An American hero is savaged by the right wing.

One of Trump’s most vocal supporters, a gifted, high profile lawyer, tells Georgian Republicans to boycott a rigged election. Trump must be in heaven because it proves his stance. Go MAGA. Just look at the video showing crooked workers scrambling to unpack suitcases full of phony ballots. Hidden, secret cameras caught them. Release the Krakpot, err…umm…Kraken. True, Kraken was “released” by Trump’s legal team, but that just proves it.

Or not. 😇 PS: interesting article, though, showing what the CIA used to call “blowback”.

17 thoughts on “An American hero is savaged by the right wing.

    1. I said it just yesterday. If the Republicans lose the Senate, if McConnell loses his position to Schumer, then the cookie jars in millions of low educated white homes empty istraight nto Trump’s pockets.

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  1. Politico is gaslighting you. In the full context of Woods’ original comments, he was demanding that the Republican candidates, Perdue and Loeffler, in the GA runoff election publically denounce the election fraud and call for a special session of the legislature. Politico leaves all that out and builds its story around a claim made by an anonymous source. The article is nothing but echo chamber piffle.


    1. Probably true.

      I just wanted to add a bit of irony that I saw. My conjectures are for a bit of entertainment.

      However, and there is always a “however”, by denigrating the election enough to require relying on the legislators to pick the winners, Wood is telling Republican voters that they can’t rely on the system. For many, perhaps enough, it might be a disincentive to vote.

      But I still hold that this continuance of fruitless suits and phony assertions is designed to fill the wallets of Trump, Inc. With some scraps for Giuliani. I think this is becoming increasingly obvious. $200 million plus with the king’s ransom going to Trump’s “PAC” with few regs as to how he can spend it.

      This is analogous to a guest leaving a fancy party with the silverware.

      Or, more to the point, once a grifter….

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    2. RE: “But I still hold that this continuance of fruitless suits and phony assertions is designed to fill the wallets of Trump, Inc.”

      I don’t see why that matters. Trump is entitled to create a PAC if he wishes.


      1. Of course you don’t.

        He is collecting money under the guise of his legal efforts to overturn the election. But the vast majority of the money is not going to that.

        I don’t care if all of it goes to him. It is not my money. It is, however, just a sleazy grifter act, not surprising, but just shows that he has no respect for his working men and women. If you donate less than $5000 it all goes to him.

        That is my opinion.

        Breaking news is that he called Kemp today and told him to call a legislative session for overturning the election. Kemp cannot do it since it against GA law in more ways than one. He told him to conduct a signature audit, which the governor also cannot do by law. Is the president so friggin’ ignorant about election laws in the key states? Was the governor supposed to break the laws for Trump? Trump doesn’t care. Do you?

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        1. Don’t project your Democrat obsession with money on to others.

          Trump doesn’t do anything for money.

          He truly loves this country and has a somewhat grandiose idea that only he can run it correctly.

          He is vain and thin skinned but he is not corrupt, You’re confusing him with your guy.


          1. He stole from his own charitable foundation. Had to close it down and was fined big time.

            He ran a fraudulent university that he had to settle for millions.

            He used campaign monies to pay for hush money to mistresses.

            His family evaded taxes.

            He is still not accounted for huge sums from his inauguration fund.

            He stiffed vendors over and over.

            You were making a joke, right?

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          2. Oh, forgot that he set of a fund for veterans and kept the money until caught and had to pay.

            He sent phony assessments for taxes on his properties then turns around and inflates them hugely for false bank loan applications. Felonies both.

            And these are only from memory.

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          3. Out of all of the pro-Trump statements you have made over the past four years, this has to be the most ludicrous.

            He was corrupt before he was a politician. He stiffed contractors and workers. He filed frivolous lawsuits to run out the clock.

            I am flabbergasted that a man of your intelligence has bought into the lies and corruption for a few regulations and a lot of judges. It removes any and all integrity you may have had.

            Even Reason mag has serious doubts about Trump’s “presidnecy”.


          4. There are lots of things to not like about Trump, but if you believe that at this point in his life he is motivated by petty graft from his office, you are deluding yourself in a manner that will prevent you from understanding anything he does.

            For people like Trump. who already have all the money they could ever need, money becomes only a way of keeping score.

            You are blinding yourself.


          5. “Petty theft”?

            $250 million and counting is not petty.

            Why did he steal from his foundation which only had a few million in donated funds?

            Keeping score? With donor cash?

            Veterans money? And now this cash cow from his faithful?

            Why does he have to cheat? At our expense by pitting Americans against each other.

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          6. I try to ignore the delusional. Buy in your case, I’ll make an exception.

            How do we know if Trump has all of the money he ever needs. Have YOU seen his tax returns?

            Trump’s entire life, in real estate and politics, has been motivated by greed and graft. Your denial is as bad as JTR’s.

            It is YOU who is blinded, to the kind of person Donald J. Trump is, was and always will be.


    1. I think Len stole it already. I saw it somewhere this morning before I saw Len’s post.

      I ask that Len come clean on where he got it or claim that he thought of it before hearing or seeing it elsewhere. (I gave Colbert credit for “swamp the drain” and Maher’s claims to being Q.)


      1. If it was used before, which I don’t doubt, then I obviously defer. There are few distinctly novel phrases, or even literary themes. Just variations.

        I wonder if “Quackan” has been used? Of course that is not free. There is a bill involved. 😎

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