Did Bill Barr just resign?


When Mr. Krebs released the joint statement that the election was the most secure in history, Trump fired him.

After his interview with the AP, can Bill Barr be far behind?

12 thoughts on “Did Bill Barr just resign?

  1. Barr sees the handwriting on the wall and is attempting to stay out of jail. Laughable as the attempted political coup hits the rocks of reality.

    The saddest part are the rubes that bought into the farce from the beginning.

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      1. Yeah, Ironically (again) I had a brief conversation 2 weeks ago with a “progressive” friend who claimed that Trump was attempting to carrying out a political coup.

        I laughed and said what he was doing was damaging, pointless and stupid, but hardly an attempted “coup”. I called this morning to apologize.

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        1. I think that the success of our nation was in relying on norms that were never codified. The Constitution is vague or ambiguous on some issues, probably on purpose because the founders were looking to form a nation and compromise was the only way to get at least on base.

          As we entered the modern world, and especially with a man like Trump who has no principles, convictions or respect for any norms, or even laws, we may need to tighten the rules. The reason is staring the citizens right in the face: the power of the presidency is much stronger today than a century or two ago.
          By far.

          In other words, our “balance of power” is out of balance with an aspiring tyrant like Trump.

          In my opinion, we dodged a bullet, a nuclear bomb really, when Biden was elected.

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          1. No question about the dodging, but the “balance”, gifted away (by both parties) could have been reclaimed through the valid impeachment process shamefully short circuited by the GOP Senators.

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          2. RE: “I think that the success of our nation was in relying on norms that were never codified.”

            There is a lot of wisdom in that statement. John Adams said it best, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

            In keeping with the sentiment, I recommend patience to allow the legal process to play out. Don’t jump to conclusions or make assumptions about Trump’s motives.

            Or Barr’s for that matter. Notice that he calibrated his comments very carefully. He didn’t say there is no evidence of election fraud at all; he said that DOJ hadn’t seen any evidence that DOJ needed to pursue in the absence of other actors or agencies.

            This was the right thing to say and should be appreciated by anyone who previously assumed that Barr is a Trump lapdog.


          3. At this point, the legal process has played out. Any additional efforts to overturn the election would be just throwing mud on the wall.

            We knew that was the case when Trump started to cajole, intimidate and extort legislators and election officials to dump the votes and just let the legislators pick the electors.

            That is inexcusable. And all Republicans in Congress should have voiced outrage, not just a handful of those with a spine.

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          4. RE: “At this point, the legal process has played out.”

            Why? Because you say so? Right, let’s just all call the whole thing off. The institutions that exist to resolve the matter can just be ignored as a matter of public opinion, led by you.

            Gimme a break!


          5. The institutions that exist HAVE resolved the matter. If SCOTUS does anything differently to overturn the decisions of the lower and state courts, they are guilty of treason. There is zero evidence of widespread fraud, just the usual MINOR inconsistencies that occur in every election.


          6. “Gimme a break!”

            Why? You think you deserve one after all the bullshit you have brought to this forum? One after another you have touted Trump’s nonsense with this same message . . . “Just you wait.”

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  2. On a different note: I wanted to watch Gov. Ducey diss Trump again so I did a Google search for “straight to voicemail”, then selected the “news” tab.

    Don’t do that.

    It returns page upon page of missing and murdered women and young men.

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