The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities

Source: Peter Navarro, White House trade advisor.

You can’t say there is no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.

The Navarro Report doesn’t prove that Joe Biden stole the election from Donald Trump, but it does provide a usefully constructed catalog of specific allegations. It organizes the allegations into six types (or dimensions) of irregularity and rates their prevalence in each of five battleground states. The result is like a roadmap for discussion of election integrity issues.

I think the report is significant just because it exists. To my (limited) knowledge nothing like it has ever been produced in response to the outcome of a presidential race.

17 thoughts on “The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities

  1. Navarro is shilling for Trump as best he can. Maybe he wants a cheap room in WPB after 20 January.

    A catalog of the lies, deceits, and, for lack of a better phrase, BULLSHIT, concerning the election outcome. It is over; Trump lost bigly, and you just can’t stand it.

    But then again, the residents of Mar-a-Lago don’t want Trump to move there either. It would be in violation of an agreement he signed in 1993 when he turned MaL into a money making club.

    Maybe he can bunk with Snowden in Russia.

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      1. Starting with the author. However, it’s all just a recap of things that have been tossed by judges, including Trump appointed judges.

        Also, when offered the chance to present evidence in court, Trump’s legal team took a pass because they knew what they had was BUPKES.

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          1. I am in agreement.

            Trump fans don’t like democratically elected anyone.

            Too risky giving the votes to the “wrong people”.

            So we have lawsuits over the ballot sizes, shapes, envelopes, hairstyles of the counters, binoculars for the observers and just about anything other than ensuring the right to vote is as sacrosanct as bearing arms.

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          2. It IS a sad reality, particularly when intelligent people espouse such nonsense.

            I’m concerned this can’t be “fixed”, but hope I’m wrong.

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  2. The first page says that all the critical states had voter fraud. His “evidence”? That 50 failed lawsuits must have showed something, by golly.

    In a less bizzaro world, evidence rejected 50 times would seem to indicate that said evidence is crap.

    But the key for Trump’s legal assault is to give the appearance of such chaos that legislators must take over.

    Sorry, but the other 36 pages have been adjudicated false and libelous.

    Next case.

    OK, another chance for the defendant.

    GA rejection rates for signature issue did not change appreciably from 2016, 2018 and 2020.

    Navarro is a liar. Perjury. Guilty.

    But sensate folks knew this already.

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    1. RE: “Sorry, but the other 36 pages have been adjudicated false and libelous.”

      No, they haven’t, but that’s not the point anyway.


      1. Well, my edit pointed out another lie at the end. So what is the point of posting a totally fictional account of the election?

        There is strong evidence that if Republicans had not cheated, the loss by Trump would have been greater. Texas and Florida were Biden’s until those states cheated.

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      2. RE: “So what is the point of posting a totally fictional account of the election?”

        What’s fictional? The allegations the report compiles are real. Navarro counts them up and tells where they came from, nothing more.


        1. Allegations is the word that describes what I just posted.

          If I alleged that John stole money from me and it turns out to be false, then 50 allegations doesn’t make it any truer.

          Judges looked at all the preferred evidence and found none to be compelling or that they fell apart upon questioning. Over and over and over…

          “ At the city’s federal courthouse on Thursday evening, attorneys for Trump asked a judge to issue an emergency order to stop the count, alleging that all Republican observers had been barred.
          Under sharp questioning from Judge Paul S. Diamond, however, they conceded that Trump in fact had “a nonzero number of people in the room,” leaving Diamond audibly exasperated.
          “I’m sorry, then what’s your problem?” asked Diamond, who was appointed to the federal bench by President George W. Bush. Denying Trump’s request, Diamond struck a deal for 60 observers from each party to be allowed inside.
          At one point on Friday afternoon, 12 Republican observers and five Democrats were watching the count, according to a ballot counter who was working.”

          WAPO 11/11/2020

          “Nonzero number of people”? WTF?

          The judge should have slapped contempt charges for lying to the court.

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    2. This has become beyond silly.

      At this point I see it as an instructive lesson in human behavior.

      It is a demonstration of the, frankly shocking, power of brainwashing and cult buy-in.

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