23 thoughts on “President Trump National Address on The Election: “The Most Important Speech I Ever Made” – Full Video and Transcript…

    1. RE: “What would Trump have to say to make people like you hear a totally deranged rant?”

      For total derangement, I need only read your comments.


      1. I read a quote today while reading an article about the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, a Russian propaganda booklet published to attack the Jews in 1902. It was used ever since by anti-Semitic groups to create panic and hatred.

        “The problem of the authenticity of this document is secondary and has to be replaced by the much more serious and essential problem of its truthfulness”. Julius Evola on the 5th Edition of the Italian version of The Protocols

        This is what Colbert called “truthiness”.

        The attitude is “I don’t care if it is not true, factual, or actually happened. It could have, so it did happen”. (My words, my quote).

        Considering history, large swaths of population are apparently vulnerable to propaganda so long as it explains what they are told about their lot in life.

        Which brings us squarely back to Trump’s “greatest speech”. Propagandists past and present are so proud of their son, “Long Red Tie”, descendant of “Tax Cheat”.

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  1. Wow! If this is Trump’s most important speech, it explains a few things. Treason for a start. Sedition maybe?

    Although, if we do have a long string of violence by the #LIBERATE buttheads, it may very well be the most important speech that destroyed our once great country.

    After all, Flynn has called for martial law and a new election.

    I am becoming convinced that apologists for Trump are just waiting for the green light to start killing.

    After all, Republicans have called for “2nd Amendment solutions” when they don’t get there way. That includes the president.

    They could start by kidnapping Kemp and Reffensperger and force them to say where Hugo Chavez is hiding.

    Meanwhile, the White House has been investigated since August about selling pardons.Classic con from Trump.

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    1. RE: “Wow! If this is Trump’s most important speech, it explains a few things. Treason for a start. Sedition maybe?”

      Have you lost your mind? The president is within his rights — legally, constitutionally and morally — to dispute the election results. Accusations of treason and sedition are unhinged.

      RE: “Meanwhile, the White House has been investigated since August about selling pardons.”

      You should look into that story. The facts don’t support your statement.


      1. Of course I am unhinged. Sedition is serious stuff.

        Thee is no credible evidence of any voter fraud that has been found by multiple courts, Trump’s legal teams (except the nutjobs like Giuliani and Powell), Republican Secretaries of State, governors, legislators, election officials, the FBI, recounts…

        So why keep up the already disproved rants and madman ravings except to rile up the 40% who love him?

        Unhinged? Me? Shoot, the president and his most ardent fans are the unhinged folks.

        Keep spouting the same lies with the hope of them becoming the truth? That has been the tactic of most of the worlds worst dictators.

        Our president is a traitor for trying to usurp our great nation. And now Flynn is calling for martial law and another election. Flynn, the traitor whom Barr got off the hook despite multiple guilty pleas.

        Trump is a megalomaniacal nutjob who refuses to admit he lost and it is tearing us apart more than ever. This playbook is so well worn in the Third World. It is exactly what the founders were afraid of.

        And we should be worried too.

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        1. “And we should be worried too.”

          Indeed. When we include the sycophants in the GOP and the deluded and misled cult the danger becomes very real. And will not go away with the removal of trump from the White House.

          The deprogramming will not “take” with all of the affected (infected?) but must be undertaken if we are to heal as a nation.

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          1. You would think Democrats would be used to this regular inheritance of a trashed economy, but they will be hamstrung by vestiges of looney and spineless thinking from the Republicans.

            A Black comedian quipped after Obama won in 2008 that a cabal of elites were debating about who to back for president during the worst economic crisis since the Depression.

            “Give it to the Black guy, they know how to manage being broke.”

            And it took a while, but we managed to handoff an economy that ran on autopilot for the same trajectory of hiring and almost, but not quite, the same growth. Until manufacturing started to decline in the last quarter of 2019, the deficit skyrocketed to pay for profligate spending, tariffs and tax cuts at the top.

            Then COVID came along as a surprise to everyone except Trump and some Senators now trying to keep seats in GA who shifted investments before the markets tanked. The rest is history.

            And so it goes as the president ignores our pandemic and the economy, while padding his pockets with sucker donations from the faithful as skillfully as Copeland and White pluck their flocks for jets and mansions. Oh, and convincing his adoring fans that all votes, except his, were fraudulent. That keeps up the donations, $170 million so far. 60% or so of the money is his to play with after he leaves. 25% goes to RNC and the rest goes to Giuliani.

            Nice gig, huh. Hustling voters beats hustling rides for Uber. Or golfers in $100 Nassau gambling.

            Thanks for letting me vent. At least a few of us are not alone in the forest as the big trees topple.

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          2. A worthy “rant” and again with a factual basis (not sure about the joke, but funny). The hole for Biden’s crew to dig out of will be significant and probably impeded by the broken GOP Senate/Party. Gaining one of the two GA seats would make a huge difference and make Romney/Collins/Murkowski extremely powerful. Time will tell.

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        1. RE: “What was DOJ investigating when the bribery issue arose?”

          They were investigating lobbyists who allegedly offered bribes. When you say the White House was “selling bribes” you have it backwards.


          1. Lobbyists offered bribes for what?

            Try presidential pardons. In other words, Trump was definitely part of the equation unless you can name anyone else with pardon power in the federal government.

            I’m sure there might be some intermediaries but they had to be at the highest level with access to Trump.

            The briber pays for what the bribed is selling. Simple.

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  2. Wow. I finally took the time to watch and read through this speech.

    First off, Trump seems to forget that HE and HIS campaigners were the ones saying over & over that …

    ‘The ONLY way Biden can win is if he and his supporters CHEAT and RIG the election. We cannot let them STEAL our election.’

    Yet, he is saying here that Biden supporters acted like we had the win in the bag. He is so ignorant about things that he totally misses & ignores the lead-off to his “Most Important Speech Ever Made.”

    Secondly, he gets more fun out of talking about DUMPS then he really should.

    Personally, I believe a good dump would probably do him a whole lot of good. . .

    And, last but not least, he proves with his comments and visuals in this speech that he has never stayed up late into election-day nights to actually witness how votes show up. Perhaps he assumed that after midnight votes showed up one-by-one on TV networks’ boards.

    Anyone who supports Trump at this point, and especially after watching and listening to the DANGEROUS thoughts of a man who is noticably off-the-rails, should probably plan other activities on election days.

    It’s clear they don’t know much about the dangers of losing our democracy when someone like Trump is in the White House.


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    1. Nice post.

      My contention is that if the most powerful, experienced lawyers in the country could not find fraud enough to convince courts at all levels (and they had all the affidavits, witnesses, data, experts) then we probably had a good, clean election.

      So we are talking about sedition now. Particularly with Flynn calling for martial law.

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  3. “This is not just about honoring the votes of 74 million Americans who voted for me,” Trump said. “It’s about ensuring that Americans can have faith in this election. And in all future elections.”

    Honoring the 74 million who voted for Trump?

    What about the 81 million who voted for Biden? Chopped liver?

    Tell the 74 million “thanks for the old college try, you gave one for the Gipper”, now let’s move on so the new administration can honor the majority of the country that voted for Democrats this time.

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    1. RE: “What about the 81 million who voted for Biden? Chopped liver?”

      As the president said, “It’s about ensuring that Americans can have faith in this election. And in all future elections.” Point being, the Biden votes need to be validated as real. As matters currently stand, there’s no good reason to believe that Biden actually received as many votes as you claim.


      1. “Point being, the Biden votes need to be validated as real. As matters currently stand, there’s no good reason to believe that Biden actually received as many votes as you claim.”

        Total and completely ignorant bullshit. God what a dummy one has to be to still believe Trump’s cons! Do we really have 74 million utter fools? THOSE are the votes that need to be validated as real.

        There are PLENTY of good reasons to believe that Biden got the 81 million votes reported. Those reasons are the tedious – and this year dangerous – work of thousands of loyal and patriotic Americans who made this election happen. These people are Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Your stupid remarks are deeply insulting to each and every one of them. You ought to be ashamed but the ability to feel shame is obviously not in the character of your basic Trumpkin.

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      2. Biden votes needed to be validated as real?

        That is what Trump is contending and has yet to offer any verifiable or credible evidence that they weren’t. He just says fraud, fraud , fraud as if his word is good enough.

        And I might not be to far off in saying that Trump’s word is worthless. And has been for his entire life. Just ask vendors, banks, civic organizations, his own charity, and on up to his “deal making prowess” with Congress.

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      3. …”the Biden votes need to be validated as real.”.

        JUST the Biden votes? Really? WTF. the Trump votes are automatically valid because they were trump votes?

        Such BS ad sad that you keep trying,

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