Corrupt Presidential Children

“Conservative” hearts are all aflutter since it has been announced that Hunter Biden’s tax affairs are being investigated by the Barr DOJ. Maybe he has done something wrong. Who knows? He did issue a press release asserting that his tax affairs are regular and professionally done. We will see.

More to the point, these poor myopic Trumpkins can see the mote in the eye of Hunter Biden but not the beam in the eyes of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. This piece provides some perspective.

21 thoughts on “Corrupt Presidential Children

  1. Kushner is like Kevin Bacon in that he is 6 degrees from more forms of corruption than anyone can keep track of. His story will not end well (for him) but may serve as a cautionary tale for those who come later.

    Of course those who need to learn these lessons will probably not…

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  2. This is Billy Beer all over again.

    The difference of course is volume. Not of the beer, but of the nepotistic reaping of riches by family and friends that encircle the most corrupt president in history. Even Nixon had some scruples. (Did Nixon steal from his own charities?)

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  3. What a pathetic ‘whatabout’

    The entire MSM has watched every move the Trump family has made for the last 4 years and not found a thing they could use in the months before the election.

    But they actively suppressed the Hunter Biden story.

    How sad a desperate.


    1. Uh, the MSM found PLENTY that SHOULD have been disqualifying for the family of grifters in the White House. Their many crimes and grifts were well publicized. It is one of the reasons that feeling ran so high with Trump’s hapless marks crying “fake news” and decent people outraged at the conduct reported.

      Your claim that MSM suppressed the Hunter Biden story is laughable. This non-story got far more coverage than it deserved.

      What is actually “sad and desperate” is the way that sore losers have glommed on to this minor story. One such loser has even opined that this news coming out of the Barr DOJ proves that the Biden Presidency – which has not even begun – is not legitimate. You cannot make this stuff up.

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    2. Please, you are deluding yourself.

      The Hunter Biden story was presented to Murdoch’s WSJ. They would not touch it with long stick.

      So they went to the NY Post. Writers took their name off the byline. But it was published.

      Then came story after story about the blind computer repairman, the disgruntled partner, etc.

      Plenty of coverage for a phony story.

      Funny how you are all about Hunter Biden getting a board job because he was the vice president’s son. Yet not a peep about the baldfaced nepotism and 36 million income that his daughter and husband earned in 2019 alone. Funny how connections in the Middle East helped bail them out. Hilarious as we found out that access to Trump or his children was a selling point for condos here and abroad. Until caught. Then at least they did not print brochures touting that.

      You think those deals did not benefit big time because daddy was president?

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    3. Thinking this wasn’t directed at my comment, but was struck by “How sad and pathetic” your pushback was.

      The tactic of “whataboutism” has been a go-to on this Forum by those defending the indefensible for 4 years.

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      1. What seems to be forgotten is that the Trump family was successful BEFORE Trump ran for office. They did not come to DC to get rich.

        The Biden family. including Joe and his brother, Michael, in addition to Hunter became wealthy as a result of Biden’s position in government.

        Hunter, in particular, was a crack addict who absent his father’s political connections would be sleeping under a bridge. His Daddy used a commission in the US Navy as a failed attempt at rehab.

        To compare the families is an object lesson in government. The Trumps came to DC to serve, the Bidens to cash in.


        1. So Trump was rich before he came to office.

          That makes his corruption acceptable apparently.

          Loeffler is very wealthy, but she still had to cash in on insider information that the rest of soon to die Americans had no access to. The same news that Trump had to lie about to “protect us”.

          And Trump still stole from his own charity. Still screwed students at Fraud U. Still held on to veteran fund raising money until outed. And of course he is larding his pockets with hundreds of millions from donors just like you (although I think you are savvy enough to at least not fall for that scam.)

          And for a true scam, he pledged his salary to other government programs. Sounds admirable for a rich man.

          But then, $340 million estimated in personal travel costs. Way outstripping his predecessor by multiples. And the vast majority were to his own resorts that required the Secret Service and staff to stay at his hotels.

          That old expression, “after you shake hands with the man, count your fingers” is perfect.

          So the bottom line is that Trump is a crook. A business owner, sure, but a crook nonetheless. A scion of a very wealthy real estate family, and still a crook.

          There is something just extra sleazy about a very wealthy man with inherited money who still has to steal.

          So there you are. And that is why we are going through this awful third act to a terrible play. The president just refuses to leave the stage after the curtain dropped. And he is actively trying to steal the gate receipts as rightfully belonging to him. Just like the missing inauguration donations.

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          1. If they came for the money, it didn’t work, they’ve all lost net worth.

            Don’t be blinded by partisanship. Trump really does love this country, and he saw it going in a direction he believes to be harmful.

            There may well be a degree of megalomania involved in believing only he could fix it, but he really did come to DC to fix what he perceived as wrong.

            There are many policies I disagree with and he is annoying as hell, but I have no doubt his motivation was the same as for that ice rink. he just couldn’t bear to see something done badly.


          2. “If they came for the money, it didn’t work, they’ve all lost net worth.”

            You have absolutely no way of knowing whether that statement is true or false. None. But, that does not stop you from asserting it as though it were true. Not surprising since respect for the importance of evidence is not one of your best qualities. “Truthy” always seems to be good enough for your rhetorical purposes of defending the indefensible.

            But, for the sake of argument, let’s say they did lose net worth while Presidenting, golfing and Businessmaning. Is that surprising? Has Trump’s involvement in ANYTHING ever added to his wealth? Beyond The Celebrity Apprentice, that is, where the $450 million he got from reality TV has now gone missing too. The answer appears to be a resounding No. Never.

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          3. “Trump really does love this country”

            Uh, Maybe, but he has very funny ways of showing it.
            Like . . .
            Dodging military service with bogus medical excuses.
            Dodging inheritance taxes in a massive fraud.
            Dodging income taxes for decades.
            Denigrating those who sacrificed and served. Over and over again.
            Selling out to Putin on every issue.
            Using his office to undermine our most basic Constitutional structures.
            Ad nauseum

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          4. Too early to ell about the money issue, but if his “venture” fails it will be no surprise (6 bankruptcies?).

            As to his “love” of Country? ??

            ALL of the evidence points to the contrary, particularly his refusing to concede a fair and free election. SMFH…

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        2. “The Trumps came to DC to serve, the Bidens to cash in.”

          Nice mix of Trump-style rhetoric. A big juicy “alternative fact” blended with an unsupportable slander. Reminds me of your posts when Obama was President. Maybe they are right – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

          You say Trump and family were successful? I say they were under water – still are – and floundering as they chewed through other people’s money. There is a lot more evidence in public view for what I say and virtually none for what you say.

          IMHO, that now infamous ride down the escalator was a Hail Mary to revitalize his failing celebrity that went badly wrong – he accidently won. I think Trump was as surprised as everybody else when so many people ignored his ugly, unpatriotic and racist rhetoric. He may have even been trying to lose with his attacks on veterans and heroes but it was too late.

          Now he has “served” and if there is any justice left in this country he will soon be “serving” some more.

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          1. Wow, it’s going to be fun to watch this play out in the coming months.

            Sometimes, in politics, it’s not when your guy loses that is worst, it is when your guy wins just before his true colors show.


    4. By the way, the attacks on Hunter Biden and lies about his behavior are NOTHING but “pathetic” whataboutism. YOU, for example, frequently brought his name in whenever Trump’s egregious and obvious corruption was the subject at hand.

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    5. You mistake the root word “relative” in moral relativism for arbitrary. There is a differenc between a man who steal bread to feed his children and a girl who steals a dress for the prom. Good and evil are not black and white.

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      1. “Ammoral relativism”: a descriptive phrase for the current First Family behavior.

        “Immoral relativism”: takes over when the amoral have a twinge of morality.

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