REASON: The House Freedom Caucus Just Trashed What Little Credibility It Had Left

When they first came to be, I thought it was just another way for the GOP to refuse to work with the Obama Administration. I didn’t agree with most of their positions and their obstruction, but a well thought out opposition is important in our system of government. It is what should prevent overreach by either side and force compromise to do what is right and best for this country.

Now, as shown by Mr. Boehm, it has become a mockery of what it’s original intent was.

For those of you who thought the piece I posted last week about sedition was crackpottery, I offer this as food for thought: “The amicus brief filed by 106 members of Congress—all Republicans, naturally—isn’t a serious legal document so much as an oath of loyalty to Trump. It is a convenient list of the members of Congress who chose unconditional fealty to a president’s bizarre, flailing attempt to hold onto power for its own sake over the Constitution and rule of the law.”

7 thoughts on “REASON: The House Freedom Caucus Just Trashed What Little Credibility It Had Left

  1. Exactly on point. Trump demanded to see “the list” of those who did, and did not, sign a fealty oath to the president.

    That is much more in line with Hugo Chavez leadership style than any efforts to expand healthcare or clean the environment could ever be.

    The “Red Book” formerly touted by Mao has the same playlist in the modern Republican Party: rule by strongmen. Color and all.

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  2. More opinion blather for you lefties to get riled up about. Wake me when you have something serious to offer. YAAAAAWN…..


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