2016 Redux?

Last night Catherine Herridge reported that Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliff, “told CBS News that there was foreign election interference by China, Iran and Russia in November of this year, and he is anticipating a public report on those findings in January.”

A similar Intelligence Community assessment published in 2017 led to allegations, still believed by many, that Donald Trump was illegitimately elected to his first term. In light of controversies surrounding Joe Biden and the 2020 election, the new DNI report may have the same effect.

8 thoughts on “2016 Redux?

  1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Biden to be discredited by yet another eagerly awaited bombshell report. You will be disappointed for the umteenth time. It is very likely that the report will find that 1) Russia had the largest and most effective program of meddling and that they worked again to help Trump. And 2) that Iran and China favored Biden but were not able to do much.

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  2. Ah, you like conspiracies. Well then, chew on this. All these toads appointed to “acting” Secretary of this and that agency in the last month have acess to their agency’s computers. Were we hacked? All it takes is a thumb drive.

    Coup d’etat? No. Coup de grace! But don’t worry Trump is just an innocent dupe. His appointments were all suggested to him by someone.

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  3. Are you over 65?
    Have comorbid conditions?
    Just trying to figure out if you might be in front of me in the queue. If the answer to those question are “no,” carry on.
    If either is “yes,” you need to watch more Tucker Carlson.

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