12 thoughts on “Keep Hope Alive!

  1. I fail to see any advantage to replacing Biden with Harris.

    Better to just keep him under the shadow of doubt and suspicion for his first 2 years, then after the midterms, impeach him but don’t convict him in the Senate.

    That way he’s hobbled and a lame duck his entire term.


    1. Oh, Gee. Is that what happened to the criminal traitor Trump? Pure malevolence by Democrats? Poor Widdle Trumpie did nothing wrong. Norms, civility, the truth and laws are for wusses. Not to mention patriotism and loyalty to this country. What a bunch of haters!

      You have become one very sad case. IMHO.

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      1. RE: “sad case”

        I’m frankly a bit surprised at the level of vitriol and detachment from reality I’m seeing from a great many people who have allowed (?) their minds to be swayed/polluted by the anti- democratic ravings of the trump led GOP.

        At one point I thought it was political and agenda driven, now it seems basically clinical. Unfortunately, in the same way you can’t help an addict unless they want to be helped I fear for the infected (and for the rest of us as well)…

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  2. Wow, a website of such high integrity, right up Paul’s alley. They start off by calling out Pat on the 7000 club, is there such a club? But I digress, Pat has an opinion, so what? I’m guessing “crooksandliars” espouses leftist lies that boys can be girls or girls can be boys just because they say so or there is some grand national law enforcement conspiracy against black people or that fairy dust, unicorns and money trees truly do exist. Liars, liars oh who to believe???


      1. As a teen in the 1960s an older person made a point to me that fundamentally changed my perspective about sexuality by asking me a simple question after another person had made a vulgar and disparaging comment about a gay person.

        He simply said: “when an attractive man and woman facing the other way both bend over where do your eyes go?”. He did not let me answer, but said, “that’s innate, not intellectual, we are how we are”.

        Somehow seems appropriate to a Bobr’s comment….

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