UK starts vaccinations

UK approves emergency vaccinations

And just like that, the FDA out delays the legendary British bureaucracy.

16 thoughts on “UK starts vaccinations

        1. Naive.

          It is an industry shield against foreign competition and a crony protection racket.

          There is absolutely nothing the FDA does that cannot be done better by the liability insurance industry and the medical professional journals.

          We would al be far healthier if it was disbanded and the private sector, restrained by the courts, was allowed to function.


    1. I instance where delay was helpful in 60 years. Against thousands of unnecessary deaths due to the delay of beta blockers, statins and angiotensin2 inhibitors, and now thousands every week we dawdle on the vaccines.


      1. Don, we are talking about making sure that these vaccines are effective for 6 BILLION or so people, not just pregnant women with morning sickness.

        And more importantly, that the vast majority have faith in the vaccine. Some early missteps and you can kiss a pandemic victory goodbye. And that faith is just in our own conspiracy laden country. And conspiracy is the most enduring legacy of Trump, Inc.

        Did you see the retweet by Trump in which a doctor is standing in front of empty beds in a brand new expansion facility in Reno. Patients hadn’t arrived yet. But the empty beds were proof positive that the pandemic was a hoax. Oh, that doctor and his team had just buried 5 patients in the last 24 hours. The doctor posted a selfie to show what they were trying to accomplish to handle the new surge.

        A friggin’ hoax. Still, after 265,000 deaths.

        And you trusted him, too.

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        1. It might make sense to delay the vaccine for children and those under 30 until we old guys show the way, but for you and me, every day of delay places us and our loved ones at needless risk,

          I guarantee you that the risk of the vaccine for guys in our age group is a tiny fraction of the risk of the disease


          1. Well, it looks like frontline workers and long term care facilities will get the first shots.

            As I understand it, it will take time to just make the stuff. We bought 50 million double doses from Pfizer, but so did the Brits and probably other Western countries.

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          2. I am troubled that some states, particularly Colorado, which Northam seems to often imitate, are planning to give priority to young, healthy, prison inmates over the elderly citizens not in nursing homes.

            No real problem with giving equal access to elderly prisoners, but putting young prisoners ahead of the elderly citizens is offensive.


  1. I seem to recall that “peer review” is important in many of similar things. While I am hopeful that the pharmaceutical companies have developed safe and effective vaccines, is it wise to just take them at their word?

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    1. Good Grief

      I refer you once again to my explanation of the vaccine approval process.

      Risk of Avoiding risk

      We are at a point where 30,000 people will be dying each month we go without a vaccine for the vulnerable. There is no possibility that there is any risk not detected by Phase 1 and 2 that would take that many lives.

      Further, the Moderna research has shown that it was not only 94% successful in preventing infection but 100% effective in preventing a serious course of the disease. It is likely also true of the Pfizer vaccine though they did not look for that.

      If the FDA wastes another 2 weeks and 15,000 lives to determine that it was really only 92% effective, would that be a reason to throw away those thousands of lives?


      1. If the vaccines do not prove to actually be as safe and effective as the drug companies are saying, how many MORE could die?

        If the companies numbers are accurate, sign me up. But used car salesmen have been making fortunes off selling lemons.


        1. The research has been totally transparent from the beginning, all of the studies are peer reviewed,

          It is not as though the companies are just telling you “these are the results” outside experts have been watching every step of the process.

          There is nothing that could have slipped through that could kill 30,000 a month.

          But if you still have doubts, don’t take the vaccine. I’d take any of the top 4 today happily and I will hope you make it to 100% guaranteed safety, but the risk balance is well on the side of vaccinating as soon as possible,


          1. I was not aware of any ongoing peer reviews of the big pharma studies. If that is true, then I am good with it and the FDA should act expeditiously. If not true, the FDA has a duty to protect the people from dangerous drugs and their review is an important step,


          2. Phase 1 and 2 papers have already been published. Phase 3 working papers are available to peer committees and the FDA, The FDA is duplicating the analysis, not auditing it, adding weeks to the lag.

            It’s what the FDA does.


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