Democrat GA Senate Candidate mocks churchgoers who defend their fellow congregants

Maybe his church is different.


50 thoughts on “Democrat GA Senate Candidate mocks churchgoers who defend their fellow congregants

  1. And it is so important to hear the leader of the Republican party to call the election in Georgia a hoax, a fraud, and rigged. Why bother voting?

    Heed the president, Georgians. Boycott the election.

    How come the president can make jokes about blowing up an entire nation, and a Senate candidate says a joke about armed people arguing in a church meeting and people get all excited.

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      1. Well, it looks like the Republicans in Georgia will have to arm themselves against the rabid Trump fans who want to kill them. And now Barr.

        And for what? Holding a free and fair election with two recounts, one a hand recount.

        Trump is threatening the lives of those who won’t cheat for him. No wonder he is looking to pardon himself, his family, his friends, his lawyers, etc.

        According to law, I believe accepting a pardon is also an admission of guilt. That would put a cap on what is now obviously the most corrupt regie in the history of our nation.

        And now, drumroll please, Flynn is calling for Trump to declare martial law and hold another election.

        Who in the f### does this administration and its felonious members think they are?

        Now we are talking treason.

        Just another day at the office for Trump fans, of course.

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        1. Once they are separated from the envelopes and mingled with the valid ballots, it doesn’t matter how many times you count the same ballots, the valid ballots are still salted with phony ballots.

          That’s why an audit, not a recount, is what is needed in GA, and other states.

          The envelopes are what need to be examined, to determine how many fraudulent ballots were cast. If there are enough to change the results. there is no way to go back and do a recount of the valid ballots, so that would require contesting the election and letting the legislature choose the electors.


          1. Exactly right. Ballot stuffing is actually easier with electronic tabulation of the vote count.


          2. Really? So what happens to those ballots in the handcount. Put them in the same dumpster that turned up 9 ballots a few months ago. Plenty of room there.

            If a patriot voted for Biden, filled in the ballot, passed it through the machine which miraculously changed it to Trump, does the ballot come out with the new change?

            Hugo Chavez is dead. So is the presidency of Trump. The people voted him out by well over 6 million votes, including the blue states where Trump squeaked an improbable win in 2016 after Manafort told Russian intelligence what he had for them. Facts are hard to accept, so you might go to #LIBERATE for sympathy. It worked to keep the virus in check, so it must be effective.


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          3. Uh, that’s why repeated recounts of the invalid ballots mixed in with the valid ballots. does not good. Once they are separated from the envelopes, there is no recovering them.

            That’s why the envelopes must be audited to determine if the election results are tainted.


          4. This makes no sense. Open the envelope, check the signatures, put them in a box and feed them through the counter. Save the ballots for a paper recount if needed.

            What you might want is to hire a handwriting expert, go over each ballot for 10 minutes, then pass it for verification by a second opinion.

            The counting should be over in about a year.

            Conspiracies thrive on this premise. It is true, and if you can show it is not, that is proof positive that it is true.

            At some point, you have to trust people. The GA officials, volunteers, counters, technicians are all trying to do a good job under the microscope. For those who trash them as human beings because their side lost is pretty crappy. Fitting for this administration perhaps, but certainly not for the vast majority of Americans.

            and remember, GA was a very Republican state. Republican leadership, election officials, and probably a big portion f the poll workers.

            and now they are all under fire from Trump and his followers, getting death threats as well as political trashing because they did not rig the election for him.

            I won’t convince anyone who is married to this regime, but I can be the voice of reason in a world of nuts. Not for them, but for me and other sane folks.

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          5. I don’t think you understand why an audit of the envelopes is necessary.

            The ballots arrive in an outer envelope, which is discarded. The inner envelope has the name, address and a signature with a date. In some states there is an identifier like the last 4 digits of a social sec #. The signatures are compared by computer, not by people, but the sensitivity of the checker can be adjusted from stringent to lax enough that bird droppings would pass.

            The ballots themselves have no identifying information. Once they are separated from the envelope, they cannot be retrieved or reconnected with the envelope they came in.

            But the envelopes can be checked against reality. If Jeffery Epstein voted, or a former GA Tech student who now lives in VA voted, or a mentally incompetent nursing home resident, that can be checked through an audit of the envelopes. but their votes cannot be uncounted. The audit can only tell us how many invalid votes were cast and if the election was corrupted.


          6. So in other words, your vote will be noted as belonging to you, your address and your SS#.

            How convenient. No need for secret ballots anymore. We know how you vote.

            If you get off the endless conspiracy wheel, you might note that secrecy vows among conspirators who do all this stuff would be the envy of all intelligence agencies.

            And you think all these hundreds of conspirators are doing this for free? So that means payments, cash transfers, etc.

            Here is the problem as I see it. You conspiracy folks can tell us all how this fraud might happen if all the boxes are checked and no one spills the beans. But, that does not mean it did. Of course even proving that it did not is just more proof it did.

            So the real fraud is, well, your belief that there is. Declaring fraud, demanding that legislators pick electors would be the biggest con job ever and you can be proud to have helped.

            Unless, of course, this is all a game of tag with blindfolds. You don’t know who is it or who is tagged, but by golly you touched someone.

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          7. I think you misunderstand the process. The secrecy of your vote is preserved.

            The ballot arrives in an outer envelope. In most states, it has a bar code on it that is scanned to record that your absentee ballot was received. I don’t think those envelopes are preserved.

            Then there is the inner envelope that has your identifying information and signature. After that information has been checked and supposedly verified that the ballot inside is valid, it is opened and the ballot, which has no identifying information, is removed to be processed,

            Once that happens, there is no way to know what ballot came in what envelope.

            The purpose of auditing the envelopes is to determine whether the validation process was carried out properly and that the voters were alive, reside in the state and were qualified to vote.


          8. I understood what you said. But in order to match up signatures, you need the inner envelope with the name and signature to match to the ballot cast. Other wise, what is the point.

            The envelope had already been checked for signature verification when the ballots were canvassed.

            Without the match up of name/signature to the ballot, what would you do with a suspicious signature. Guess the choice?

            Here is an issue that many would have a problem with. The last time I registered to vote was at least 10 years ago when I last moved. Honestly, I am not sure I did sign anything, but just stated my new address. Even so, I have several different signatures that I use. Full first, middle and last name; full first, middle initial, last; First initial, middle initial and last name. Not to mention as I aged, my signature has changed.

            I am sure I am not alone in this. A machine or a specialist can look past these anomalies and verify that it is true because of loops, rises, etc. which would be apparent no matter how I signed.

            A partisan would say my middle initial doesn’t match because my full middle was used to register.

            Is a machine perfect? Probably not, but chances are that the errors would be randomly scattered on all ballots, not just Democrat or Republican.

            And if we want some kind of results before the next century, we need to accept what the machines can do. If in a Republican state they decided to tweak the machine to be more or less accepting, they would have to tweak them individually for each ballot.

            Again, another easily discovered and still time consuming system.

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          9. I have no problem with the machines doing the initial match. Those that do not pass are reviewed by a human.

            But understand that is supposed to be done before the envelope is opened and the ballot separated.


          10. Is there evidence that this procedure was not followed according to the election protocols in each state?


          11. Phony water main break?


            “This was allegedly not under any observation other than the surveillance cameras.”

            I would call the surveillance cameras pretty good observation. Apparently good enough to show what is probably a routine continuance of a counting procedure.

            So if this election was “rigged” in front of cameras, that is pretty convenient don’t you think?

            And if this was rigged, kind of surprising that the fraudulent ballots did not elect Warnock and Osoff at the same time.

            And perhaps someone should talk to the folks in the video and others that seem suspicious. But that hasn’t come up either.

            So add up all this stuff and it seems that this massive conspiracy is just falling apart.

            Pulling out ballots from under the table with cameras everywhere makes no sense if there was something untoward going on. No interviews with the workers. No Senatorial ballot changes.

            Yep, I think this is all false crap.

            IMO of course.

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          12. You could see the signatures on the envelopes? Could you match the names on the envelopes to the list of registered voters?

            Surveillance cameras are not the same as poll watchers.

            Every one of those ballots was illegally processed.


          13. I give up. Trump fans are convinced that everyone is out to get them. Convinced by a delusional, paranoid traitor that thousands of workers, volunteers, officials all met to rig the election.

            This is nuts.

            If teams of Trump’s lawyers, the real ones before they all quit, had all the “evidence” and took it to all the courts they could find and no fraud was found, you keep spouting trash along with others. You want a friggin violence, go for it.

            This shit has got to stop. It is not a board game or a casino. We are talking about my nation and you and others are trying hard to destroy it. What, COVID wasn’t good enough? Trump fans are trying to destroy us for that hoax to. #LIBERATE to the rescue.

            Death threats for gosh sakes. The unscripted plea by the top election official in Georgia is a cry for common decency against a pig who would rather see us fail than admit he lost.

            Proud are you? Time to lock and load. Why hoard guns and ammo if you can’t use it.

            I am disgusted and frankly outraged at Republicans and their blind sheep following this criminal to insurrection.


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          14. No, it was the Federal GSA chairperson who had death threats against her, her family, and her dog because she was investigating reports of fraud before signing off on transition funding. Trump told her to go ahead and release the funds.


          15. It is a sad reality that you can just make anonymous threats behind the internet or encrypted phone messages.

            That being said, I have found no credible evidence of the GSA receiving death threats except in the right wing echo chamber. Not even FOX was listed on the first couple of pages in the search. I know you don’t trust anyone outside of Breitbart, but at least some MSM like WSJ or National Review must have had some inkling of first hand knowledge.

            I would not believe the Trump administration, but will concede one person may have raised the ire of a few Democrats.

            But we are talking about threats by Trump against the Georgia state government officials, poll workers, computer techs and the whole gamut of folks that Trump is trying to say rigged the election.

            These are directly related to Trump and the Republicans who will not speak out about his irresponsible rants.

            Like I say this is just nuts.

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          16. Len, I’ve read your factual and even handed attempts to provide help and information in the face of often nonsensical conspiracies and outright falsehoods.

            Yes, it is nuts, but they can’t hear you or anybody else while in the embrace of the alternate reality they have bought into….

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          17. Audit those envelopes?

            Uh, nonsensical and racist conspiracy theories peddled by liars and spread by dupes do not require any sort of audit. They are already audited when they arrive. With careful protocols to prevent massive fraud. Both Republican and Democratic states have used mail-in ballots securely through many election cycles.

            Trump complains about a “dump” of ballots late in the process. He planned to do that all along. That is why he tried to slow the postal service. That is why Republican legislatures forbade any counting of mailed in ballots before the polls closed. There is no good reason for them to do that.

            As with everything Trump, this is a completely phony issue. You or some columnist imagining massive frauds is not evidence of anything except your own disrespect for the American people and the patriots who make our elections work. IMHO.

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          18. Well, if there wasn’t any fraud, and the ballots were properly verified, you should have nothing to worry about if they are audited,

            If, on the other hand, your side stole the election, you have a big problem.

            So, why are you acting so much like you think there is something to hide?


          19. “So, why are you acting so much like you think there is something to hide?”

            I have nothing to hide and no reason whatsoever to believe that there was a nationwide conspiracy involving thousands of Democrats, Republicans and Independents to steal the election from the most heinous and disliked President ever. But, to be fair, my beliefs are based on evidence and/or the lack thereof. That makes me different from you and most remaining Trump supporters who only need the word of Dear Leader to cast their beliefs in stone.

            What I AM afraid of – and it is rationally based on the Republican history of blocking the votes of non-white citizens – is that such an “audit” would be subject to abuse by these same slimy bastards who are pushing this “stolen election” nonsense.

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        2. The level of denial and conspiracy silliness by the cult and their leader is staggering. His WH deranged rant yesterday set a new high in spreading dangerous lies to the ignorant and easily led. Someone needs to put a straight jacket on him and find a well guarded padded cell.


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        1. That is, of course, opinion, not news. You can tell by the repeated use of the word baseless in spite of the numerous sworn affidavits of eyewitness to wrongdoing.

          The election can only be trusted after an audit of the ballot envelopes. The decline in the rejection rate of ballots in GA is a statistical impossibility.

          Counting the ballots over and over proves nothing, and the false count cannot be undone. We can only determine from the envelopes is there was enough fraud to affect the outcome.


          1. “That is, of course, opinion, not news. ”

            BZZZZ! Wrong again kemo sabe. Lin Wood is telling Georgians not to vote because the election is not secure. I’ll take the word of Krebbs over ANY Trump lawyer concerning the security of the election.

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          2. You have in the past so don’t go there.

            Standing behind Mr. Wood was the lovely Ms Powell? Yeah she got fired from the Trump team because even Rudy thought she was batshit crazy. And THAT is saying something.

            I do hope you are enjoying the mustard with the pretzels you’ve been making. I suggest spicy brown; but to each his own.

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          3. We agree on spicy brown mustard, at least.

            But the truth remains that mail in voting was an invitation to fraud, and whether by conspiracy of individual initiative, Democrats across the country accepted the invitation.

            Ironically, they may net even have needed to. They may have had the votes to win without cheating. We’ll never know.

            But in States across the country, in urban areas controlled by Democrats, they cheated.


          4. …”mail in voting was an invitation to fraud,”…

            So the numerous states the have been doing mail in voting for years haven’t had a fair and transparent elections since they began? All of those elections, regardless of who won, were stolen?



          5. “But in States across the country, in urban areas controlled by Democrats, they cheated.”

            That is a very ugly statement. Just “urban” areas? Are Democrats in rural areas not cheaters as well? Where is the evidence to support these slanders? Even AG Barr would not go along with Trump’s Big Lie. We both know that if there was a shred of credible evidence, Barr would not have risked the wrath of Dear Leader the way that he did. But you are not just willing to spread the slander, but eager to. For some irrational reason. Hatred of “urban” people? Hatred of Democracy itself? Who knows.

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          6. Democrats are not in control in many rural areas. If they were, they would no doubt cheat there as well.

            But Wayne County in MI, Fulton county in GA, and other places where whistleblowers have provided sworn affidavits (as opposed to the anonymous whistleblowers you said could not be challenged) are urban areas. That’s just the truth. Is truth now ugly in the Democrat world?


          7. “If they were, they would no doubt cheat there as well.”

            Your clueless and evidence-free insults aimed at Obama, Biden, Democrats or anybody pointing out the dishonesty of your rhetoric are pretty lame. Bad enough before the election but now they have sore loser written all over them.

            As a reminder, you started this particular thread with an egregiously dishonest slander aimed at the African-American minister running for the Senate in Georgia so you can take your admonitions about respecting the truth and do you know what with them.

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  2. When I saw your link I thought to myself, “Uh oh, insulting gun owners is pretty dumb.” But AS ALWAYS with you I decided to “Trust but verify” and as very frequently happens when I do that on something you have to say, I found that your post was egregiously dishonest. The reverend was NOT mocking gun owners. That is a LIE. His tiny jest was CLEARLY about how raucous and contentious some church meetings can be. Leave it to the lying liars of “conservative” propaganda is to cherry-pick a snippet of video and then use it to rile up their easily gulled believers.

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    1. Does it ever occur to you that ONLY anti-gun zealots think ordinary disagreements will escalate to a gunfight?

      I have NEVER heard such a suggestion by libertarians or conservatives, though we are just as passionate about our beliefs as anyone.

      It says a lot more about Democrats than guns that you think trivial disagreements will bring us to kill each other.


      1. It was a JOKE. A bit of self-deprecating humor by a black minister to a black congregation. You have bought into a twisted and sick narrative spun up by professional propagandists to incite the weak minded. Neither Warnock nor Biden is coming for your guns so calm down.

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        1. So, both Biden is lying about his intentions in their campaign literature?

          Biden on guns

          His plan would require a $200 tax stamp (mine took 8 months for a suppressor) for every Sport Utility Rifle and for each magazine separately. cost most AR owners better than $1000 dollars.

          The power to tax is the power to destroy.


          1. Sorry, but those long overdue measures do not amount to taking your guns. If people like you cared one whit about the lives and safety of your fellow citizens you would support such measures as the NRA used to do before it was taken over by grifters.

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    2. Had the same reaction. The “straws” are increasingly thin and hard to grasp. More and more the denials and misdirections appear to be a form of meltdown by trump and the core of the cult.

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