Electoral College Results

The Electoral College yesterday voted for dual sets of electors in seven states: PA, GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV, and NM. In each instance, one slate would elect Joe Biden, the other would elect Donald Trump.

It’s an unusual circumstance, but it has happened before:

1960 United States presidential election in Hawaii.

In 2020, legal challenges are pending in the dual-slate states. Without the alternate electors those challenges would be mooted.

As in 1960, the incumbent Vice President may choose between any dual electoral slates delivered to the joint session of Congress for certifying the election.

19 thoughts on “Electoral College Results

  1. Huh?

    The Electoral College does not vote for Electors. They ARE the Electors. The MSM is reporting that the Electors have now voted and the winners are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Are they wrong? Can you clarify what you are referring to with this post.

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      1. Okay, thanks for the clarification. I understand what you were getting at however, I have to report that once again you have been fooled by rightwing media. Although “dueling electors” are a theoretical possibility, it is not happening this year as you have be led to believe. It appears that some Trump supporters think they can nominate themselves as Electors. They can’t.


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        1. Your AP link says, “The Republican ‘electors’ who cast alternate votes on Monday were not designated by any state official and don’t currently have any legal status.”

          Makes sense, but I would emphasize the word currently. I believe the purpose of the procedural votes in the 7 states was to preserve a future legal status, should one emerge.

          Thank you for providing the fact check. It adds important detail.


      2. I was skimming this thread and saw “dueling electors” and for moment got my hopes up.

        If we could settle this with duels, I’m pretty sure my side would come out alright.


          1. There’s a world of difference between ‘violent’ and ‘effective.’ Here are some of your soldiers fresh from graduating from the Imperial Storm Trooper School of Marksmanship.

            No one was hit.


    1. This represents a level of stupid that is epic on its face. It was then and is still.

      On a broader scale it is about as anti-American and anti-democratic as the other baseless claims and machinations being used by the cult.

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          1. There is now no way for those self-nominated alternative Electors to gain any kind of legal status. We are not only past the Safe Harbor date but the Electoral College has already voted.

            It is already past time for Trump and ALL of his supporters to say “Congratulations President-Elect Biden and may God bless your efforts for the country in these challenging times.”

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          2. RE: “We are not only past the Safe Harbor date but the Electoral College has already voted.”

            I’m all for following the rules, but inauguration is the only rule that really matters. Until he is inaugurated, Joe Biden won’t be president.


          3. “Until he is inaugurated, Joe Biden won’t be president.”

            Yes, that is certainly true. Which is why I referred to him as President-Elect Biden above. You are ready to accept that he is President-Elect? Right? Probably not.

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          4. RE: “You are ready to accept that he is President-Elect? Right? Probably not.”

            Of course not. Technically Biden won’t be president-elect until Congress counts the electors on Jan. 6.


          5. RE: “It is simply a descriptive term.”

            In that case, I will use it to describe the candidate whose election is ultimately decided when Congress counts the electors on Jan. 6.


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