I guess it was inevitable

Vaccine diversion

It appears that Parcare Health Services in NY fraudulently obtained vaccine doses on the pretext of needing them for front line health care personnel and sold them to preferred customers.

I don’t know how you prevent this kind of thing, but where there are favors to be sold, they will be.

6 thoughts on “I guess it was inevitable

  1. Evidence of what anyone with common sense already knows. The marketplace is full of criminals and con artists that – in some markets – can do great damage.

    Since you scoff at the “favors to be sold” I suppose your solution to the allocation of this particular resource would be to let the market do what these people tried to do – sell it to the highest bidder?


    1. You can’t blame the marketplace for the result of artificial constraints.

      If we had a free market in the vaccines, absent FDA constraints, the vaccines would have been available to those who judged the risk of the vaccine to be less than the risk of infection months ago. Those who preferred to wait and see what happened to those who went first would have been free to do so.

      But the current shortage that would drive the market price high(I’d cheerfully pay a thousand) would never have developed.

      One of the paradoxes of a free market in medicines is that the wealthy serve as lab rats.

      But with the vaccine producers free of the FDA, there would be a far wider supply to keep the prices down.

      Astra Zenica, for example, could be available now were it not for the fortunate accident of earning that a half dose first made the second dose more effective. Instead of running with that, the FDA made them go back and test again, delaying that supply by months.

      Get the bureaucrats out of the way, and the market will serve us just fine.


  2. I don’t care if some real stuff winds up on the black market just as long as no counterfeit stuff winds up at the Walgreen’s by my house. I keep thinking of that pharmacist who stole cancer chemotherapeutic by diluting his stock.

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