Pardons? For what?

If those mentioned in the story, with the exception of Rudy, have done nothing wrong (he is under investigation in SDNY, I believe), what do they need pardons for?

And unlike Trump, Biden is not so vindictive as to go after Trump and his family just because.

No crime, no pardon required. Right?

9 thoughts on “Pardons? For what?

    1. People have become accustomed to POTUS threatening to use DOJ to go after rivals. They think Biden is the same as Trump in that regard. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      However, if the new AG investigates and finds wrongdoing, then he/she is obliged to prosecute. But we have been told, ad nauseum, that no one in Trump’s orbit has done anything wrong. That is what begged my initial post.

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  1. Democrats spent 3 1/2 years trying to prosecute Trump through impeachment even though their own internal sources reported there was no crime.

    They bankrupted Carter Page and Michael Flynn on equally pointless investigations.

    They are well accustomed to using prosecution as punishment. There is some sense in preempting such vindictive prosecutions.

    But go for it, and when the House changes hands in 2022, get ready for tit-for-tat.

    Do you really want to spend the rest of our lives with the loser of every election getting prosecuted and such rancor between the parties that nothing gets serious consideration?


    1. “Democrats spent 3 1/2 years trying to prosecute Trump through impeachment”…

      Factually inaccurate. The Democrats DID impeach Mr. Trump; it was the spineless Senate GOP who failed to prosecute.

      “Do you really want to spend the rest of our lives with the loser of every election getting prosecuted and such rancor between the parties that nothing gets serious consideration?”

      Seeing as it was the winner of the 2016 election who threatened or begged the DOJ to prosecute his political opponents, including Hillary. (You do remember “Lock her up!”. Right?) your comment makes zero sense. That along with the fact I stated DOJ, not Congress, COULD investigate and prosecute if crimes were committed. The point is if you did nothing wrong, what do you need pardoned for.

      Your pipe dream for 2022 is noted with the same feelings as your prediction that Trump would win re-election in 2020.

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    2. Your hatred of Democrats is blinding your thinking.

      Impeachment was a few months since McConnell railroaded the fix in a matter of weeks.

      If the FBI had not investigated the Obama campaign whose operatives hustled for Putin or gave polling info to Russian intelligence or wet their pants to get info from a Moscow source or lied to everybody, you would have been apoplectic.

      If Obama had held up Congressionally approved funding for arms to get dirt on his opponents, you would have had your second case of the vapors.

      Or am I wrong in making those assumptions?

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        1. I distinctly recall your saying that you didn’t hate Democrats, you despised them.

          That is pretty clear and all encompassing.

          But that might have been A) a joke, B) In a fit of anger 3) a spellcheck error.

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          1. No, it was precise. You can despise a person’s philosophy or motive without hating them.

            To be fair, the reason differs as there are more than one kind of Democrat.

            Some, much of the base, are Democrats to use government as a surrogate for the direct use of force to live, at least in part, at the expense of others.

            For others, particularly the politicians, it is about using the force of government to dominate others and force their vision of how we should live on others, with no regard for the freedom of others to live as they choose.

            Those are deeply despicable, but perhaps less so are those who are fearful. and think government will protect them. Protect them from others who are different, or from their own irresponsible choices, or just from bad luck. But they want government to take care of them so much they are willing to give up their freedom so government can be strong enough to protect them. They are human sheep seeking to be cared for.

            And finally, there are those who have good hearts and want to help those less fortunate, but they don’t think that their fellow citizens are as noble as they are, so they must be forced to be charitable.

            Those are less direct than the first two, but in all cases, they choose government over liberty. If they want to make that choice for themselves, that is their shame, but they have no right to sacrifice my freedom, short of harm to others, for their vision.


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