Texas and Florida buck CDC

Texas and Florida to prioritize high risk citizens

At least 2 states prioritize saving lives over wokeness.

Will Virginia follow?

19 thoughts on “Texas and Florida buck CDC

  1. I suppose the case could be made for inoculating those who are most likely to kick start the economy.

    Also, 25% of older Americans live in Florida, Texas and California with Florida having 20% of its population over 65. Texas and California have big populations if not the biggest percentages.

    So think voters for DeSantis and friends being older males and the drive to keep them alive is politically valuable to Republicans.

    And recall that both Florida and Texas were closer races than in the past. They need to keep the geezers kicking if they want to stay red.

    Or am my being too cynical?

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    1. Maybe so.

      But more likely, the governors of Florida and Texas just aren’t batshit crazy with wokeness.

      Before theorizing on how the economy could be boosted by protecting certain workers, first ask yourself why the economy is shut down?

      If COVID had come to America, and the result was that a lot of people missed a couple of weeks work, and maybe 1 in 10,000 of those who caught it needed hospitalization, and 1 in100,000 died, would we have closed the schools and locked down business?

      We might have asked people to take precautions, but absent the high death rate, we would never have shut down,

      Well, if we protect the small part of the population which does 85% of the dying, what we are left with is the version of COVID above, one that is a problem, but not an emergency.

      Stop the dying by protecting those likely to do so and the emergency is over and we can reopen.


  2. Wait. Wasn’t it the Texas Lt. Governor who said those 70 and over should sacrifice themselves for the economy and our young? Oh, but he was 69, too.

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        1. Nope.

          If it is used on the young first, hospitals will continue to be overwhelmed and the death rate will continue to climb, which will spur further economic restrictions.

          Time is money, but the time span that matters is how long it takes to eliminate COVID as a major cause of death.

          When the dying stops, the emergency is over.


          1. You’re forgetting a few things. The average population age takes a huge drop, the pent up wealth in the retirement system transfers to the next generation increasing their buying power and eliminating debt, and all that money is eligible for taxes over a shorter timeframe.

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          2. So, kill the elderly so you can get your inheritance sooner. That’s the plot of about 30% of TV murder mysteries.

            But if we let sociopaths set the policy, that would work.


  3. Frankly, I am baffled as to why this is a controversy.

    When you look at the CDC panel’s reasoning, their justification for prioritizing “essential workers” isn’t even economic. It is racial.

    “Essential workers” are disproportionately black and the elderly are disproportionately white. The preference is intended to make up for those disparities.

    So, they are willing to kill old people.both black and white, to even that out. More elderly black people will die, but disproportionately more whites will die, so they are willing to sacrifice them in the name of what Limbaugh calls ‘getevenism.’



  4. Va next? Fat chance!! Ralphie boy is cleansing the state of “white” history and still feels the need to atone for his blackface faux pas. Richmond is run by the woke and has Ralph’s ear.

    I had to show my wife the numbers on who is actually dying to make this more clear. The sad part is the young and healthy are the ones spreading it around without a care.


    1. I am holding out some hope that the Physician in Northam will overcome the politician.

      Also, on FOX News Sunday today, Admiral Brett Giroir, the HHS Vaccine Czar, twice went out of his way to mention that Texas and Florida had chosen to vaccinate the most vulnerable first and hinted that other states would be following suit.

      Sanity may yet prevail over wokeness.


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