Trump using GA runoff to fill his coffers with more donations.

Republicans not happy with Trump siphoning off the small donor money from Loeffler and Perdue campaigns. I suppose it is payback since GA Republicans didn’t deliver for him. I say go for it. A couple of Senate Democrats from GA will teach ‘em not to mess with the president.

18 thoughts on “Trump using GA runoff to fill his coffers with more donations.

  1. The grift rolls on and I’m baffled by the donors getting in line to be fleeced.

    It reminds me of the “blue hairs” that give their SS checks to religious charlatans.

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    1. Cult thinking, such as it is.

      The big donors are protecting their tax cuts and environmental/workplace/banking regulations stripping. Agree or disagree, at least those are tangible benefits for increased wealth. Randian philosophy of “greed is good” and competing self-interests as applied to political power.

      Grassroots donations are another issue. Perhaps those folks are buying into the victim status of aggrieved conservatives. That is less empirical and more emotional. Sort of like a fear of darkness. There may be nothing dangerous, but since we can’t see, the imagination takes over. And Trump feeds that fear with conspiracies and outrageous claims.

      And why not? We know by his own admission that Trump judges his popularity strictly be numbers. Millions of Twitter fans, rallies and, of course, the inauguration crowd claims. His anger at the small crowd in Oklahoma after the lockdown is very telling. That we were in the grasp of a nasty pandemic means little so long as the crowds are big and noisy.

      So the small donors affirm his popularity. And they are part of a two-fer. Fans love him and they are willing to pay him for that privilege.


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    1. Considering the current spread of COVID, the word should be “coughers”.

      Related non-issue: WAPO”s annual “dictionary” has “coffee”, the person who gets coughed on. 😎

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  2. So, it’s OK for Democratic groups to use PACS to influence and election but not if the GOP does it?

    American Bridge is OK, but Trump’s PAC isn’t?

    You do realize that Trump’s PAC and spend money in ways the candidates cannot.

    The hypocrisy is getting pretty deep.


    1. “You do realize that Trump’s PAC and spend money in ways the candidates cannot.”

      Uh yeah, and therein is the problem. Under the terms of the Leadership PAC, he may take up to 100% as salary. Taxable, but taken. In the meantime, he can use as much as he chooses for, say, fund raising parties, golf outings, etc., etc., in a tax-free method.

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        1. He stole money from his own charitable foundation. A foundation in which he had no money, just donations from others. Court ordered closure.

          He defrauded students for 10’s of millions at Trump U. Settled the case for huge sums.

          Inauguration millions missing. His hotel charged 10 times as much for rental for inauguration.

          All this was in the last 4 years…as president.

          Setting up a loose PAC with donations for his legal assaults on the election, but going to later use for him and some small amount for RNC.

          Tell me you are not that naive.

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          1. PAC spending is audited. The results are published.

            Don’t worry about naive, worry about paranoia.

            But I do note that it does not bother you that almost none of the Clinton Foundation funds go to their intended use.


          2. “But I do note that it does not bother you that almost none of the Clinton Foundation funds go to their intended use.”

            That is simply false. Is it a LIE or just one of those convenient “alternative facts?”

            But wherever Clinton Foundation money goes, it is raised from very large contributors, companies, foundations and governments who know what they are doing. Not from Mom and Pop who are being played for suckers by the con man Trump.

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    2. Generally speaking, Democratic PACS use the money collected for the purposes advertised. Trump’s new PAC is a scam. Accepting legitimate PACS and condemning scams is not hypocrisy. Simple decency towards those being cheated.

      You obviously do not object to – or at least will not condemn – Trump scamming his supporters. They are donating to help Trump win back a “stolen” election and do not understand that the money is not going to be used for that purpose. How you rationalize such a disregard for your ” fellow travelers’ ” welfare is unknown. Maybe your Ayn Rand philosophy of social Darwinism? If they get conned in the “marketplace of ideas” that is on them not on the con man fulfilling his moral purpose of taking care of number one?

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  3. What Republicans are concerned about is that the money is NOT going towards the Senate runoff campaign but rather to Trump’s personal PAC.

    No hypocrisy, just reality.

    This election in GA should be a no brainer for two Republicans in a Republican state.

    Except it is not.

    The two candidates are incredibly corrupt and were caught red handed profiting from information withheld from the rest of us regarding the severity of COVID, even at the time.

    In addition, Trump has so trashed the GA election officials (death threats from his surrogates and as “enemies of the people from the prez) and the governor, along with the election procedures, that conservative voters are jaded. Hugo Chavez is smiling from his grave.

    Siphoning off thousands of small donors to Trump’s post-election slush fund is a problem for the GOP.

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    1. “No hypocrisy, just reality.“ Care with those facts…

      The obvious issue is not use of PACs but rather the pocket lining of the Grifter in Chief (tick, tick, …) and the use of the standard distract/deflect is tiresome in the extreme.

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  4. “According to two people…” Unnamed ones I might add…rolling eyes. Throw in a couple of seems to, appears to , maybes and coulds and you have a Politico story ready for print.


  5. Fine print on the over 500 fund raising requests state that 75% of the money is going to Trump’s post-term PAC to use as he sees fit. Legalese notwithstanding, how many of the grassroots donors are reading that part of the request?

    Money requests are to help pay legal fees to stop that which cannot be stopped, the Electoral College’s official naming of Joseph R. Biden, Jr as president-elect. And ACTUS pretty much ended any need for such funds.

    Even if the GOP got 25% of the funds raised, the emails are convincing people to give money to causes that are NOT being funded by the requests.

    It may all be legal, but the optics, if YOU WOULD OPEN YOUR EYES AND PAY ATTENTION, are more brutal than the ones over Hunter Biden.


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