Sterling Harwood on COVID Bioweapon Hypothesis

Source: Unz Review.

Speculations that the Covid-19 virus is a man-made bioweapon have been circulating since the pandemic was announced. This one mentions some timeline factors in the written summary I hadn’t heard before. The audio is more of a rambling academic discussion loosely tied to the hypothesis.

I don’t hold any firm views on whether Covid is man-made, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

8 thoughts on “Sterling Harwood on COVID Bioweapon Hypothesis

        1. Bioweapons are not meant to be targeted, They are meant to spread as much destruction as possible.

          While I don’t buy COVID-19 as a bioweapon, it has proven to be pretty effective in death and destruction.


      1. RE: “Lack of effective targeting.”

        One might argue that’s a feature, not a bug, especially with a virus that is not particularly deadly to the young who spread it around. .


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