You have to be a complete fool

if you believe anything this lying con man has to say. For your reading pleasure, here is his latest wave of seditious nonsense . . .

Interesting fact in the article – Biden now has 279 CERTIFIED Electoral votes. 270 are needed to win.

46 thoughts on “You have to be a complete fool

        1. It is tempting to ignore the rules of this forum and return your silly insults in kind. But what would be the point? As George Bernard Shaw put it . . . “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. ”

          For the record, my views on almost every subject are in the mainstream of political thinking in this country. Yours are not. The “extremist fools” are people like your own good self who have fallen under the thrall of a con man and no longer have ANY idea what they stand for.

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          1. I’ve found that those that use labels to attempt to denigrate others to make a point have already lost the argument. It is generally the refuge of those who are struggling to support an unsupportable position.


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  1. AP’s opinion does not constitute fact.

    Trump asserts he is the rightful winner in GA, AP says that is not true. The matter is still in litigation so Trump HAS TO assert he won or he is denying his own suit.

    It would appear that AP’s fact checking on the election is just as invalid as it’s fact checking on climate. ‘Truth is what we believe, or want to.’

    Your desperation to call it over while there are cases not yet heard tells me you have reason to fear Trump will prevail.


    1. Your use of the word “desperation” is apt. And I would agree that “trump HAS TO assert he won” as anything else would recognize a view of reality that he has zero familiarity with….

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    2. LOL!
      Biden IS the rightful winner in Georgia and the vote has been certified by the officials with the authority to do so. Trump claiming that he is the rightful winner is not true and that is not a matter of opinion.

      There are no “cases” still to be heard. Just whiny sore loser complaints filed in court without reason, evidence or logic. There have been 43 so far with 1 very minor “victory.”

      Given the desperation that you have on display I can only put your accusation down to projection.

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      1. There are cases in GA still being litigated.

        But I have also written repeatedly is that the election has been successfully stolen as there is no remedy other than to disenfranchise voters who voted in good faith in an unlawful election.

        The courts will be very reluctant to do that, but still, I want the cases to play out if for no other reason than to draw such scrutiny to GA that the Democrats will not be able to successfully steal the Senate run-offs.


        1. The Democrats have NOT stolen anything. Your claims are an insult to the people of both parties who have stood up for democracy and the rule of law. With respect to Georgia your comments are particularly insulting given that the officials in question are Republicans who are showing remarkable resolve and integrity in the face of pressure and threats from Dear Leader and his violent minions.

          Your insane and insulting comments have one obvious explanation. You and the rest of the Trumpkins simply cannot abide the fact that “urban” voters decided this election. In Pennsylvania. In Michigan. In Wisconsin and even in Georgia. It is quite a spectacle of denial and sore losing that you people are putting on. Laughable but not funny. It is too damaging to be funny.

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          1. Anyone thinking that the election has been “stolen” simply doesn’t understand the voting guard rails and verification procedures that States have in place. It represents, as you have seen, a level of delusional denial that cannot be educated or reasoned with using either facts or logic.

            However, I applaud the effort…

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          2. The election officials in Fulton County are not Republicans. they are part of Stacey Abrams machine.

            But you do have a point in that I do not want the country to become split between an urban mob and rural serfs who are ruled by their urban overlords who could not last through a single Winter on their own.

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          3. …”who are ruled by their urban overlords who could not last through a single Winter on their own.”

            You completely miss the point of the symbiotic relationship that exists between rural and urban lives. The rundown rural areas that barely have enough to survive are supported by the high tax paying folks who live in the urban areas. Neither can survive without the other.

            Yet you continually ignore those truths because of your utopian view of things in general.

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          4. Symbiotic relationships are mutually beneficial. There is nothing beneficial to the heartland from being ruled by people who do not understand nor value the rural way of life.

            Biden’s energy proposals alone would reduce flyover country to third world poverty levels.


          5. “There is nothing beneficial to the heartland from being ruled by people who do not understand nor value the rural way of life.”

            Do you really believe this drivel?


        2. …”the election has been successfully stolen”…

          Interesting how someone who loves the idea of voter suppression claims that when more eligible legal voters cast their ballots YOUR SIDE LOSES. Members of the GOP throughout the country have said numerous times that the more people who vote, the less GOP representatives there will be. That also explains why democratic leaning voters get packed into majority districts via gerrymandering, MOSTLY by GOP run legislatures.

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      2. RE: “There are cases in GA still being litigated.”

        And in PA.

        I’m not troubled by remedies that throw the election to state legislatures to decide. Yes, that would be a “disenfranchisement” of state voters, but not a perfect or complete one, since the legislatures themselves are elected.

        On the contrary, I would welcome a court or SCOTUS determination that the integrity of the process was corrupted. That might wake people up to the need for serious election reform.


        1. “ I would welcome a court or SCOTUS determination that the integrity of the process was corrupted.”

          How many courts do you need? Numerous state and federal courts, including appeals courts and state supreme courts have handed verdicts against the Trump campaign.

          Obviously you will never welcome their findings that the process was not corrupted. So what is the point of even going to court?

          I know, the Roy Cohn tactic of finding the right judge. Maybe one that Trump has photos of diddling sheep perhaps? Ménage a merino?

          Trump and his enablers are making a mockery of our nation and its elections. Which means calling 10,000 plus local election boards, many times that in volunteers, Republican, Democrat and Independent liars and thieves.

          And all this is based on absolutely no credible, or even incredible, evidence. The only dead person affecting this fiasco is Hugo Chavez via the fetid gray matter rotting in the skulls of Trump’s remaining legal team. And probably Trump himself.

          The damage is serious and you and all the others pushing this false narrative are complicit is trying to destroy us.


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          1. I think the GBI started the investigation November 6. Basically found nothing, or certainly nothing to overturn the election results.

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          2. Let’s assume there was not enough cheating to overturn the election, so?

            Does that make it OK?

            Should the perpetrators not face justice?

            And most importantly, should the means not be detected and prevented in the coming Senate runoffs?


          3. Like I said before, the Democrats are all for election reforms, security, etc. The Republicans not so much. Mitch has sat on this bill from the House, not even negotiating, for 2 years.

            Yes, we should improve the elections. There are a lot of issues.

            Perpetrators of intentional voter fraud, like the Republicans in NC and Taylor in VB for example, should be taken to court. And they were.

            And it holds true anywhere.

            Is it possible for Georgia to change their laws before January 5? I doubt it. Time for a true post mortem on this election plus time for scripting and passing legislation is probably not enough.

            Plus, again, there is not enough fraud, if any, to make a difference. Courts, FBI, DOJ, GBI, and the Republican officials have not found much. And, again, crack lawyers from Trump with all the affidavits, videos and data experts could not scrape together enough credible evidence acceptable for courts up and down the judicial ladder.

            So I think we can rely on Georgians to run a clean runoff election. Trouble is that Trump and his team are trying so hard to convince Republicans to not trust the election, so why bother.

            Democrats are running a strong ground game to get out the vote and last minute registrations from rural Democrats, Indian tribes and others.

            Loeffler and Perdue are crooked as country road in the Himalayas. Insider trading is a crime and profiting off of the pandemic due to advance information from the administration is deplorable.

            But they will be at least defeated honestly.

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          4. “Is it possible for Georgia to change their laws before January 5? I doubt it. ”

            They don’t need to change their laws, they just need to fenforce them this time.


          5. …” there was not enough cheating to overturn the election”…

            There was ZERO cheating. There were the same kind of miniscule mistakes made by 1) voters and 2) vote counters, that occur in EVERY election. It does not constitute cheating; it is called human error. But it is NOT illegal, nor has it been proven to have been a grand scheme to “steal” the election.

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          6. From the story you linked to . . .

            “The secretary of state said his team so far “has found no evidence of widespread fraud, and three recounts, including a hand recount of paper ballots that voters read and approved before scanning, have returned the same result”

            There is absolutely no context for this story that you seem to think is significant. How many irregularities is typical in a statewide election? What kind of irregularities? How many votes are affected?

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          7. “Does that make it OK?”

            Crimes should be punished. For sure. But the ravings of a pathological and seditious liar is not evidence of any crime. Other than his own. Extreme efforts have been made to find significant improprieties in this election. They have failed for the obvious reason. There are none. It was just about the cleanest election ever.

            You are obviously struggling with the fact that “urban” people were highly motivated to vote, overcame many obstacles to do so and threw the bum out. That is NOT a crime nor evidence of a crime. That is democracy in action. The fact that you and people like you cannot accept this straight-forward fact and are desperate to find a malicious explanation says more about you than is wise to reveal. IMHO.

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        2. ..” I would welcome a court or SCOTUS determination that the integrity of the process was corrupted.”

          And I would welcome the winning numbers for the Mega Millions lottery draw before it is too late to put my $2 in.

          Every single court up to this point has tossed the suits due to lack of evidence or lack of professionalism in the submissions of the “attorneys” in question.

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    3. “…while there are cases not yet heard…”

      What cases? All Giuliani, et. al. do is rewrite the same script with a tiny change here and there, submit the same unverified and specious affidavits to any court that they can find looking for the “right” judge.

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      1. Odd how it was treason to question an anonymous whistleblower when one was saying what you wanted to hear, but now when people come forward with sworn affidavits they are ‘specious.’


        1. Yes, isn’t it odd. The whistleblower was telling a story backed by enough evidence to make Trump the third President in history to be Impeached for High Crimes and Misdemeanors while these “sworn affidavits” have left about 50 different courts unimpressed. Is that the definition of “specious?” If not, pretty close.

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        2. It is not treason to question a witness. It is against the law to publicly expose a whistleblower.

          The affidavits have been presented to dozens of courts and dozens of judges from local, to state, to state supreme to federal and federal appeal. All have been deemed not credible or hearsay or frivolous.

          How many times does it take to satisfy Trump and his fans? Apparently an infinite number so that the incessant lie about fraud can stay alive.

          And that is proof positive that Trump is collecting wads of cash for his retirement. More proof than the fraud allegations, that’s for sure.

          We need election reform. The Democrats have been harping on this for two years and passed legislation that wasn’t even considered for negotiation. So now we have seen why. It is an advantage to have the current system so it can be litigated ad nauseum.

          You want to change the Constitution so that a court decides the winner based on tea leaves? Then amend it.

          The biggest election fraud cases in recent history was all Republican. Two cases and multiple guilty pleas. Add in the slowing of USPS and purges and such tactics as one early vote box for 5 million people.

          And you come up with crap about Democrats and urban voters being crooked.

          That is more brass than the Pentagon has.

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  2. More than 3/4’s of Republicans believe the election was a fraud. Based on nothing but messianic faith in a known con artist that is enough for a new religion.

    Jim Jones would be proud and jealous.

    This election was easily the most scrutinized, observed, verified, counted, recounted, surveilled and witnessed in history. Dozens of court challenges in the swing states turned up nothing nefarious.

    And Trump’s attempts to extort, bully, insult and arm twist governors, Secretaries of State, election officials is unprecedented and very disturbing. He flat out told Kemp to call a special session to ignore the voters and pick Trump as the winner. That is against the law in Georgia. Of course, for a known thief and con artist, the law is just a matter of finding the “right” judge. No luck so far so he might as well destroy our system if he can’t cheat to win.

    The travesty is that only 27 Republican Congressmen even acknowledge that Biden won. What the hell do they need a sign from the Dogstar?

    No, what they need, aside from a swift kick in the ass to act like grownups, is to come out from the drunk tank holding cell they’re in with Trump as the turnkey. I know they are scared of Trump backing some right wing nut in the next election. Yet, I am not sure that he has a great track record on candidates he’s backed.

    There is little risk that we will go “communist” if the Democrats win both Senate seats. There are plenty of moderates in the party to dampen the progressive fervor. A split Senate, even with Harris as the tie breaker, is not a ticket to runaway legislation.

    In the background of all this political drama is a deadly pandemic that is getting demonstrably worse, a looming economic crisis, escalating tension in the Middle East and a relief bill stuck in neutral.

    And a government with only two semi-functional branches.

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  3. Does it ever occur to you guys that there is something wrong when all the competing MSM outlets use EXACTLY the same word when the thesaurus would show a dozen alternatives. If you repeat a lie often enough…



    1. “baseless”

      Let’s see . . . a vast conspiracy amongst dozens of news organizations or a common preference for the one best word to describe accusations made without evidence. Which could it be? Such an important question!

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      1. More likely they all read the same talking points from the DNC with their morning coffee.

        This is really a very common occurrence. One of the standard themes on Limbaugh’s program for decades has been montages of dozens of “journalists” using exactly the same words within an hour of each other.


        1. Okay if you really, really have to stretch into such nonsense, let’s hear a better formulation than
          “baseless allegation” to refer to an allegation made without evidence, logic or reason. Feel free to consult a thesaurus.

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    2. The right wing echo chamber doesn’t use the same single word from a story initiated by, say, Newsmax or Breitbart. That is true.

      They use the entire story, word for word, with a click bait headline.

      Page after page after page. The idea, of course, is to make it look like big news. Wait a few hours or a day and see if even WSJ picks it up. If not, the story is probably “baseless”.

      You remember the Hunter Biden computer story. WSJ, a Murdoch paper, wouldn’t touch it with a hockey stick, but the NY Post ran it breathlessly and it took up pages of search. All the same, word for word in many cases. I know because I tried for some corroboration on at least reputable conservative media and got nothing.

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