Coronavirus likely in US in mid-December according to donated blood samples.

The gist is that testing Red Cross blood donated in December showed coronavirus antibodies. These were isolated cases, but before much information about Wuhan was even evident. Excepting intelligence that indicated infections in China, but that’s another sad tale.

7 thoughts on “Coronavirus likely in US in mid-December according to donated blood samples.

  1. So, WHO didn’t know, CDC didn’t know, none of the European medical services knew. but Trump is a traitor because he didn’t deduce what was coming at he first reports of of respiratory illnesses in one of the most polluted cities in the world?

    Your view of everything is distorted by your hate glasses.


    1. Whew! I did not know.

      I don’t think he was a traitor until he knew the pandemic was a big threat to us, but decided to soft pedal it as a common cold through his surrogates in the media. That would be about mid-January.

      He was just conning us and hoping too many dead people didn’t screw up his election. Until there were just too many dead people to ignore.

      Interestingly enough, Fauci is now the boogeyman. Kerry Dougherty went ballistic on the good doctor this morning because the recommendation were evolving as we learned more about the virus. Horrors!

      No, Don, I dislike Trump because he has brought this nation to the brink of a long, slow, 4 year slog of failure with regards to the election system, the media, the scientists, our economy, debt, national security and anyone else in his warped view of the world.

      And now that he has lost the election by 6 or 7 million votes and he is insanely and with plenty of malice trying to extort state legislators, threatened Republicans who dared not cheat in the election (GA comes to mind) and passing on conspiracies designed to create violence and civil disruption.

      If what Trump is doing now, including setting minefields for the next administration, is OK with you, then the problem does not lie with me.

      The only grip on power he still has is among spineless Republicans legislators at all levels who fear, yes fear, this president. And you are OK with a president that doesn’t lead except through fear? These Republicans in Congress are supposed to be the check and balance on a president, not be afraid of him. Never mind local officials at the bottom who worry about their political future because they DID THEIR JOBS.

      It might help to know that I despise conspiracy folks, They are pretty much the scum of our great nation. Their intent is to destroy that thin veneer of civilization for their own glee and gain. That 75% of Republicans think there was a massive conspiracy that had to involve thousands of people in just the swing states from counters to election officials to Secretaries of State, to governors, to legislators, poll workers, volunteers is truly unbelievable and telling. And Trump is peddling this crap and many believe it.

      Thank you Donald Trump for bringing us to this state. Now step aside like a good boy and let the men and women we elected get to work cleaning up this friggin’ mess.

      I think this covers it.

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      1. You say you “despise conspiracy folks,” but your comment sounds like conspiracy theory to me. For example, what do Republican have to fear from Trump? How does it “destroy the thin veneer of civilization” to seek redress of grievances in the courts; aren’t the courts the most civilized way to address disputes?


        1. Republican Congressmen are petrified of being insulted or “primaried” by the president. They fear that they will get voted out of office if they criticize, or worse, don’t cheer loudly enough.

          Since Congress is the check on the presidency, as well as the balance of power, this is not a good relationship to have.

          Every election will have a few challenges in court, particularly if close. Nothing new, nothing nefarious.

          40 suits tossed in federal, federal appeals and state supreme court along with affidavits that are never verified and massive conspiracy theories, threatening, extorting and pressuring state secretaries, election officials, legislators to toss all the votes and have the state pick electors…whew, hard to keep up.

          “Gabriel Sterling, a high-ranking Georgia elections official, walked to a lectern in the State Capitol in Atlanta on Tuesday and angrily denounced the violent threats and harassment directed at people working on elections issues, urging President Trump to condemn it.”

          ““Mr. President, it looks like you likely lost the state of Georgia,” Mr. Sterling said on Tuesday. “We’re investigating. There’s always a possibility, I get it, you have the right to go to the courts. What you don’t have is the ability to — and you need to step up and say this — is stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence. Someone’s going to get hurt. Someone’s going to get shot. Someone’s going to get killed.”

          NYT 12/1/20

          But the worst of the worst is Trump’s daily attack on our election system. He started that when he won in 2016. There is no evidence that our system is so flawed, crooked and rigged on any kind of scale. He keeps saying that the election was rigged and a total fraud. With no evidence whatsoever. He even attacked strong, conservative Republicans who supported him, like Kemp. Why? Simple. He did not pressure the Secretary of State to “put his thumb on the scale”. That means cheat.

          I used to think that a president was supposed to be loyal to our country, uphold the Constitution and act in the best interests of engaging in a peaceful transition of power.

          I still do. And that is why Trump is an abomination to the nation and the office.

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          1. RE: “40 suits tossed in federal, federal appeals and state supreme court…”

            I count 14, not 40, including the suit filed today in Wisconsin. And of the 14, not all have allowed evidentiary hearings where the affidavits and witnesses were presented for trial. You narrative is not valid.

            Also, I dispute your cIharacterization that Trump is making a daily “attack on our election system.” For the life of me I can’t see how pursuing his right to dispute the vote is in any way an “attack.”

            In fact, I’m more inclined to see YOUR thinking as the REAL attack on our system, since you clearly approve of the abridgement of due process.


          2. Also, I dispute your cIharacterization that Trump is making a daily “attack on our election system.”

            Since he started to run for office he has attacked the elections as rigged. Even the one he won.

            Tweets, rallies, interviews are just full of attacks saying the voting was fraudulent.

            No evidence. Just insults, attacks, threats.

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    2. Now that I answered your accusations about hating Trump, the topic was a finding that coronavirus was in the US a lot earlier than we thought. I didn’t say Trump knew that since the information is based on current assessments of donated blood in storage.

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