Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions

Matt Braynard concludes that it is impossible to know who won the 2020 presidential election. He also makes specific technical recommendations for improving election integrity.

Some are using this video to “prove” that election fraud was rampant, but the evidence Braynard musters in the video does not lead to that finding. Instead, his evidence shows that the true election results are unknown and unknowable.

We should fix that.

10 thoughts on “Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions

    1. They didn’t stop the massive expansion of mail-in voting, which has proved key to compromising the integrity of the election.


      1. “They didn’t stop the massive expansion of mail-in voting, which has proved key to compromising the integrity of the election.”

        Constant repeating of this nonsense does not make it even a tiny bit more true.

        This election was the most regular and secure ever. And that is according to the expert that Trump has now fired for telling the truth. Even Trump’s loyal henchman, AG Barr, stated on the record that there is no evidence of ANY fraud that affected the outcome.

        I know that it is frustrating for you that all the many efforts to prevent “urban” citizens from voting backfired but that is what happens in a democracy when political actors abuse their authority for partisan advantage. Get over it. Your sore loser schtick it is getting old.

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        1. I agree, whole heartedly.

          Trump and the GOP and their followers ARE now ‘eyes-bulging-TICKED’ that they didn’t do something safe and available during the run-up to the election that would have served them well, also.

          But, oh hell NO! There weren’t about to not do what DJT said to do. They were so hot into the idea that their nutty leader was pushing, that they did what he said to do – and voted in person on Nov. 3rd, election day. You have to wonder how many people didn’t make it to the polls on election day, for one reason or the other – but, could have taken care of their voting activity by going the mail-in route.

          Even before the millions and millions of ballots were reaching their destination, Trump was already whining about cheating going on and a rigged election. Because some states, even VA, ended up with more options than we usually had, MORE AMERICANS VOTED.

          Does it really take a rocket-scientist to figure out just why SO FREAKING MANY MORE MAIL-IN-VOTES started being dumped. Trump should never have made those comments on election night that he had already won, when someone should have had his back and told him to WAIT because there were many, many more states with districts we had heard NOTHING FROM. He made himself appear as totally inept and clueless. Does he really think all votes get counted on election day/night? If so, he knows a whole lot LESS than I already thought he knew.

          So, Biden, the Democrats and their followers decided the best way to go was to use the options to vote-by-mail or ‘early-in-person’, etc. And, they were especially useful methods for older Americans with underlying medical problems who didn’t feel safe standing in long lines while a raging pandemic criss-crossed America.

          Well, DUH! Millions of voters used those options. Now, we got Trump, many in the GOP and many of their followers screaming bloody-hell because so very many more ballots were tabulated this election. Are they crazy?

          We ended up with MILLIONS more ballots coming in and needing to be counted. And, if I could say one thing to the current Oval Office resident it would be: ‘Yes, Sir, when millions more people than usual cast their ballot, it really does mean that MANY MORE BALLOTS get dumped. That shouldn’t be surprising to you, at all!’

          We have no way to knowing just how many Americans were disenfranchised and unable to vote in this election. If we knew that Trump would probably be lagging behind Biden by 100 million, ‘stead of just ’80. Trump should sit down and be quiet before it’s determined how many votes he ACTUALLY lost by.

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      2. No it hasn’t. There is absolutely no evidence of any shenanigans that could alter the outcome.

        If all of Trump’s $1000/hr. lawyers with hundreds of discredited affidavits, piles of data, judges from all courts and both parties couldn’t find anything, the integrity was just fine. Barr agreed. So did Krebs.

        So now Trump is left with trying to extort, bully and intimidate governors, election officials and Secretaries of State in order to get them to BREAK THE LAW so he can win.

        His fans think Trump is the Messiah. Well, he is one corrupt, crooked, thieving seditionist. You know it as well as I do.

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          1. I think for packaging purposes, Trump fans are in the Denial/Anger phase of grief.

            Bargaining/Depression will come next. “Honey, can I bring my uncle down from the attic for Christmas. I promise he won’t wear his MAGA hat. I feel so sad about this.”

            Acceptance. “Trump. Isn’t he the guy in Dannemora* for stealing funds again?”

            NY prison.

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  1. Donald Trump has a PAC. Donations are split between the Republican National Committee and a Leadership PAC from which Trump can take an undtermined income; all of it if he wants.

    Donald Trump will do all that he can to throw the Senate seats in Georgia to the Democrats. No Mitch means more donations.

    He’s very transactional.

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    1. The split is 75-25 for Trump to do whatever he wants. He won’t spend it in Georgia. He’ll spend it on himself.

      500 email solicitations and over $200 MILLION raised so far.

      PT Barnum is now wearing a MAGA hat.


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