Karma is not just a river in India.

 Texas Lt. Governor welches on  million dollar reward for exposing voter fraud in PA. Registering and casting ballots for the deceased is apparently not fraud in Texas if voting for Republicans. So we need to be gentle in rebuke for the ignorant. 

14 thoughts on “Karma is not just a river in India.

  1. I like PA’s Lt. Gov. everything he speaks he makes me smile. Seems like “dead” people voting has been a popular complaint by some here on the forum to complain about Biden’s win.

    I guess the “whataboutisms” can now begin.

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    1. The president is calling for a “wild” time on January 6. Proud Boy yellow bellies will be in full regalia, although they cannot stay at their usual hotel since it will be closed for the occasion. Republican congressional toadies will fall all over themselves to please Trump and his supporters.

      And yet, the only fraud is by Republicans. Before, during and after the election.

      The “Tea Party” is so aptly named, not for 18th century patriots, but for a “Carrollian” fantasy in which up is down.

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  2. One vote? I’m amazed by what you think is important.

    Is it not important that in 5 battleground states, executive branch and judicial branch officials changed the rules of the election without the consent of the legislature, violating their own state constitutions and the US Constitution?

    You may think those changes served a good purpose, and the courts may not see fit to disenfranchise the voters who participated in those unlawful elections in good faith, but it remains a black and white fact that those elections were held unlawfully.

    Further, those changes made it easier to conceal fraud. Election laws requiring ID, witnesses, and signatures were written that way to protect against fraud, and officials unlawfully skipped those procedures. That does not prove that fraud occurred, but it makes it impossible to know if there was fraud or not, so a significant part of the population will never believe the election was honestly won, and that includes a lot of people on your side who are chuckling because they think they got away with it,

    In addition to the unlawful changes to the rules by fiat, even the relaxed rules were ignored, with documents required for audit destroyed and chain-of-custody documents “lost.”

    So, even if Biden won without the need for fraud, he will forever be under suspicion.

    We can’t trust the election, We can’t trust the press which concealed unfavorable facts from the voters prior to the election, we can’t even trust the search engines we rely on to look for truth because we now know they participated in manipulating public opinion for partisan purposes.

    So, Biden will get into the White House but his Democrat machine has behaved so corruptly in getting him there that the country will be ungovernable.

    But one guy, not connected with any campaign, votes for a dead relative, and that’s what you see as important.


    1. Well said. The liberal goggles are very narrow but full of smug satisfaction that the truth will never be known. That, apparently, is reason to gloat instead of honesty…


    2. Unbelievable.

      Classic Trump fan denial of the facts.

      50 courts, including SCOTUS, plus officials, legislators, governors, have all decided that the changes were legal, that no fraud has taken place (except by Republicans). Just you, Trump fans and some looney lawyers say they know better.

      You declare fraud, that the press was complicit in the fraud, that the Democrats acting corruptly.

      I am afraid you are part of the problem.

      If things turn violent on January 6 because Trump is encouraging it and the Proud Boys, like modern brown shirts, revel in drunken rioting, you will probably say “I just didn’t know”. Or more than likely, it was BLM and Antifa all along.

      Gingrich is mighty proud of you, Trump supporters and others that just want to destroy us in favor of some autocratic Messiah. After all, he has been working that angle for 3 decades.

      It took a while, but ignorance will win out. It always has and always will. So you can relax. You are probably on the side of the autocracy that Trump leads.

      Truly amazing, and shameful.


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      1. Please show me a cite that SCOTUS has ruled that the administrative changes to the voting rules were legal.

        Courts have rejected suits on standing and other legal technicalities, and have denied there was evidence that there was sufficient fraud to change the outcome, but as far as I know, neither SCOTUS or any other appellate court has ruled it was legal for executive branch officials to change the election laws.


        1. There have been no LEGITMATE suits backing you stance. Trump’s lawyers went only for the fraud angle, not the legitimacy of changes made in SEVERAL states, not just the battlegrounds. The challenges need to be filed against any and all states that made COVID related changes to their rules.

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        2. At least 30 states, including Trump territories, changed the voting procedures for the pandemic and the high volume of expected votes.

          So why just attack the swing states?

          Because Trump lost.

          I still think the votes in Texas and Florida would have gone Biden’s way had not the governments suppressed the votes in advance. Or cheated. Or lied.

          But according to Trump fans, that is just fine because they “won” those states.

          Really, Don, you are parroting the party line for Trump. The elections was clean, above board, checked and re-checked.

          You have no evidence to the contrary. BTW, many of the court lawsuits were evidentiary hearings, including one that lasted 9 hours going over the lying postal workers affidavit that ballots were backdated.

          He recanted, then tried to change his story again.

          So evidence was heard and ruled on as being crap.

          The legal theory about unconstitutional changes is just that. Theory. Challenges made after the results of an election, and only in the states Trump lost, is sour grapes and the courts ruled just that.

          If Trump fans want another constitutional challenge, they can go for it. And like Brown v. Board of Ed, and a myriad of other rulings, the law will change, but the results of the bad law, if it were the case, stands.

          On top of all this, we now know that Trump did not lose in the cities. He gained there. He lost in the suburbs, particularly to the split ticket voters who tired of the drama queen in the White House.

          So not only are you wrong, but by still touting fraud and corruption you are creating the atmosphere that Trump wants. Division and violence.


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          1. “So why just attack the swing states?

            Because Trump lost.”

            No, because in order to have standing, you have to show you were harmed,

            Trump CAN’T sue in the states where he won, he has no standing to do so.

            If you want the results in those states challenged, you do it.


      2. The goal posts keep getting shifted. And not just front to back from one field to the other. All we heard from Trump and his toadies was “fraud, fraud fraud” (Akin to Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi”).

        Trump lost and his supporters such as Don, bobr and JTR just can’t stand the fact the AMERICAN PEOPLE spoke and the majority of them spoke the phrase “Throw da bum out!”

        No proven fraud by Democratic voters; only those that were voting for Trump. Oh, and ya know what else: THEY GOT CAUGHT! That means that the system works just fine, thank you.

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    3. ” . . . he will forever be under suspicion.”
      Only by effing idiots and by diehard fascists who hate democracy.

      “But one guy, not connected with any campaign, votes for a dead relative, and that’s what you see as important.”

      That is NOT when Len thinks and you know it. What he thinks – if I can be so bold – is that Texas Lt. Governor Patrick is a typical Trump jackass full of hot air, bluster and broken promises. Is THAT important? Not particularly, but good for another laugh at the expense of these losers.

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    4. “So, Biden will get into the White House but his Democrat machine has behaved so corruptly in getting him there that the country will be ungovernable.”

      That’s more than a little chuckle-worthy, you must know.

      Really? Just how freaking ‘governable’ has America been with the corrupt, eliterite d- head and his gang that’s in the WH now?

      Maybe you were making a joke and it just parted my hair. It happens some time.

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