Now that the dust has settled, Trump lost in the suburbs, gained in some urban districts.

“For starters, Mr. Trump didn’t lose the election in the big cities where he and his allies accuse Democratic mayors and their political machines of rigging the vote. Rather, he lost the election in America’s suburbs.”

“My colleague Dante Chinni’s American Communities Project places every county in America into one of 15 categories based on its demographics, and the project now has tabulated the entire national vote across all counties.”

“The results show that Mr. Trump actually won a higher share of the vote in big-city counties than he did four years ago.”

So maybe there was some hanky lanky going on the the big cities. By Trump and his minions. They just couldn’t cheat enough to overcome the more centrist revulsion to his presidency in the “burbs.

It sure looks like Republican fraud to me. That’s expected as recent history shows. But we are forgiving people, so the election stands despite the attempt to rig it by Trump.

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