How did Trump do it?

COVID Deaths in Europe

A question for those seeking to blame President Trump for all 300K+ deaths in the US.

Europe has roughly the same population as the US, with a lower proportion of more vulnerable minorities, yet they have seen 500K deaths.

So, how is Trump responsible for those deaths in Europe?

16 thoughts on “How did Trump do it?

  1. “France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Russia” accounted for 60%. Also, the population of Europe is nearly twice ours plus Russia which is listed in the Reuters article. About 750,000,000, with Russia being 144,000,000.
    And Europe is one of the densely populated regions in the world.

    They were all also the highest counts early on, especially Spain and Italy.

    Yes, they have a lot of deaths. How many sovereign governments are involved compared to our one? Hard to shutdown Belgium if you are in France. The borders are porous, public transit is the norm and political differences are a big deal

    How many told their people that the virus was no worse than the seasonal flu, or the common cold as repeated day in and day out by the Trump surrogates? It is these lies that helped do in your man.

    I contend that we should be doing a whole lot better than Europe.

    I know, it is the CDC and FDA, not the president, so there is that.

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      1. Yeah, right. And I was maybe referring to the EU which is not the same as Europe.

        But maybe you have accidentally seen evidence of Trump’s failure in this? Ready to stop making excuses for him? 100K extra deaths is pretty significant, don’t you think?

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      2. That is funny. Because until I decided to actually check the population, I had been going by posts you had made in the past that the populations were about the same.

        Oh well, now we both know.

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  2. LOL! Leave it to you.
    So truthy – “Europe has roughly the same population as the US.”
    But completely false.

    The region “Europe” reported by Reuters is based on the UN Definitions of regions. The population of these countries is 748 million, more than DOUBLE the population of the United States (332 million)

    If our deaths to date were at the same rate as in Europe (500,000/732,000,000) we would have 222,000 deaths. Our actual number today is 323,000. This is one measure of how deadly Trump’s mismanagement has been – 101,000 more deaths than if we were only as good as Europe. And, BTW, don’t blame it in “urban” people. We have a much younger demographic profile than Europe so such factors wash.

    Assuming you are not deliberately lying, the lesson here is to look a little deeper when a “fact” is both surprising and fits too closely with what you really, really want to believe.

    And, again with the straw man. NOBODY is “seeking to blame President Trump for all 300K+ deaths in the US.” But the FACT is his policy of LYING about the virus, refusing to lead people to mask up and his encouraging resistance to state and local lockdown orders is the cause of a very significant portion of them.

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  3. RE: “So, how is Trump responsible for those deaths in Europe?”

    He can’t be, obviously. But neither is he responsible for any Covid deaths in the U.S.

    I challenge anyone to show a verifiable cause-and-effect chain linking any specific Covid death in the U.S. with something Trump has done.


    1. You “challenge” is asinine. If you do not know what that means, look it up.

      Epidemiology is a statistical science. It is about probabilities. Tens of millions of people refusing to wear masks in the midst of an airborne pandemic is CERTAIN (in the same way that it is certain that the air in your den will remain spread throughout it) to cause extra cases and therefore extra deaths.

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        1. Mr. Roberts, we live in a quantum Universe. There is no such thing as “certainty” in nature. Only things that are highly probable. Thus my reference to the air in your den. It is highly probable that it will stay breathable for you but it would not violate any natural law if it were to all leave the room and leave you to suffocate. THAT is the context of the probability that I am referring to. It is as close to certainty as we can get that Trump has caused many, many thousands of deaths with his actions and inactions.

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          1. “That’s only one possibility. There are others. So, I call Bullshit.”

            Congratulations on your new level of Goofy Counterfactual Obtuseness! It is not just an easily proven fact that you flatly deny. Now you deny the core reality of the world we live in. Simply amazing!

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    2. Meanwhile Trump may be paving the way for serious problems.

      A megadonor is paying for bogus investigations to prove fraud in the elections. Case in point is the assault on a HVAC repairman supposedly bringing in 750,000 bogus ballots signed by Hispanic children from Texas.

      WTF are Trump supporters certifiable?

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