90% of the vaccine delivered. So, why is Virginia, with hospitals at capacity in some areas, under 10%?


          4. OK and CT don’t have the total population COMBINED of VA. Numbers inly matter to you when they support your viewpoint.

            Some areas at capacity. Sure great. THose areas probably have more idiots who don’t wear masks.

            If a hospital is at capacity, where are the health care workers going to come from to administer the vaccine? Are they magically going to appear out of some unicorn’s backside?


          5. And you think the Federal Government Unicorn’s backside is better prepared to create nurses?

            Some problems cannot be solved by hitting them with a bag of money.

            And of the hospitals and healthcare workers are overburdened, whose fault is that other than those who have chosen to vaccinate preferred cronies ahead of those who are likely to need hospitalization?

            Northam has guaranteed the problems will persist until June. Texas and Florida will be back to normal before we even reach peak.


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