You can lead a horse to water…

WSJ :therapeutics not being used

We discussed this here earlier. The problem is that Health Depts  have discouraged Primary Care Physicians from treating COVID patients, instead telling them to send their patients home and to call the hospital only if they become severely ill. By the time they call the hospital, they are past the effective window for the monoclonal preparations.

PCPs need to be empowered to order these treatments without further consultation for their high risk patients. As a general rule, your PCP should always be your point of contact and specialists should report to the PCP.

4 thoughts on “You can lead a horse to water…

  1. In a sane world, the therapuetics would be almost as easy to get as a candy bar. We are generally too averse to risk.


  2. Human nature. The average person tends to the “I’ll be alright,” or “It’s not Covid,” in the critical hours. Denial, if you wish. Look at Trump. I guarantee you that it was everything he could do to make the helicopter, and his PCP was right there.

    But what is the window? The first guy to get these treatments was an Ebola patient, a doctor I believe, being given Last Rites.

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    1. The window would differ by the disease.

      In COVID, it is the cytokine storm by your own immune system that kills you, so antivirals have a short window to work in before the viral load is so heavy that the storm is triggered. The window can be up to 10 days from exposure, but you won’t test positive toll day 3 or 4 and get the results till day 5 to 7, so you have to act pretty quickly when you get the results.

      In Ebola, it is the virus itself that kills you, so antivirals will help up to the point that organ damage is too great for recovery.

      The problem in getting the antivirals used in COVID is that PCPs have been told they could not treat patients, only advise them as to when to go to the hospital. That’s what needs to change, whichever doctor administers the test that shows you are infected should send you immediately yo an infusion center for the treatment. By the time you are sick enough for the hospital, it is too late.


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