Declaration of Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia

Source: SCRIBD.

The document is one of the affidavits filed with Sidney Powell’s election fraud complaint in Georgia. It establishes both the possibility and in the expert’s opinion the certainty of fraud.

You can’t say there is no evidence.

18 thoughts on “Declaration of Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia

  1. “ In my expert opinion, the combination of DVS, Scytl/SOE Software/eClarity and Smartmatic are vulnerable to data manipulation by unauthorized means.”


    In my expert opinion, data breaches can happen anywhere.

    But, that does not mean it did.

    Remember, McConnell wouldn’t consider the election security bill the Democrats put forth in 2019, or was it 2018?

    I say he did that because he wanted to hack the election results in favor of Republicans. And it worked. Republicans gained seats in the House at federal and state levels. Unfortunately no Republican could translate the instructions from Hugo Chavez, so Trump lost in the SNAFU. Prove otherwise if you can.

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    1. It is also my opinion that not all votes were EVER counted in Indiana. The state was delcared by the media as soon as the first pools closed. There is no way in hell they had all of the votes counted by then.

      I wonder if folks will see e how silly some of their and Trump’s assertions are wrt to the election. I doubt it, but it’s always fun to watch them try, and when they get shot out of the sky complain about ad hominem attacks and the hypocrisy of others, while ignoring their own.

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      1. RE: “I wonder if folks will see e how silly some of their and Trump’s assertions are wrt to the election.”

        If an assertion is silly, it should be easy to explain how or why it is silly. I’d like to see that explanation wrt to the affidavit, if there are any takers.


        1. “Although he had no access to the machines, Dr. Kershavarz has looked at available data about the election and the vote results.”

          So he is maligning machines he has not even seen.

          At best an semi-educated guess. At worst, and most likely, a paid political announcement.

          And while they were doing all this manipulation that no one has seen, down ballot folks won where the Democrats should have prevailed and the Senate race in GA is up for bid in a runoff. Just a few thousand votes and the Democrats would have both seats. And remember that control of the Senate was as important, if not more so, than getting Trump out of office.

          And the number of people in 5 states to pull this off is substantial. Stopping the counts, supposedly at the same general times, resetting the machines, getting rid of ballots, all in front of watchers and with the understanding of the secretaries of state, local officials, volunteers, etc.

          Someone is still looking for basements in pizza parlors.

          But that is an inconvenient truth.

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      1. Of course I am.

        A stable genius of long standing.

        Just because something can happen, does not mean it did.

        The tactics by Trump are not designed to find real fraud. They are strictly to sow doubt and in a world of looney conspiracy folks, that is all they need. So far he has not found the “right” judges, even among his appointees, therefore the ugly charade continues.

        A president who purposefully, with malice and for personal gain tries to divide us further is a traitor to our nation.

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        1. RE: “Just because something can happen, does not mean it did.”

          According to the affidavit, the witness makes the latter claim, not the former. He didn’t say that manipulating the vote could happen. He said it did happen.

          So, if you want to pretend you are his equal, show us where he is wrong.


          1. I did. Read one of my other responses and you will see that my extrapolation of explainable issues is as good as gold.

            The biggest one, of course, is that a lot of people needed to be involved if this is a multi-state problem as your man asserts. And these are not just “deep state” operatives. Election officials, Republican mostly, along with lots of volunteers, polling captains, precinct officials, watchers…

            And from an “expert” who did all his diagnosis without even access to the machines, ballots, the people involved or even the venues for counting and observing.

            And you complained about professionals’ psychological analysis of Trump without actually interviewing or testing him personally.

            Get your fresh hot “pizza”!

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    2. FWIW: with over 40 years experience teaching and working in the IT field (specifically in software security) I can assure you and anyone else with a modicum of common sense that the “Declerlation” (sic) provided by this chucklehead is beyond silly and technically impossible.

      The author and Powell are prime examples of once capable people who fell into conspiracy madness and could not find their way out….

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  2. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that both, SIdney Powell and Dr. Keshavarz-Nia argue merrily two contradictory scenarios ? One, voting systems which are vulnerable to unauthorized access and hacking, and two, voting systems specifically designed to execute fraudulent counts and defeat the built-in audit processes, which assumes malicious external intervention as part and parcel of its normal modus operandi. This seems to me – a retired commercial software designer – an offer to take whatever suits you. The problem here is evidence, and what the affiant shows, has very little of that. Besides, some of his statements use demonstrably faulty logic. Take for example, “I conclude that manually feeding more than 400,000 mostly absentee ballots cannot be accomplished in a short timeframe (i.e., 2-3 hours) without illegal vote count alteration.” Obviously, the-smartest-man-in-the-room has a problem distinguishing the machines’ “input capacity” from an unlikely vote-split in the processed batch. At any rate, suspicious statistical anomalies – and yes, there were some – do not conclusively point to fraudulent manipulation.

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  3. While at this time there is not yet a smoking gun or admission of guilt, there are very significant statistical anomalies/improbabilities, hundreds of affidavits describing fraud/irregularities and very unusual/questionable background data on Dominion offered by witnesses. Given the importance of ensuring election integrity and what has come to light in such a short amount of time with limited resources, I would hope we would all favor a formal investigation. For those claiming this is just a big “conspiracy theory”, I would point them to the same claims made by Dems and the media of a “conspiracy theory” when Trump claimed his campaign was spied on by the DOJ. That claim was proven to be true, and Durham is still at work untangling all the pieces of what went on due to the large number of individuals involved. So far this has resulted in one guilty plea of falsifying a document in order to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page (so as to spy on Trump’s campaign). Of course, whether Durham’s investigation continues after Jan 2021 is unknown.
    Consider, if a man walks into a police station with no wallet and claims he was mugged, would you expect the media to say the man “claimed without evidence that he was mugged”? Would you expect the media and police to usher the man out saying he has no evidence and no proof he was mugged, so there’s no need to investigate?


  4. D_VaBeach says: “Trump claimed his campaign was spied on by the DOJ. That claim was proven to be true.”

    Where on earth do you get that from?

    There was an FBI investigation into reports of suspicious interactions between members of Trump’s campaign and Russian agents. The Inspector General of the JusticeDepartment found that the FBI investigation was properly predicated.

    One junior FBI lawyer has pleaded guilty to altering an email. That’s all that has been “proven to be true”.

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  5. The affidavit alleges there was massive computer fraud in processing the election results in several states. I would certainly like to see a manual recount in such cases to clear the air.

    There was a manual recount in Georgia over a week ago. It confirmed that Trump lost the state by around 12,000 votes. How many recounts does Ms Powell want?


  6. In regards to the spying of the campaign, as the AG noted in the hearings and after, the term spying does not necessarily mean illegal spying. The term is used for secretly monitoring or gathering information without the knowledge of the actor(s). So we do know there was spying on the campaign, so we can then assess whether it was properly predicated. Subsequent to the IG report, two of the four FISA warrants issued have been ruled to be invalid. So, I think it is fair to say there was spying (surveillance, etc..) that was not properly or legally predicated. This, in part, is the basis of Carter Page’s lawsuit against DOJ and some of the leadership there.


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