Britain leads the way?

AstraZeneca vaccine in April??

How did it happen that bureaucratically mired Great Britain is doing everything right and we are doing everything wrong?

Maybe it’s because they have the memory of what it is actually like to be at war.

Will we at least have the sense to follow as they show the way?

A couple of months ago, AstraZeneca was on track to be the first vaccine approved in the US, but then it had the misfortune to work better than expected, being more effective at a lower dose. Faced with this wonderful news, the FDA sent it back to Phase 3 testing, delaying it until April.

It is saving lives in Britain today.

Vaccine Priority in Britain

Britain is prioritizing vaccination based on a straight maximum lives saved criteria. No favoritism, no politics, just saving lives.

The US, and Virginia in particular, is using the vaccine to pay off favored supporters and assuage white guilt, at the certain cost of tens of thousands of lives(many, of course, elderly Blacks)

Britain prioritizes first doses

As we discussed here, Britain is focusing on getting the first dose to as many possible as quickly as possible, rapidly reaching herd immunity and preventing serious outcomes for as many as possible as they go.

So, Britain is leading, will we at least have the brains to follow? What they are doing is going to work, and it is going to work very quickly. It will be clear by the beginning of February,maybe even sooner, that their fatalities and hospitalizations are plummeting.

At that point, will the FDA see the light, or will it insist on going down with its overcautious ship.

President Trump, if you are listening, it’s not too late for that drone  strike.

12 thoughts on “Britain leads the way?

  1. “President Trump, if you are listening…”

    Therein lies the problem. Unless you are talking about voter fraud, familial pardons or golf, he is not interested.

    I suspect the leadership in the UK is a lot more engaged in the COVID crisis.

    I can’t recall a president just disengaging from his job. Not a mention of the cyber attacks, the surge in the virus, running out of ICU’s, a major bombing in Nashville…crickets.

    I still think that a president could have sat down with his COVID team, the drug companies, the FDA, CDC and all the other departments he is responsible for that might move this vaccine along. He should have done this 5 or 6 months ago when the OWS deals were being worked. And in the meantime, made sure that supplies and personnel were allocated where needed. We still have shortages of both and in big surge areas, we are in a crisis mode beyond just testing results.

    We are in a “war”, which even Trump admitted in March by kicking around the idea of being a wartime president.
    (Good thing we are not or we might be speaking Chinese today.) And that means we don’t just do a few things and then let the states sink or swim on their own.

    So blame the FDA if it makes you feel better. But the rest of us would like to have an accountable president who treats the COVID issue like the crisis it is. Honestly, if he put as much effort into that as he is in trying to steal the election, we might be a lot better off.

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      1. Two things.

        Hard to ignore the 500 pound do nothing Moron President in the room.

        And the FDA is going to be its sloooow moving self without the Moron intervening.

        Do you see the problem??

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      2. Hey, you brought up Trump by asking him if he was listening.

        My contention is that he is not listening. He is completely disengaged.

        You don’t have an advocate in the FDA. Your advocate for action is in the White House.

        If you think he is not in a position to get stuff done that he really wants to, you are in a fantasy land.

        I wrote yesterday that he tossed out regulations, changed immigration rules, shifted monies around to his favorite projects. You say that is all wonderful. But then you say he can do nothing about HHS and its two subsidiaries that he has appointed directors for.

        Which is it. Just grumbling about the FDA or charging the man we elected to do more?

        Get out of your bubble and try to see more clearly what most of us are already suffering through.

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      3. …”will we spend all our time trying to destroy Biden?”

        I suspect some here might. THere has just been too much failure by Trump at the end to get to Biden yet. nI expect as soon as something on the national security front goes wrong, Biden-haters will come out of the woodwork and conveniently forget that the peaceful transition of power that we come to expect has been derailed by Trump-appointed toadies in Trump’s version of the “deep state”.


  2. RE: “Britain is prioritizing vaccination based on a straight maximum lives saved criteria. No favoritism, no politics, just saving lives.”

    Only if you believe what you read. Britain has also announced a new strain of the virus that — everyone says — changes everything.

    So, “first doses first” may be good science, but the “fear first and forever” narrative remains viable.


    1. Well, if you don’t want to take the vaccine because you think this is fear mongering, please don’t. No really, please don’t. Save it for someone who deserves it.

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    1. Our vaccination program is government run too. There is no free market option.

      The difference isn’t about our health care systems, it’s about the wokeness that infects our bureaucracy.


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