Take care what you wish for

The Hill: Biden’s Looming Disaster

Sometimes, when a dog chases a bus, the worst thing for him is that he catches it.

President Obama benefited from boarding the ship at low tide and getting credit for it rising. Biden will enjoy no such benefit.

The economy is rebounding from what nearly everyone has come to see as a Black Swan.

Operation Warp Speed is handing off a victory over the virus as a fait accompli.

The world is at relative peace, middle east peace appears to be finally at hand.

From any objective measure, there is no where to go but down, and the policies his radical wing of his party are pushing on him will guarantee the fall will be precipitous.

This is going to be fun to watch.

63 thoughts on “Take care what you wish for

  1. RE: “This is going to be fun to watch.”

    A Deplorables Effect will be a factor, too. Every excess of the Biden/Harris constituency over the last four years will be replayed in reverse from sneering at the administration in public to runs at impeachment.


  2. “…fun to watch”

    My oh my are you gleeful about the problems our country is facing thanks to four years of Trump’s incompetence, indifference and outright corruption.

    “President Obama benefited from boarding the ship at low tide and getting credit for it rising.”
    This bullshit is something you never tire of repeating. Your memory is very selective. If President Obama had been as stupid and as incompetent as either his predecessor or his successor the Great Recession would have become the Second Great Depression. He restored confidence and – over the opposition of the disloyal – used the government to kickstart the economy. That recovery was NOT written in the stars.

    The economy IS poised on a precipice. Thanks Trump! It has been propped up FROM THE BEGINNING by Trump’s massive and ill-advised deficits. Almost $4 Trillion in the red this year alone. A new record. By far. As soon as the Democrats are in charge, Moscow Mitch will rediscover that our most pressing problem is debt.

    “Middle East peace seems to be finally at hand.”
    Uh, no. The pandemic may have caused a lull in the fighting but the fundamental issue – Likud aggression – has not been resolved. And, thanks to Trump’s policy of sticking his thumb in Obama’s eye on everything, we have a lot of fence mending to do with Iran. And now our “ally,” Saudi Arabia, is run by a murderous megalomaniac.

    “Operation Warp Speed” started well but is going out on a note of bickering and incompetence. Trump taking credit for the rapid development IN GERMANY and the UK of new vaccines is an example of his trademark self-serving self aggrandizement. The country has been put on an arc of illness, death and dislocation JUST as Trump planned in the quest for a miracle level of “herd immunity.” It WILL get worse and you will be blaming President Biden. Without a doubt.

    “Radical” is a word with meaning. It is not just an epithet. Those “radical” policies that you hope will fail somehow are mainstream. Your brand of government passivity when suffering is widespread is what is actually “radical.”

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    1. See, it’s fun already,

      Elections, even stolen ones, have consequences,

      You succeeded in replacing an administration intent on reaching for the stars with one obsessed with reaching for someone else’s wallet.

      You were carried over the finish line by a press ans tech sector intent of destroying Trump and protecting Biden from the truth about his family’s corruption.

      But that can’t be hidden forever, and it will no longer be possible to blame Trump for the consequences of Biden’s inept ideologues plan to destroy capitalism.

      So, I will sit here chuckling and enjoying the show as everything you think you won turns into ashes.

      The country will recover, but it needs a reality check from reality to get there, and it’s going to get it.


      1. Enjoy your fun.

        But really, there is no Law of the Universe that says being an old man has to make you a bitter old man. Or that losing has to make you a sore loser. Or that you have to despise people who are not like you. Those are choices that you are making for yourself.

        Your original post and your response are full of doctrinaire nonsense and very silly Trump adulation. “Reaching for the stars?” Really?

        You assert several “facts” for which there is no evidence.
        The election was NOT stolen. It was won. Fair and Square. Get over it.
        The “tech sector” gave Trump free rein. In fact, too much latitude to spread his lies.
        The real free press reported on what Trump said and did. Bad for Trump? Sure.
        There is no evidence that Joe Biden is corrupt. Plenty that Trump is.
        There is no plan to destroy capitalism, only to save it from its own excesses. Just as FDR did.

        It is VERY clear from the nonsense that you seem to believe that it is YOU that is in desperate need of that reality check.

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        1. You’re going to talk to me about bitterness?

          You’ve been bitter throughout every administration since we’ve been here.

          In any case, I’m not bitter, I intend to have a great deal of fun(assuming Northam doesn’t succeed in killing me paying off his debt to his base)


          1. I cop to anger, not bitterness. Anger based on the reality of a incompetent, indifferent and dishonest huckster in the White House is not “bitterness.”

            The beginning of wisdom is to know thyself. What you constantly exhibit and double down on today can only be taken as the fulminations of a bitter old man who despises everyone who is not like him or who does not share his cockeyed world view.

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          2. “I am not worried.”

            So, you are saying “What? Me worry?”

            Magic is not real. The reality is that the very bad path that we are on NOW cannot be changed in six months no matter how good or bad the policies of the Biden administration turn out to be. I expect things to get worse before they get better. Especially if we end up with McConnell in power. So, for sure, you will have many problem areas where you can falsely blame Biden and “socialists.” I suppose THAT is the fun you are chuckling about.

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        2. Oh, sheeeeesh!!! Your side has been stomping their feet and screaming and yelling with bitterness for 4 YEARS and YOU cried the loudest!!! You make me laugh too much with your idiotic nonsense. At least it is entertaining though…


          1. No PROVEN collusion, which isn’t even a legal term. (Hey, if Mr. Roberts can play semantics games we all can.)

            There was PROVEN Russian interference, but you appear to be just fine with that because your guy won.

            And I did back off of the conspiracy charge because nothing was proven except the incompetence of the Trump campaign, transition, and eventual presidency.

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          2. “There was also no Russian Collusion”

            Nonsense, of course.

            There were dozens of documented contacts between various members of Team Trump and agents of Russia. There was the sharing of campaign polling data so that Russia could better target its misinformation campaign. There was the funneling of Russian money through the NRA to Trump’s campaign. There was hacking of private correspondence by Russia with the stolen materials passed to Wikileaks and WikiLeaks coordinating with the Trump campaign how and when to use them. There was the infamous meeting with agents of the Russian government in the Trump tower about their delivering “dirt” on Clinton. That meeting ALONE justifies the use of the non-legal term “collusion.”

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      2. “You were carried over the finish line by a press ans tech sector intent of destroying Trump and protecting Biden from the truth about his family’s corruption.”

        1) I didn’t know Bill Barr was in either of those sectors.

        2) I guess Fox news isn’t anti-Biden enough for you.

        3) it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the ineptness of the Trump admin’s response to the pandemic. Which now includes a million or so doses of the vaccine sitting in Pfizer’s warehouse because OWS ended with development and didn’t include distribution. (Which I was very read to give credit for. Now states are reportedly being shorted by 30-40% of what they were initially told they would be receiving.)

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        1. Pfizer elected to use its own distribution program instead of participating in the OWS route supervised by the military.

          From the little information I have been able to find, it appears that some of Pfizers shipping containers were too cold and the lots were pulled back for testing to determine if overcooling damaged them.

          If there is something else, please provide a cite.


    2. RE: “fun”, what a strange and sad form of sour grapes.

      It will be a struggle dealing with all of the issues ignored by the outgoing Administration, but I’ll be rooting for success not failure.

      What a pathetic post.

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      1. What is pathetic is that for 4 years the press and the urban elites have made every effort and told every lie to obstruct Trump’s agenda, and even so, it has been successful.

        Root for success all you want, there is no example form history that Biden’s proposed policies will produce anything but poverty and oppression.

        It seems every generation has to have it’s little flirtation with socialism, or at least the politics of envy. It takes a dose of reality to correct that attitude, and my wish(and my intent to narrate it) that the lesson be quick, clear and as painless as possible is really wishing the best for this country, as quickly being dissuaded of this poisonous ideology is the best outcome at this poiint.


        1. The general tone of those who were hoping for a change in Administration has been more relief than “ha ha you lost, we won”. So I’m surprised at the “oh yeah, just wait and see!”juvenile reaction.

          As for your attempt to make a point about the evils of anything resembling democratic socialism I’ll wish you luck on your island.

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          1. You know, if you were at all confident that Biden’s policies were what the country needs, shouldn’t you be the ones sitting back smiling waiting to be proven right?

            Why am I the one chuckling while you go crazy?


          1. I will give Biden all the respect and deference you showed President Trump.

            But success for the country requires the defeat of the so-called progressive movement.


          2. “But success for the country requires the defeat of the so-called progressive movement.”

            BULLFEATEHRS (On of my favorite MASH episodes was on last night). Your damning of progressive policies that saved this country post 2008 is tiresome. You see no good in anything that brings this country forward, makes the world a safer more vibrant place, or works to provide positive policies for ALL Americans, not just you. You condemn it all because you THINNK they might be bad.

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          3. You are talking about trickle down policies that have failed the past 3 GOP administrations. You are getting confused in your laughing state.

            And it is TALE.

            Biden won because of his moderate stances. He will take advice, but he will do what is right for the country, not himself or the radicals on either side.


          4. Trump did nothing to earn the respect normally offered to any President, regardless of party. He denigrated the office, made the country an international laughing stock, and attacked the institutions and democratic processes of this country. Tell me what exactly I am supposed to respect about any of that.

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          5. Biden is certainly NO Progressive (hell h’d be a REPUB in another time.

            I’m understanding how you’ve lost those you consider Libertarian in Name Only (LINO?).

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  3. “ The economy is rebounding from what nearly everyone has come to see as a Black Swan.”

    Except for the expected millions of evictions and foreclosures, the states, red and blue, which are broke and the vaccine roll out already hitting distribution snags.

    This is what Biden is taking over. Just like Obama inherited a near, but for his efforts, total collapse of the world economy.

    Interestingly, the glee you express that people will lose their homes and savings while facing a pandemic is very telling.

    Not in a good way.

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    1. People would not be losing their homes had Pelosi not held relief for small businesses hostage trying to get bailouts for cities Democrats had run into the ground long before COVID showed up.


      1. With all due respect, all cities are going to be in dire straits. That means pay for first responders among other services that people need.

        I suspect you will be thrilled to see Americans suffer as the new year arrives just to satisfy that hatred for the majority of your fellow countrymen.

        A very Trump move.

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          1. “on the way to bankruptcy BEFORE COVID emerged?“

            So punish them all instead of helping any State or municipality that was poorly managed?

            Logic thy name be …..

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          2. If you want to bail out cities that have been poorly managed and driven out their tax base with decades of abuse. then bring that up in Congress as a separate issue and make you case for doing so.

            But don’t hold people who have been ruined by something beyond their control hostage to that bailout.

            Besides, you can get hoarse telling a child not to touch a hot stove, but he only has to do it once to learn.


          3. McConnell is and always has been the obstruction.

            Dems had a bill last May. McConnell refused to even negotiate until September.

            Pelosi cut her bill by over a trillion, still no deal.

            So please, the lies about the election are pernicious enough. Now lies about who is obstructing the lifeline for millions.

            It just never ends.

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          4. Pelosi passed a Democrat wish list of bailouts and new programs last May, knowing it would never be heard in the Senate.

            She wanted the issue, not the solution.

            And the part she agreed to cut was the worthwhile part, not the bailouts. And don’t forget the biggest obstacle is the payoff to the Trial Lawyers Association.


          5. Why did McConnell wait until September to even offer negotiation? Then come out with a bill so tiny it would have done little to help workers.

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          6. You know the answer.

            Pelosi would not negotiate with McConnell. preferring to go to Mnuchin for talks. McConnell said he would bring any deal they reached to a vote.


          7. You really mean that Pelosi HAD to go to the administration because McConnell was afraid to negotiate directly as the Constitution intended.

            But you knew that.

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          8. Add ons have been the bugaboo of legislation for a long time. Earmarks is the official word.

            The stimulus bill would be that problem if tossed in a bridge to nowhere. But from what I can see, everything is COVID19 related.

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          9. “And don’t forget the biggest obstacle is the payoff to the Trial Lawyers Association.”

            I suppose by that remark you are referring to the issue of yet another GOP supporter group being made exempt from liability for the harm they negligently cause others? Have I understood you?

            If so, uh, how is your vaunted “free market” supposed to work to protect people if there is no need for employers to meet the health and safety standards that insurance companies might impose? You know, that substitute for government regulation that you tout so often.

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          10. The liability protections are for businesses we told to stay open because we needed food and energy and such and who followed recommended safety precautions.

            The Trial Lawyers want to pick their bones in return for keeping us fed and safe.


          11. …”and who followed recommended safety precautions”

            Not really. If businesses that remained open followed the procedure for safety set out by the CDC, then they would have nothing to be concerned with. It is the businesses (Tyson’s) that did not take precautions for their employees to remain open and functioning and endangered their employees that McConnell was protecting.

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          12. “The Trial Lawyers want to pick their bones ”

            You are really funny. Now to keep workers safe you prefer government regulations and government inspections and government penalties over the market solution of private insurance which you usually tout. All so you can throw brickbats at Nancy Pelosi.

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          13. We told “essential businesses” that they had to remain open.

            We gave them guidelines, which they followed at great expense.

            After the fact, the legal vultures want to be able to sue them on behalf of employees or customers who became ill for doing what they were ordered to do.

            Once you get into the ‘command’ business, you have to accept the responsibilities and hold harmless those who followed that mandate.


          14. “We told “essential businesses” that they had to remain open”

            Damned socialist thinking, right?
            Uh, that “We” was Donald Trump. What were you saying about “command” business?

            “Once you get into the ‘command’ business, you have to accept the responsibilities and hold harmless those who followed that mandate.”

            Wrong again. Being ordered to keep operating is not a license to recklessly endanger the lives of your employees to increase profits. And with hindsight, we now know that is exactly what some of them did.

            So, if you do not want them held accountable and responsible, what do you propose for the people who need compensation but cannot sue if you get your way? Never mind. We already know. Nothing. If they did not like the working conditions they could have just quit. Right?

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      2. Or McConnell holding it up for protections for businesses who don’t give a damn about their employees. He didn’t even offer to take that out until this week.

        Remember, it is the Black Hole of McConnel’s desk where legislation goes to die.

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