Simply put, Republicans don’t want elections.

When a candidate loses in a Democratic stronghold 80-20, it is time to concede. But not to Republicans inspired by El presidente. And the reality is that no matter what election reforms are instituted, they will never be enough.

Despite the lies, dozens of judges, including the Supreme Court, looked at the presented evidence and ruled that the election is fair. Over and over and over even with crack lawyers using the best evidence they had. And these include not just Republican appointees, but Trump judges vetted by the Federalist Society as hard line conservatives. 

We could institute 5 ID’s, personal vetting by FBI background searches and witnesses, vote counting by hand with 5 observers seeing and initialing each ballot and the Republicans would still say “no fair”. 

The Republican Party used to be the conservative uncle who restrained the excesses of the populist party. Now that uncle has flipped his wig, donned tinfoil, babbles insults and conspiracies like a Tourette’s sufferer on steroids. He belongs in the attic.

Of course all this damaging nonsense  is the direct, indisputable responsibility of the current president. Now gangs of yellow, in all senses of the word, Proud Boys are taking to the streets. I guess the color brown had already been taken. 

Sedition is now for real. 

21 thoughts on “Simply put, Republicans don’t want elections.

  1. I’m concerned that as the court cases are stuck down (58 at current count) the GOP will learn a lot about how to subvert the democratic process they no longer believe in more effectively. In the hands of competent lawyers it could be a major problem.

    I hope we’re ready to deal with it when it happens, because this version of the GOP is that anti-democracy.

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    1. “In the hands of competent lawyers it could be a major problem.”

      Keep in mind that Trump HAD some competent lawyers. When they saw the writing on the wall with regards to “evidence” they quickly left.

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    2. So far the learning process is leaning towards conspiracies. And those are self-perpetuating among the both the calculating and the ignoranti. And the end results are not good.

      There is a surprisingly thin line separating authoritarian rule by a strongman and the conspiracy mongers. Trump is one and the same.

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  2. RE: “Despite the lies, dozens of judges, including the Supreme Court, looked at the presented evidence and ruled that the election is fair.”

    This statement reflects a basic misunderstanding about the rule of law. A murder trial illustrates: A guilty verdict doesn’t mean the defendant actually committed the murder; an innocent verdict doesn’t mean the defendant didn’t actually commit the murder.

    The statement makes a further error in assuming the courts in fact examined the evidence of election fraud. For the most part they have not. Most notably, SCOTUS rejected the Texas lawsuit over the legal doctrine of standing. SCOTUS didn’t examine one iota of evidence in the complaint.

    The truth is our legal system has not shown the 2020 election was fair. Because of that many will claim it was unfair for years to come.


    1. I recommend you take a look at what I posted earlier concerning the findings of the federal judge in WI over the weekend. It’s been posted twice already under other threads (at least one of which was yours).


    2. Kindly put, it is that kind of thinking that will sink our nation.

      Just like I said, no matter what we do, prove, adjudicate it will never be good enough for conspiratorial thinking.

      “He couldn’t have lost without fraud, so no matter how many courts and judges we will not accept it.”

      So what would you accept?

      As far as the evidence in the Texas suit, it was essentially the same as in all the other lawsuits filed. If there had been anything, the vote would not have been 9-0. (Thomas and Alito allowed the case, but refused to grant relief of any kind.)

      “Evidence” that is flimsy, hearsay, and not credible, is not evidence. In any judicial system, or political for that matter, when all the remedies are exhausted, we move on.

      Like those who have never seen the Antarctic, belief in the existence of penguins is dependent upon reports for those who have been there. The judges have been there and they see the penguins.

      If that is not enough for some, then they need to go themselves. And yet, as my original premise, even such a trip would not be accepted as evidence. Someone flew in the birds just for the tour.

      Rabbit holes are tough to exit.

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      1. RE: “Kindly put, it is that kind of thinking that will sink our nation.”

        I feel the same way about your post. A nation can’t survive a culture of falsehoods.

        RE: “So what would you accept?”

        I would accept some credible reason to believe the election was fair. “The courts say so” is not a credible reason, as I explained.

        I’ll call Joe Biden president if he’s inaugurated, but I’ll probably never believe the 2020 election is valid.


        1. “I would accept some credible reason to believe the election was fair.”

          No kidding. So does everybody with a brain that functions.

          The question was really simple: “What would you accept?”

          If not election officials, Secretaries of State, governors, state legislators both Republican and Democrat. state, federal, federal appeals, Supreme Courts both state and federal, the FBI under Barr then what and how would you accept the results.

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  3. The Republican Party has one very powerful rhetorical and political trick and they use it very effectively. It is difficult to counter by intellectually honest people. The trick is to put Democrats in the position of having to prove a negative. They do this all the time.

    Prove that Bill Clinton did not murder Vince Foster.
    Prove that Barack Obama is not a Kenyan Muslim terrorist leader.
    Prove that Hillary Clinton did not betray the Benghazi Four.
    Prove that there was no “deep state” conspiracy to bring Trump down.
    Prove that Joe Biden is not corrupt.
    Prove that there was no massive fraud that stole the election.

    Ad infinitum.

    None of these “allegations” have been based on any evidence and no amount of countervailing evidence is enough to prove that negative. So the blather continues and its effect on the ignorant and weak-minded is demonstrable.

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    1. All too true, the problem the DEMs often have is to play THEIR game. While it is difficult to ignore and be dismissive of weak and often ridiculous arguments attempting to defend the indefensible (we see it here on the Forum) sometimes it is the best recourse. IMO.

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    2. And, as we now know, all the evidence in the world would not change any minds.

      The Trump devotees are the true sheep who will believe anything that Trump spews. Trump knows that and will continue to feed the worship until the nation erupts into violence. Why? Because he does not care about the country, but rather his personal wins.

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        1. It will be a bit interesting to see how some of those spineless republicans respond after the Electoral College votes today.

          I don’t think there is any question that most of those folks want to be able to tell the voters that they stuck with Trump to the bitter end.

          What they don’t understand is that once they accept the “loan” of voters from the capo di tutti i capi, they can never pay it off.

          Trump was in bed with the Mafia in his real estate scams in NY. He learned well.

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          1. “Please allow me to introduce myself
            I’m a man of wealth and taste
            I’ve been around for a long, long years
            Stole million man’s soul an faith”

            Sympathy with the Devil, Rolling Stones

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