All I could do this morning was SMH.

Charlie Sykes covers a lot of ground in this posting.

I suggest you take the time to digest what is being said by the old school conservatives who haven’t caved to the Trump machine.

12 thoughts on “All I could do this morning was SMH.

  1. Good post.

    For most of my life, I had heard from conservatives, including my Dad, that what this country needs is a businessman running the government.

    We got one, although his creds as a businessman are not based on success often attributed to entrepreneurial and innovative skills. Rather a win at all costs, (especially not his personally, of course) using courts as a bludgeon, top down “management” style. And for the most part, a failure.

    Sykes really laid bare what should be a shaming of Congress, Republicans in particular. Our three branches are supposed to protect against abuses by any of them. But particularly the presidency, which the founders were very wary of since they just shed royalty for a representative form of governance.

    And the businessman approach? Forget that. Government is not a business. It will be interesting to see how an experience politician can manage the administration and work with a semi-hostile Congress.

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  2. I have worked hard this year to correct some corners of my vocabulary. 99.999% of the time my verbal blurbs are/were no more than feigned outrage, only thrust outward for laughs.

    However, I started noticing how frequent they were showing up, and I decided to work on removing the over-the-top vulgarities (actually very dear friends.)

    It has not been easy because I love saying something that makes the most delicate of pristine Southern Bells double over in laughter when I miss a putt.

    Reading through the Sykes thoughts just now did not make me laugh, though. It made me feel the absolute reason we need these less-than-nice words, these obscenities – which is to stand up and scream, screech, whatever, when we know what we’re experiencing & living through is so horrendously unreasonable and UNACCEPTABLE we have to act differently ourselves.

    Sykes is correct – anyone who is surprised by Trump’s ignorance and lies at this point should just sit down, shut up and not make themselves appear any more ridiculous than they already are.

    Today, I welcome Charlie’s words. The scum-word, the cluster-word (and its f-ing side kick) and ALL of Charlie’s other anger-driven words are relief to me today. I feel his outrage and I thank him for helping millions of us to take deep breaths and silently mouth ‘OK, just 29 more days till America’s rebuilding begins.’ We hope.

    Trump heads to Florida today. Good. I hope America’s blood pressure can hold sturdy for 28 or 29 more days. Another news cycle like the past 24 hours will surely test my BP-meds.

    Kudos to Charlie Sykes – wow, I really needed what he shared today.

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    1. “merry Christmas” and the “F” word don’t really go together.“

      Really (?)) I have wished people Merry Christmas for years.

      However, you are an expert on “unhinged”…..

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      1. RE: “I have wished people Merry Christmas for years.”

        That’s too bad for you, I guess. Were you pretending to be a conservative, like Mr. Sykes?


        1. I guess by the current GOP standards I was “pretending” to be Conservative. Certainly my definition of conservative is NOWHERE to be found in this version of the GOP.

          Perhaps Charlie has reached the same obvious conclusion…

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        2. Are you saying that Mr. Sykes is no longer a conservative If that if that is the case, I might suggest you look into his background and his opinions of the pre-Trump past.

          Being anti-Trump does not make one a pretend conservative; it makes one an old school, stick to his principles, not selling his soul to the devil, conservative. Something that is quite lacking in the halls of Congress and many other places these days.

          And Trump demanding $2,000 payments to folks is conservative? Wow. Need to go back and re-write the definition of that. It actually sounds quite SOCIALIST to me. But that’s just me.

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          1. Sanders championed $2,000 payments last spring. It would cost about $70 billion.

            There are millions of people facing evictions and foreclosures. $600 is not going to help much.

            The economy is stalled despite the Dow. By the time we get the vaccine it will be about a year of harsh economic conditions. With or without lockdowns, people are not traveling, eating out or attending theaters, concerts, etc.

            Hard line conservatives are convinced that if people aren’t starving or freezing on the streets they won’t go back to work. COVID or no COVID. Yet our consumer driven GDP will not rebound until the spenders, low and middle income, start spending. Yachts are a nice addition to the economy, but tiny.

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          2. RE: “I might suggest you look into his background and his opinions of the pre-Trump past.”

            I don’t care about his background. The measure I chose to apply is mixing “Merry Christmas” with the “F” word. Try to imagine Barry Goldwater doing that and maybe you’ll get the point.


    1. And pro-Trumpers are idiots, thieves and corrupt morons.

      You are kidding about Sykes. One does not need a unicorn-believing Libertarian, such as yourself, to be an old school conservative.

      You ate from the fruit of the Trumpian Tree of Corrupt Lying and idiocy and you now are suffering from the effects.


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